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Some of the common diabetes complications are heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, loss of a toe (or foot), and erectile dysfunction. Diabetes complications begin because of blood vessel and nerve damages, causes due to high-level of glucose in blood (uncontrolled diabetes), prolonged diabetes, high-cholesterol level, and high-pressure. Heart disease, stroke, heart attacks are all caused by blockage of blood vessels causing lack of oxygen in extreme case breakage of blood vessels may happen. Diabetic retinopathy caused due to blood vessel damage in retina causing lack of blood circulation thus lack of oxygen to nourish retina and in extreme cause leakage of blood in the retina. Diabetic Gastroparesis is a disorder of the stomach that takes too long to empty its contents, mostly due to vagus nerve damage. Diabetes kidney diseases are causes due to a small blood vessel of kidney is damage due to long run of high blood-glucose. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is due to over-all nerve damage, and may be nerves in penis. Urinary incontinence, over active bladder, bladder problems are all cause by nerve damage due to prolonged high blood-glucose.
Urinary tract infection is also due to nerve damage, but it is not directly relating with a nerve cause. Then how to safe guard against diabetes complications, it is simple be strict in your diabetes care and maintain your blood-sugar level and A1C near normal. Acupressure Points For Weight Loss, Hair Growth, Headache, Eyes, Sleep, Diabetes, Back Pain and much more.
Acupressure is the science that uses natural power lines in your own body to stimulate it in the right way to relieve pain, make your body work the way it should and heal all bodily ailments that occur due to what is known as a€?obstruction of energy through the meridians of the body” according to this natural science. Weight loss has a few important requisites and they include developing a good metabolism which means your aim should be to develop a strong digestive system. Acupressure points, if used in the right way, help in effectively using the pressure points on your body to focus your own bodya€™s energy into eliminating toxic waste from your body and enable you to lose weight. This pressure point is correlated to the spleen and helps in strengthening your digestive system. This acupressure point is correlated to your stomach and regulates blood circulation to aid digestion.
This pressure point is connected to the spleen as well and helps regulate water in your body. Heritage Herbals, a pharmacy division of Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital is exclusively set to provide ayurvedic medicines for treatment.
Share this page with your friends and family and spread the news around with the click of a button. Hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases and is a common feature of ageing but it is not good news.
That's why Conway Fellow, Dr Orina Belton is figuring out how targeting a key cell of the immune system could change the nature of plaques, and possibly even reduce the damage.

Dr Belton has been looking at how a type of immune cell called a macrophage is involved in plaque building, and how those cells could be 'programmed' to help plaques regress instead. Her work has been finding that administering a precise ratio of conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) seems to alter how the macrophages behave. Pre-clinical work suggests that 'reprogramming' the macrophages with this blend of lipids reduces the size of plaques, but the lipids themselves would not form the basis of a therapy, so a major aim of Dr Belton's research is to identify how the macrophages get reprogrammed. Dr Belton is also looking at genes expressed in blood samples and plaques that have been surgically removed from consenting patients at the St. A new study by NYU Langone Medical Center researchers identified a new culprit that leads to atherosclerosis, the accumulation of fat and cholesterol that hardens into plaque and narrows arteries. New insights into the development of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques could lead to better treatment or prevention of heart attacks and strokes. Watching a lot of television every day may increase your risk of dying from a blood clot in the lung, according to new research in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation.
An international collaboration of scientists has carried out a large scale study looking at whether the use of antithrombotic drugs such as aspirin and warfarin prior to a stroke leads to a better outcome. Empecemos mencionando el caso del aloe vera, una planta que tiene un gel que cura instantánea las quemaduras, alergias y heridas. También se recomienda el uso de aceite de coco para eliminar las patas de gallo y ojeras en los contornos de los ojos. Due to Diabetic Gastroparesis, there is a delay in the food emptying, which in-turn starts bacterial growth, and causes urinary tract infection. The acupressure points that are given below make for an all round cleaning and stimulating system in your body aiming at the maximum weight loss by increasing your metabolism, increasing blood circulation to strengthen the digestive and elimination system in the body as well as taking care of any eating disorders. This pressure point is basically located near your ankle bone to the part facing inside of your legs. Do not press hard but use gentle amount of pressure for one minute at this point on both legs. A good diet to give you the vital nutrients your body requires while combining it with acupressure is what is ideal to get the best results. Adhered to authentic textbooks in ayurveda, pure herbal medicines are prepared here, complemented by state-of-the-art technology.
If atherosclerosis occurs in the coronary arteries (which supply the heart) the result may be angina pectoris, or in worse cases a heart attack.
When complex, calcified fatty plaques accumulate and develop up on the inner surface of major arteries, it pushes up the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Macrophages come in initially as 'good Samaritans' and soak up excess cholesterol in plaques, but in an atherosclerotic environment the cells dump the fat into the artery, sustaining the disease and contributing further to hardening, she explains. Vincent's University Hospital to compare patients who have had a cardiac event or stroke and patients who have hardened arteries but no 'events'. El aloe vera tiene propiedades hidratantes y además ralentiza el proceso de envejecimiento.

Furthermore, due to long term of diabetes, immune system losses it capacity thereby it is not able to fight the infection. Water retention also causes weight gain so streamlining the water in your body is very much required. This point helps in controlling your appetite and most importantly stop you from overeating. From your ankle bonea€™s centre (your ankle bone is not a straight line, so the centre will be at a rough 60 degree angle),move exactly four finger space upwards to find this pressure point. Take about 30 minutes to 45 minutes off each day to practice these acupressure techniques and get your diet in control to start seeing a difference in your body.
Take care that a proper 10-11 glasses of water is being drunk each day to avoid water retention in the body and help in clearing the system of all toxic wastes. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by Government of Kerala and have been conferred with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate for quality assurance and we export Ayurvedic Medicines Worldwide. Ageing, lifestyle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are major drivers of this disease," explains Dr Belton, who is a senior lecturer in Pharmacology and Head of Research & Innovation at the UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science. También se pueden hacer pasta de dientes en base a las hojas secas de la albahaca para una buena salud dental pues elimina el color amarillento de los dientes y disipa el mal aliento. Over all, these care should be taken to reduce overeating and such habits that lead to unnecessary weight gain.
This point should be held in pressure by the thumb for about 2 minutes and repeated on both legs.
Además puedes animarte a colocar aloe vera en el rostro para aliviar los ojos hinchados y cansados. A healthy appetite, a stress-free lifestyle, a strong digestive system as well as elimination system in your body is what will lead to effective weight loss.
Maitri- an alternative (ayurveda) medicine practitioner, yoga instructor, diet and nutrition expert by qualification, profession and passion! And hence the constant involvement with the three strongest pillars of health- diet, exercise and natural lifestyle.
I specialize in the treatment of- Rheumatoid arthritis, musculo-skeletal anomalies, paralysis, cholesterol, asthma, migraine, dermatological and Trico-logical issues, and gynaecological disorders. In my years of practice I have learned that WHERE THERE IS A PROBLEM THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION.

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