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An elevated blood glucose level leading to diabetes can cause numerous health complications in the affected individual ranging from drastic weight loss to more serious disorders like nerve damage leading to numbness. Numbness caused due to diabetes will initially produce mild tingling sensation in the affected part, making it one of the preliminary warning signs of nerve damage.
Being a mild symptom, many patients suffering from diabetes tend to dismiss the symptom as nothing serious. When left untreated due to negligence, the symptoms could worsen and lead to pain and complete numbness in the affected areas making it a grave cause of concern. In some cases, diabetes symptoms of numbness can be accompanied with pain and extreme discomfort in the affected area of the body.
Numbness of the skin is also referred to as paresthesia or sensory loss and can occur anywhere on the body, although it is most common in the hands, fingers, feet and toes.
People who eat or chop hot peppers might experience skin numbness from the capsaicin contained in certain types of peppers, such as habaneros. People with circulatory disorders such as atherosclerosis might have numbness of the skin, especially in the lower body extremities.
People who spend time outdoors in extreme weather conditions, especially very cold weather, might experience skin numbness if they are not properly dressed for the conditions.
People who have experienced traumatic injuries might have numbness of the skin in the area where they were injured. People with peripheral neuropathy might have numbness of the skin, especially in the feet and toes.
People who experience emotional stress might have skin numbness accompanied by whiteness of the skin, which is also called Raynaud's phenomenon. Type 1-diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas.
Symptoms of diabetes may appear to be harmless at start but if any unusual symptoms occur, consult your doctor for a professional advice.
Frequent urination – When insulin is ineffective, the kidneys are unable to filter glucose back to the blood. The occurrence of Type 1-diabetes is usually sudden and dramatic however the symptoms may be mild or completely absent in some people with Type 2-diabetes hence it is comparatively difficult to diagnose Type 2. Hi, Joshua:I'm from China, and I got this pain on my right foot for so long (17months) which really makes frustrated. Hi, Joshua:I've been doing ice dipping more than 2 weeks, but I didn't really see any big benefit from it. Your health and well-being depends on your willingness to learn andapply effective methods. Gangrene in diabetes is an extreme medical condition causing decay of the tissues resulting from the interrupted blood circulation. Diabetes induced gangrene is mostly observed in the feet, but it may also occur in the fingers.
Swelling or inflammation of the affected part of the body is also considered to be one of the most important symptoms of gangrene in diabetes. When the tissue in the skin starts to decay because of the diabetes induced gangrene, it can lead to a discharge with foul odor.
A procedure to establish feeling in the penis for men with spina bifida was performed for the first time in the United States in Seattle. Tony Avellino, UW professor of neurological surgery, and Thomas Lendvay, a UW associate professor of pediatric urology who practices at Seattle Children’s Hospital, led the surgical team.
People with spinal bifida were born with an incomplete closure of their backbone, often because the neural tube didn’t form correctly during early embryonic development. Max Overgoor from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands had performed 18 successful operations when David Shurtleff, UW professor of pediatrics, invited him to Seattle to observe the first U.S. Lendvay and Avellino performed the procedure at Seattle Children’s Hospital in March 2009. Avellino said the success of this pioneering procedure is due to a truly multidisciplinary effort.
In October, Lendvay presented one of the surgical videos at the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in New Orleans during the “Innovative Procedures in Pediatric Urology” panel. Autonomic neuropathy, on the other hand, can disrupt digestive and bladder function as well as sexual performance. Generally speaking, diabetic neuropathy has symptoms such as numbness, pain and tingling sensation in the legs, feet, arms, and hands.
There are many causes of diabetic neuropathy, and scientists believe that a combination of factors trigger this condition.
The most important step in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy is bringing down the blood sugar to normal levels. Certain medications are also prescribed by physicians to cure symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

All prices provided on this website are estimates only and will vary depending on your insurance and location. However, if you are experiencing tingling sensation in your hands, legs or any other part of your body, it is highly recommended to pay a quick visit to the hospital and inform your physician about the same. With complete loss of sensation, the person might develop foot injury due to abrasions or friction on the skin surface when the foot comes in contact with external substances or objects. In extreme cases, diabetic numbness causing injuries to the feet are one of the main reasons for amputations in diabetic patients.
Although not commonly seen in a majority of cases, diabetes symptoms of numbness on parts of the face indicate that the blood glucose levels are fluctuating at an alarming rate, making it a grave cause of concern that requires immediate medical attention. People with numbness of the skin that persists, gets worse or spreads to other areas should seek evaluation by a doctor, who might order tests for toxicology screening, blood counts and images of the effected areas.
Medications such as Lidocaine, Novacaine and birth control pills might also be a cause of numbness in the skin. Scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis are diseases of the blood vessels that might cause numbness of the skin, especially around major joints such as the knees, hips, elbows and wrists. Working in a chilled area such as a meat processing facility or morgue also might cause skin numbness. Burns to the skin can cause numbness that might last for a lifetime depending on the burn's severity. Strong emotions such as fear, anger and grief might cause some people to experience numbness, especially in their hands.
The main reason for this is that people pay little attention to the harmful symptoms but the earlier the diagnosis of diabetes, the greater the chances of preventing serious complications. People diagnosed with type 1-diabetes cannot produce insulin and require insulin injections for survival. In both, there is excessive amount of glucose in the blood but not enough in the cells of the body.
But again, I noticed that my foot is really really in a serious condition, so I decided to quit my job to let my foot have a good rest, and that was in July. In diabetes, pancreas fails to produce significant amount of insulin, required to control levels of blood sugar. The presence of two chronic conditions, neuropathy and impaired blood circulation in the body can lead to gangrene in diabetes. When it starts to affect, you would begin to feel a strange kind of numbness in the affected body part.
In its higher stages, the skin color finally changes to dark red or sometimes even to purple. You must not ignore the problem because in extreme cases, you may need to amputate the affected portion to get rid of the swelling and incessant pain. You may not even realize that a simple drying out of the skin leading to cracks can be a potent symptom of diabetes induced gangrene. In addition, you may also notice a discharge of blood, as the tissues begin to die due to the infection. Even when the spine is surgically closed after birth, the spinal cord in the affected section may not work properly in conducting nerve impulses. The procedure entails transferring a branch of the nerve supplying sensation from the thigh skin to the main skin sensation nerve to the penis. Avellino and Lendvay have submitted a video of the most recent procedure to the American Urological Association annual meeting, which will be held May 4–8, 2013, in San Diego, Calif. In the United States alone, nearly 8% of the entire population is believed to have diabetes. People with diabetes who have this condition also suffer from indigestion, nausea and vomiting. As such, he may not even notice a small cut, or not even know that he has stepped on something sharp. Metabolic factors like high blood sugar, abnormal levels of blood fat, and low insulin levels may give rise to diabetic neuropathy. Consider this information derived from the Mayo Clinic and the National Library of Medicine about the causes of skin numbness. People who are exposed to toxic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides also might experience skin numbness.
People with diabetes might develop numbness of the skin in the lower part of the body, especially if their diabetes is not well-managed. People who have experienced nerve damage as a result of shingles infections, tumors or scar tissue also might develop skin numbness.
People who are nervous about social situations might feel as if their faces and hands are numb, and they also might experience excessive sweating and clammy skin.
Individuals often seek answers regarding the various types of diabetes and the differences between them.

Type 1-diabetes can occur at any age but it is most commonly found in children and young adults.
High glucose levels in Type I are due to a lack of insulin because the insulin producing cells rupture which sets it apart from the Type 2 diabetes in which the body’s cells become resistant to insulin that is being produced.
I jumped to hit the badminton, and when I came down, I reached the ground with the 5th metatarsal head first. It is important to understand different factors that suggest the presence of this chronic ailment in its early stages, so that you can begin treatment at the right time.
You may also find the gangrene affected part to be cold along with a tingling sensation, when you touch it. The successful completion of the procedure allows men with spinal cord impairment to feel sensation in a previously insensitive penis and improve sexual health.
Diabetes is even more fearsome by its numerous complications like diabetic neuropathy.  This is condition is characterized by damage to the nerves in various parts of the body, from the feet, legs, hands, digestive tract, sex organs and heart.
They also have lower sexual interest, with men experiencing erectile dysfunction and women having vaginal dryness. Lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption and smoking can also lead to a diabetic to suffer from this condition. On the other hand, Type 2-diabetes is associated with hereditary factors and other risk factors such as poor diet, insufficient physical activity and obesity. But that was my first time of this part getting injured, so I didn't really take any treatment, and it got recovered in 3 months.
Many people ignore them not knowing that these may be the symptoms of nerve damage and must be treated soon to avoid any further damage. In this situation, you may need to see a doctor to understand how deep the problem is because sometimes just popping pills do not help. At a recent follow-up appointment, the young man reported having erogenous penile skin sensation and enhanced sexuality over the course of  the past 18 months.
Genetics may also play a role, as those with a family history of diabetic neuropathy are more likely to acquire this disorder. Meal planning, regular exercise and intake of insulin can all ensure that blood glucose levels are kept at an ideal range. This type of diabetes can be prevented and managed with making certain changes in your lifestyle however diabetes medications or insulin injections may be required to control blood sugar from time to time. My foot was swelling, and it really hurt, I barely can walk for that 3 months, but as I said I didn't need any treatment to get recovered.
I remember I did have some pills, but that's all.And then, in May-2009, during the regular jogging--I did that every morning, I felt my 5th metatarsal head started to hurt, the pain was a real sharp one, like a pin pricking that spot. It increases a woman’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life even after the baby is born. But I didn't take that serious, I just thought maybe I need to stop running for a couple of days, then the pain would just gone. I just did that--rest for almost a month , but the pain was still there, yet not that intense.
So I made a decision----which turned out a really bad idea---continue my exercise, so after one and a half months with exercises, the pain became more serious.
And of course I took an X-ray examination , which was negative----that was that Doctor said, and later it turned out he was wrong. But anyway, it made me thought it was not a bone-broken case, so I didn't pay much attention on it. But I did have a long time rest, I think it was a whole month that I almost stayed on the bed. And I did feel much better, yet unfortunately I had a work to do, so I started to walk again(the time is around October 8th in 2009). But after a month working, the pain became worse again, so this time I went to see another Doctor, and I also got the same result that no fracture on my foot----later I figured out that maybe because the fracture was too small and the Doctors that I saw before were not experienced enough---but anyway, I trusted this new Doctor again, and didn't take any bone-broken treatment, just a normal rest.
And I went back to my company, managed to work for a week, then I decided to take another sick leave, because I knew I was not ready to work. And this time I went to a bigger hospital, and I got a new X-ray examination, and that Doctor told me there was a tiny small fracture on the base of the 5th metatarsal head. And I also thought that since I didn't get the right treatment for that long, maybe there would be many other collateral injuries. But I'm not sure, and the Doctor he didn't take that seriously, so I just got some herbs medicine from him and came back to rest.And in May of this year(2010), my sick leave was over again.

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