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Gestational diabetes, which can be a temporary condition during pregnancy and get corrected after childbirth, needs due treatment so that it does not prove harmful for the unborn baby or her mother. Usually, women having gestational diabetes can control their blood sugar and have healthy babies. You should aim at bringing your blood glucose levels, usually measured in terms of milli moles of glucose in one liter of blood, as close to the target as possible.
Women may need medication to control their gestational diabetes and protect their babies from potential damage. Gestational diabetes can also be treated through drugs called glyburide and metformin which are used for treating type 2 diabetes. You can enjoy healthy living even without indulging into expensive and extensive exercising or gymming.
During pregnancy, you can be advised to monitor fetal movements through kick counts, ultrasounds, baby’s heart beat and non stress test. You may need more than the usual checkups when having gestational diabetes to ensure the health of your baby including your own.
Diabetes insipidus, which is not common, occurs when there is disruption in normal functioning of the pituitary gland. Diabetes insipidus is different from diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), although symptoms may be confusing.
Diabetes mellitus is a more common condition and occurs owing to a disorder of the pancreas. Other forms of diabetes insipidus, like nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, can be treated with medications (known as thiazide diuretics).
However, several years of lithium use can make the nephrogenic diabetes insipidus permanent. Increased fluid retention can reduce concentration of salts in the blood and even lead to fits.
Infants and young children should be given water every two hours. It is helpful when you can wear a medical alert identity. School authority, particularly the teacher, should be made aware of the condition of a diabetic child who needs unhindered access to fluids and toilet.
When diabetes insipidus is found in small babies, parents can find it difficult to recognize the symptoms.
However, diabetes insipidus does not lead to kidney failure or dialysis with the kidneys doing their primary job of blood filtration.
Cardiovascular disease is the general term given to diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when high blood glucose levels damage the retina, the cells at the back of the eye. These complications are serious, but the good news is that by keeping good control of your blood glucose levels, you greatly minimise the likelihood of getting a complication.
Diabetic retinopathy (DR) affects over 85% of people with Type 1 diabetes and approximately 40% of Type 2 diabetes sufferers in the United States. People with diabetes over time can develop buildup in their blood vessels, which causes blood flowing to the eyes to slow. The retina is a lining at the back of the eye that captures light and transfers it into information that gets sent along the optic nerve to the brain. There are two types of diabetic retinopathy that can both affect a person’s vision: the first is diabetic macular edema, which occurs when blood vessels around the macula in the central retinal area leak. The second and less common is proliferative diabetic retinopathy, which tends to be a more severe and advanced form of diabetic retinopathy. Join us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up on our weekly contact deals, exam specials, and other news and updates. The abnormal changes in the retina that occur as a result of diabetes include haemorrhages (leakage of blood), neovascularisation (formation of new, leaky blood vessels), oedema (swelling of the retina) and exudates (leakage of other fluid). Our optometrist at Vision Excellence is happy to work with your GP or diabetic specialist in Castle Hill or elsewhere to protect your vision. The mucous membranes are thinner in this age group and milk sugar is around, which will feed the yeast bugs. There are other condtions where thrush is common, namely in patients with diabetes mellitus with high blood sugar (poorly controlled diabetics). In older people, particularly when they are in nursing homes, oral thrush is also found more frequently on routine examinations. This outline is only a teaching aid to patients and should stimulate you to ask the right questions when seeing your doctor. To treat thrush naturally limit consumption of sugar, milk, starchy vegetables, processed meat, alcohol, nuts, mushrooms and food products containing yeast. The Lactobacillus strains present in probiotic food products and supplements can fight Candida growth in the mouth and tongue. People on antibiotics or medications that suppress the immune system can reduce their risks of developing oral Candida infection by taking probiotic supplements. To boost your body’s resistance against oral fungus, take vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen the immune system. Vitamins A, C, D and E are especially recommended for improving immune response. Grapefruit seed extract contains antifungal compounds. It also helps to stimulate the immune system, enhancing its ability to prevent growth of the Candida fungi. Nail Fungus can be best treated safely and effectively with many different methods depending on the amount of infection present and the number of digits affected.

Custom Orthotics can slightly alter the angles at which the foot strikes the ground and support healthy foot function while walking or running. All patient education materials provided by Elite Foot and Ankle Center for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.
Furthermore, there is a tendency for women having gestational diabetes to later have type 2 diabetes.
The risk for developing type 2 diabetes can also be controlled (reduced) by adopting some preventive measures when you have suffered from gestational diabetes. By adhering to the required concentration of glucose in blood, you can control gestational diabetes and its potential unfavorable effects. Women having gestational diabetes should adjust their diet and lifestyle to have effective control over the condition.
A simple exercising as walking several times a week can go considerably in controlling blood sugar. You may adhere to the low-impact activities, like walking or swimming, or try special exercise classes for pregnant women. Healthy choices in living can show results now and later.
There is deficiency of a hormone (vasopressin) which adversely affects body’s fluid control. In diabetes insipidus, the body loses the stimulus for fluid retention which consequently gets lost from the body. Thiazide diuretics decrease urine production by the kidneys; however, treatment should focus on removing the cause of the underlying condition wherever possible. In case of a medical emergency, prompt medical intervention can be delivered when others around are aware of your special need. Since children cannot hold urine for long, they should be allowed to urinate even during important events like examinations. Diabetes insipidus rarely occurs during pregnancy.  When diabetes insipidus is treated, it is unlikely to cause any severe problems.
There are two nervous systems, the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system, which is the nervous system affected by diabetic neuropathy.
Peripheral neuropathy can cause numbness and tingling in hands and feet, muscle weakness and loss of coordination in affected body parts. Kidneys have an important role, filtering and cleaning the blood to get rid of any waste products by making urine.
A research study called the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), conducted from 1983 to 1993 and funded by the National institution of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Problems, proved what many people already believed - the better you control blood glucose levels, the lower your risk of complications. Diabetes causes problems in the way the body uses sugar, and it can create changes in veins, arteries, and capillaries that carry blood throughout the body — including the eyes. Eventually the retina will start releasing chemicals in attempts to open up the vessels to get the blood flow it needs.
In the center of the retina is the macula, which is primarily responsible for sharp, clear images. In turn, this affects the eye’s ability to clearly capture light, and to transfer it into information for the brain. Proliferative diabetic retinopathy is characterized by large amounts of new and relatively weak blood vessels growing on the retina.
Optometrists can test for the disease and if detected, current treatment procedures can lead to stabilization and prevention of loss of sight for many people. The most serious damage that diabetes can inflict on the eye is when there is a leakage of fluid in the retina at the back of the eye. These may occur in the central part of the back of the eye near the macula and optic nerve but they may happen in more peripheral parts of the retina. The more controlled you can keep your blood levels as recommended by your diabetes practitioner, the less likely you will be to experience diabetic retinopathy. When the tongue and the cheek surfaces are inspected from inside, then it is apparent that white plaques are attached to inflamed areas. Partially this may be due to poor oral hygiene, partially because more patients in this age group wear dentures and any foreign body in the mouth like this will provide more surfaces where the Candida albicans, the medical name for yeast bugs, can grow. For more resistant cases the doctor may use fluconazole (brand name: Diflucan), although there can be some side effects such as liver toxicity and this would have to be monitored.
Also known as, oral Candida infection, thrush occurs when the balance of the microorganisms in the mouth is disrupted owing to certain diseases, medications or stress. Supplements and herbal remedies are frequently used for strengthening the immune system and inhibiting growth of the fungi.
They work by restoring the normal microbial balance in the mouth and stimulating the immune system. The antifungal property of garlic is attributed to ajoene and other sulfur containing compounds.
Treatment becomes significant owing to the complications, including the short and long term outcomes, of diabetes. When you take insulin, you may be required to check blood glucose before going to bed at night. While you should avoid dieting during pregnancy, you may have to keep a check that the recommended calories intake is not exceeded. You can start feeling more energetic and refreshing after knowing how your body benefits from eating correctly and exercising regularly. Although here also, a person can have similar symptoms as passing excess urine and usually feeling thirsty, diabetes mellitus is quite different from diabetes insipidus.

In its mild form (cranial diabetes insipidus), no treatment may be needed until the patient can compensate for the loss of fluid owing to excessive urination. Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus caused by medication (like lithium) may be managed by stopping the medication. Too much usage of vasopressin can lead to too much fluid retention in the body and consequent into weight gain, swelling of the limbs, headache and increase in blood pressure. If you miss a dose when taking nasal solution or oral tablets, you may take the missed dose.
Remember to have water with you wherever you are, particularly during hot weather.  Keep the medication (vasopressin) in a cool place but not frozen. For example, while doing exercises, you need to ensure sufficient fluid intake to avoid dehydration.
They regulate the amount of fluid and salts in the body, helping to control blood pressure.
There are a variety of diabetes-related eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy, which affects the retina and can potentially lead to vision loss.
Problems begin to arise when the retina begins to start producing an overabundance of weak blood vessels to compensate, as these weaker vessels can obstruct and blur vision to varying degrees either by their abundance, or by their rupture and leakage.
These vessels are extremely susceptible to rupture and can bleed into the gel that fills the eye, blocking vision.
It is essential that these changes are detected and treated early to prevent blindness and for this reason, Vision Excellence is equipped with OCT scanning to screen for oedema and widefield retinal scanning at our Castle Hill practice so that we can carefully assess almost all of the eye for signs of diabetic retinopathy. People with weakened immune system or diabetes have a higher risk of developing Candida infection in the mouth and tongue. The ideal diet for a person suffering from yeast infection should contain non-starchy fiber-rich vegetables, lean meat, fish and whole grains that do not contain gluten such as brown rice, millet and oat. You can also take supplements containing lactobacillus acidophilus or bifidobacterium to treat thrush. To treat Candida infection, you can eat fresh garlic or garlic supplements and apply garlic oil or paste to the affected areas. Elite Foot and Ankle Center takes no responsibility for the content or information contained in linked resource websites. Your doctor can assist you in determining the frequency and method of testing blood glucose levels. But before taking insulin shots, you may have to focus on controlling blood sugar through diet and lifestyle changes. Healthy choices can help prevent gestational diabetes in later pregnancies and type 2 diabetes as well.
Weight gain is an important aspect of pregnancy and pregnant women can gain anywhere from about 11kg to 16 kg. The treatment of diabetes insipidus focuses on taking vasopressin whereas diabetes mellitus is treated with regular injections of insulin or medications used to control sugar levels. Large amount of alcohol intake can interfere with vasopressin and cause risk of water overload. When a plastic tube (which comes along with vasopressin) cannot be used, a 1ml syringe can serve the purpose. If you have a problem, consult your doctor immediately for intervention and prompt resolution. This type of diabetic retinopathy is the more common problem associated with vision problems. These ruptures can eventually for scar tissue on the retina, causing it to shrink and pull, and may result in a traction retinal detachment.
The Australian Health Insurance Commission provides a Medicare rebate for examination of your vision by your optometrist every year and at Vision Excellence, our optometrist will carefully check the retina of your eyes in our Castle Hill practice on a yearly basis for any sign of diabetic retinopathy. Images of your retinas are stored securely for future comparison, allowing us to detect any subtle changes in the years to come. Reducing the sugar content in the diet deprives the Candida fungus of its main energy source, which helps to reduce fungal growth. In addition to taking caprylic acid supplement, consider applying coconut oil to the tongue and mouth. During gestational diabetes, you may have to test both types of blood glucose levels throughout pregnancy.
You may be eating a healthy diet but having gestational diabetes can demand specific quantity and quality of foods in diet.
But overweight or obese pregnant women may have to eat less and gain less weight owing to their increased risk for high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Drink generously to compensate for the loss caused to a missed dose.  Consult your doctor in such a case for appropriate advice. They need special care and, perhaps, hospitalization can be the best option to ensure prompt and appropriate medical assistance.

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