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Polynesian tattoos mark to be an art of the ancient times, which is getting a lot of attention these days.
These Polynesian people have their own style of tattoo designs which are being loved by the men and women of this age. The people from Polynesia kept evolving their art of tattooing even when they traveled to distinct islands later.The Polynesian people who have spread to Hawaii started with their traditional tattoo designs with a small touch of personal Hawaii land.
The Polynesians who spread to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) use a variety of tattoo designs that include the structures of its stylized boats, vaginas, spears, birds, geometrical patterns, etc. The Polynesians in New Zealand call their tattoo art as Ta Moko, which is a very important aspect of their culture. The Samosan tattoos mark to be very large and they denote the ranking of the men and women in their society. The French Polynesia (Tahiti) allowed people on high social rankings to have tattoos traditionally. The Polynesian tattoos reflect the distinct as well as cultural similarities of the Polynesia islands.

These tattoos were also a symbol of courage as the tattoo process is too painful and you need to have a lot of perseverance to endure the long tattoo sessions. These Tiki structures are found in temples and these wooden Tiki statues are said to have several Polynesian tattoo patterns on their hands and the face.
The modern day people are also very fond of getting the Tiki figure as their tattoo design. The Polynesian tattoos for men as well as women comprise of very bold dark shapes and dark patches, which are filled in with thin finely crafted lines within those large shapes.
The real Polynesian tattoos need you to go through a lot of pain and it is a real lengthy procedure to get these Polynesian tattoo designs. Though there exist a number of islands here but the people seem to come from the same homeland.
These tattoo designs mostly comprise of designs of the popular Hawaiian flowers, turtles as well as its abstract tribal.
The men and women have a combination of bold lines and dots in the tattoos they get on their forehead, from one ear to the other.

Samoa is the one island which has kept its art of tattooing available all through its past, when we talk about all Polynesians who traveled to different islands.The tattoos for men are called pe’a while the tattoos for women were known as malu. The people here keep practicing their art tattooing, which marks to be a very important element of the Polynesian culture. The Polynesian tattoo designs for men and women include a lot of elements from the traditional tribal designs incorporated in the Polynesian tattoos.
It is believed that these tattoos make their skin sacred and help them communicate with the gods better. The tattoos developed since the Polynesians of the earlier ages had no written language and it were the tattoos that were used to depict social status, family history and spirituality of the Polynesians. The malu can be as big as the male tattoos, but they don’t have the large black areas.

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