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For many people they think that how do you get diabetes is like a cold or other minor illness that can be transmitted through air like a common cold or the flu. There are several factors that can give a person a higher tendency with developing type I diabetes: hereditary factors, immune factors, and “triggering” factors such as stress or viruses. How do you get diabetes such as gestational diabetes is when a young infant obtains diabetes while the mother is pregnant with he or she? There are no guarantees when it comes to gestational diabetes, but the healthier you are before pregnancy, the better off you'll be. Gestational diabetes is defined as any degree of glucose intolerance discovered or first recognized during pregnancy. Although this has become a wide spread and more commonly heard of problem during pregnancy, gestational diabetes generally has very few symptoms.
Hormone levels during pregnancy can often make a woman's body more resistant to insulin which can result in an impaired glucose tolerance level. Take the Diabetes Risk Test to help you determine your risk of developing pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.
Some babies are at risk for being large for gestational age, being born with low blood sugar, and even jaundice.
Although gestational diabetes is treatable with a consistent control of blood sugar levels, keep in mind that the side effects can still be present during delivery, though often only mildly.
Children born to mothers who suffered from gestational diabetes are often prone to suffering from not only childhood obesity but may also develop type 2 diabetes later on in life as a result. Diabetes has spread its pangs too soon although the disease can now be delayed or even prevented through careful and meticulous measures. People having body mass index greater than 25, irrespective of age, are at risk for diabetes. Prediabetes, which is the threshold of diabetes, can be another reason to go for continuous diabetes testing. High blood pressure, history of polycystic ovary syndrome and heart disease can be additional reasons for taking a diabetes test.
As far as type 1 diabetes is considered, signs may appear suddenly tempting you to take a test. When a pregnant lady develops diabetes during their pregnancy chances are more likely, 25-50% more likely that she will develop type II diabetes after her pregnancy. Did you know that gestational diabetes affects approximately 3 to 10 percent of all pregnancies?
This is a condition in which women that have not been previously diagnosed as being diabetic, begin to show high blood glucose levels during their pregnancy. This screening is often performed by testing the patients blood glucose levels during fasting and for two hours after a meal or meal supplement drink.

This can cause problems with the health of a baby being born to a mother who is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This is one of the many reasons why proper prenatal care is very important for all expectant mothers. Such factors include a previous diagnosis of impaired fasting glycemia or pre-diabetes, a family history in which an immediate relative suffered from type 2 diabetes, and even maternal age.
There is an increased risk for women who suffer from this form of diabetes during pregnancy, to develop other forms afterward. This is why proper prenatal care is essentially vital to not only the baby's health but the expectant mother's health as well. Many people live with diabetes without even knowing the condition and this delays its treatment and management. Taking a diabetes test is the first thing to do when you have the slightest hint for having the illness. The most important ones include these which are in accordance with the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association.
If results are normal, screening blood sugar for diabetes every three years is recommended.
These include Asian Americans, Non-Hispanic Blacks, Hispanic (or Latino) Americans and American Indians.
Even though gestational diabetes is temporary, women who have experienced it during pregnancy should keep a watch for regular diabetes testing. The risk for type 2 diabetes increases when you have an inactive lifestyle and lack of exercising. Men, who are less likely to visit their health care providers regularly, can suffer more from undiagnosed diabetes than women. If you have a parent, sibling or child with diabetes, you can also be at risk for the illness. In prediabetes, the blood sugar level is higher than normal but not at level for diabetes.  If prediabetes is not controlled and treated, it can lead to type 2 diabetes. The best type of diabetes often hard to tell if you do not have to make radical mediated damages.
If one twin has type II diabetes the chance that the other twin will also develop it is 95%. Diabetes is not something to mess with and if you think that you are getting diabetes or have any warning signs and symptoms of diabetes then you need to consult with your doctor or physician immediately so that you can take the precautions before it gets too out of control and is then hard to manage and maintain.
Although there seem to be no specific cause for this particular form of diabetes, it is often believed by doctors that it is caused by the hormones produced by a woman's body during pregnancy. A woman's risk of developing this form of diabetes increases as she ages; this is especially true for women 35 years of age and older. Type 2 Diabetes or even rarely, type 1 diabetes can develop after pregnancy in women who suffered from diabetes in the gestational form.

Gestational diabetes can develop into life-long ailments if not diagnosed and treated properly which could later effect yours and your child's quality of life. This site can give you some great ideas about managing your weight and keeping your blood sugar under control. The lack of visible symptoms can make matters worse because a lay man cannot easily identify an illness which produces no symptoms. The higher the BMI, the higher can be the risk. Women having a BMI 30 or more before pregnancy should also consider getting tested for diabetes.
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In some cases things such as ethnic background and even being obese or overweight can increase your risks, and women who smoke during pregnancy double their risk.
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