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Diabetic Neuropathy , or Nerve Damage caused by Diabetes, occurs in about 50 percent of people with diabetes.
Central Serous Retinopathy is a condition of eye in which there occurs leakage under the retina from the micro capillaries. However, Neuropathy is more common in people who have High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol, a difficult time controlling their Blood Sugar and those over the Age of 40.

Thakradhara, virechana, nethradhara and many other procedures are potent enough to eliminate the leakage from retina. Eye vision is also improved consult with the ayurvedic eye specialist to know more about your condition.
In people with this form of Neuropathy, Loss of feeling or Pain is first felt in the Extremities, especially in the Toes, Feet and Hands.

While less common, Neuropathies in other areas of the body may also occur, so be aware of pain in the Thighs, Hips or any sudden Muscle Weakness.

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