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How about a Pepsi-organized day when kids can drink massive amounts of sugar sweetened beverages (32 oz. Either case, this is a huge joke!2LauraJune 15 2012 2yep would be really funny if it weren't tragic! CREEEPYYY and sad and tragic ?? Cannot think of another animal that does that to members of their own species!3Diane SmithJune 15 2012crazy!
Great choices.I later designed two photography books as premium items for corporate donors to JDF. They would just send a box full of chocolate bars asking parents to help the child sell the chocolates to friends and family to raise money for whatever the "good cause" of the day was.

Or, they would send a form asking parents to order frozen cookie dough and to sell the same to the friends and family, etc. The child who would raise the largest amount of money, would be awarded a large pizza (compliments of the local pizza restaurant).10Maggan AJune 15 2012The good news in this misery is that this madness will come to an end very soone. And they may already have diabetes type 2.This is what happens to a population that bases their diet on rice, when you first refine it to white rice and then add sugar and processed Western junk food and 24-hour food availability.
And then add sedentary office jobs on top of that.Lots of sugar into the body, very little sugar out.
Eating regular high carb diet.Sorry about my English1 comment removed6jeffApril 19Read Dr Atkins Books.

It does work I have done it.Leave a Reply Cancel replyReply to comment #1 by billComment Name (required) Email (not shown) (required) Website Pictures of participants through Gravatar.

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