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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. 1.BackgroundHoney is a valuable foodstuff full of carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, aromatic combinations, pigments, wax and pollens. Place the sugar, water, orange juice, orange zest and vanilla into a small saucepan and stir to combine. Mix together all the fruit in a large bowl and pour the syrup over the top, tossing gently.
Based on 1906 bill of Federal Department of Food and Drug, honey includes nectar and sugar exuded from plants which is collected by honeybees, transformed and saved in beehives.
Honey in Islam and Other Religions Based on the folk stories of German people, honeybees are put in this world to produce wax for the churches. The Differences Between Fructose and GlucoseFructose and glucose are two simple and important sugars for body. Advantages of Fructose Compared with GlucoseFructose is sweeter than glucose and is therefore added to foods and beverages as a sweetener. The Role of Honey in Treating Different Diseases Years before, man found out the existence of microbial factors like bacteria and fungi; honey was used in surgical operations and treatment of burns. ObjectivesThis study aims at understanding the effect of honey on healing diseases mentioned in Quran and finding a perfectand harmless food for the elderly. Materials and MethodsVerses of Nahl sura of Quran and Prophet and Imams’ Hadith about honeybee and honey are studied for this research.
ResultsThe results of this study showed that the proportion of fructose to glucose was almost one and in average 0.97 during all months of honey collecting (Table 1). Hassan Nazariaan, member of scientii¬?c board of Imam Khomeini Higher Education Center who helped me a lot in administering this project. Fructose prefeeding reduces the glycemic response to a high-glycemic index, starchy food in humans.
Containing antibiotics, disinfectants (inhibin and etc.) and aromatics and herbal essences, honey plays important roles in healing diseases like digestive and vascular diseases and recovering of wounds.
When fructose is used in the form of sucrose, first decomposition and absorption of sucrose happens completely in the beginning of the small intestine. There cometh forth from their bellies a drink divers of hues, wherein is healing for mankind. Cardiff: Cardiff Academic Press 115p-illus En Pollen identification Palynology (KR, 198804067). Flora des iranischen Hochlandes und der umrahmenden Gebirge: Persien, Afghanistan, Teile von West-Pakistan, Nord-Iraq, Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan.
The interesting point is that it does not have any side effects for the elderly, though it provides energy to the body. Then the resulting fructose is absorbed in the small intestine, enters the hepatic portal vein and then goes directly to the liver. Honey is useful in treating and preventing vascular obstruction, kidney and gallbladder stones, urinary organ diseases, etc (7).
Five beehives placed in the heights of the region (Figure 4) and honey was collected in July, August and September (Figure 5). Persian and scientific name of plants, number of pollens and their aggregations are shown in (Table 2).
In some parts of Europe, people believed that honeybees are messengers of God and kept them in some monasteries of Europe (1).
Honey is a good source of antioxidants; it plays a great role in preventing cancer and heart diseases and spreads in blood rapidly.

Fructose, glucose, sucrose and the proportion of fructose to glucose was calculated by iodometry with titration, based on AOAC 997.20standard (1980). Therefore, the process of decomposition and finally absorption takes longer and the energetic demand of body is supplied in a longer period. In Islam’s point of view, the activities of honeybees do not have a superstitious aspect and necessary justifications are made by divesting its apparent power and assigning it to the divine power of God in the form of revelation and inspiration.
Figures of pollination (collecting pollen or nectar) from the medicinal plants included in this study are presented below (Figures 6, 7,8 and 9). There would be no extra glucose aggregation in blood and body will have enough time to constantly absorb it.
A reason of Islam’s superiority over other religions is that it pays attention to all concerns and needs of man including physical and material and spiritual demands.
Sugars eaten by men or animals turn into to glucose and then their energy releases through the process of breathing. Relative Sweetness of Sugars and Sweeteners water, honey will rapidly spread in blood and help the brain, the major consumer of sugar in body, by liberating sugar cell and prevents fatigue. Attenuated with water andcentrifuged by Sawyer method, pollens of honey were calculated (9).
Therefore, in this study we tried to discover some of these secrets by deeper reading of honey sugars.
Graz: Akademische Druck-u Verlagsanstalt 350p, 227p of plates-illus ISBN 3201007285 En Icones Lfg. Considering physical health and maintaining it is a necessity and self-oppression is a deadly sin. Fructose or fruit sugar is found in fruits, vegetables and honey, but glucose is found in the phloem of plants and blood of man.
It is also proved that each type of honey will have the same characteristics of the plant the nectar of which is predominant in it and thus will be effective in healing specific diseases.
The plants pollens of which were found in honey were identified and named after credible foreign (10) and local (11) keywords. There is a hadith commanded by the prophet Mohammad in which he advise people of eating honey and calls it the sweetest food.
Attention and advice to healthy foods and eating habits are of the most important remarks of Islam in Quran, Hadith and its principles.
Here, fruits can have two meanings: first, the nectar of flowers which is in a way a fruit or product of different reactions in plant and second the fruit itself. After 1400 years, researches demonstrated that fructose that is an important part of honey’s sugar is sweeter than glucose. According to Imam Ali, “honey is the healing of all diseases and there is no disease in it. In body, fructose is found in two forms, free and combined with glucose in disaccharide or dual sugar called sucrose.
Since, sometimes due to lack of access to fruits or decline in number of favorite flowers, the honeybee prefers to eat the fruit itself, of course if there is a crack or hole in the fruit, since honeybees never damage the products. What the prophet has said as a sign of his eternal knowledge includes advice to eat healthy food. Any cell in body can metabolize glucose but fructose is mostly metabolized in liver and a few cells like sperms and intestinal cells can use fructose directly (3, 4). The type of fruit is also important because the level of sugar is different in various fruits. Surely, nothing can dispatch honeybees toward valuable and medical herbs but the inspiration and revelation.

We have found the way to treat different diseases through advances surgeries or new drugs, and this is a blessing of God.
But, unfortunately we do not pay enough attention to feeding and have sometimes ignored it. Fructose has a high solubility, therefore it takes more time to be crystalized in watery solutions (14). This way, fructose improves honey’s characteristics and helps honey freezing or crystalizing to take more time.
Fructose adds flavor to foods but it naturally exists in honey.Studies have shown that the highest amount of sugar absorption happens when glucose and fructose are equal and half (15).
Access to a perfect food especially for the elderly is an issue all around the world and these people are mostly afraid of eating honey because the assumption is that honey increases blood glucose. By utilizing the deep religious teachings which are compatible to the creation of man and the sciences of the day we have attempted in this study to find the wisdom behind honey, this nature made food which is highly recommended by Quran and Hadith and to put it in the list of best food for everyone, especially the elderly. Another way of identifying natural honey is the amount of HMF or hydroxyl methyl furfural which is the result of fructose breakup in honey.
Therefore, today most of researchers aim to find methods of identifying natural honey.Glucose is the common form of sugar which burns and provides energy for all body cells. Fructose is glucose isomer; has the potential of turning into glucose and to be absorbed in any non-hepatic cells it needs to be transformed into glucose at first step. This way, the process of decomposition and finally absorption will take more time and the energetic demand of body will be supplied in a longer period. There would be no high aggregation of glucose in blood and body has the opportunity to continuously absorb it.
Having vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even fat and some proteins, honey, besides supplying useful sugars, acts as a supplementary nutrient. There is a Hadith quoted from the Prophet in which he recommends people to eat honey and meanwhile calls it the sweetest food. After 1400 years, today studies demonstrated that fructose which is an important part of honey’s sugar is sweeter than glucose. What the prophet has said is a sign of his eternal knowledge and includes advice to eat healthy food.Some people believe that honey is harmful for diabetic patients.
Honey is sweeter and people usually eat less of it, therefore less glucose enters their blood. About half of honey’ssugar is fructose which is saved in liver as glycog after transforming into glucose. Some consider fructose as a reason of fatness and condemn honey; they believe glycogen transforms to fat. But recently studies show that though fructose turns into fatty acids but the harm of it is the result of processed foods and beverages which contain extra fructose and not fruits and vegetables (16). This way, by collecting pollens and nectar of plants which are mostly medicinal, honeybee enters those characteristics into honey, and we ultimately receive it (17). Berberis with the highest aggregation (85%) has made honey effective in treating and preventing vascular obstruction, kidneystones and urinary organ diseases. Surely, nothing but inspiration and revelation can dispatch honeybees to valuable and medicinal plants this targeted to benefit us ultimately.

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