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Things With Biographies - Image GalleryThe first presentation from the Museum of the History of Polish Jews' own collection. Travelling Hanukkah lamp in the form of a chest with foliate ornamentation, silver, 4.5x6x3 cm.
A collection of 32 dreidels (Hanukkah spinning tops) found during excavations in the Bolimow area. Najnowsze doniesienia ze A›wiata show biznesu, plotki i ploteczki o polskich oraz zagranicznych gwiazdach.

Donated by Anna Trachtenherc, who was forced to leave Poland with her parents following the antisemitic campaign of March 1968. It is kept lit for eight days in December during the feast of Hanukkah in commemoration of the Machabees' military victory over the Seleucid Empire in 166 BCE.
At the time, Anna was already a student, but took a number of items (including this dress) with her to Sweden. The figure eight recalls the number of days the oil lamps in the Temple of Jerusalem remained alight without being refilled.

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