A snaking, extended filament of solar material currently lies on the front of the sun-- some 1 million miles across from end to end. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, which watches the sun 24 hours a day, has observed this gigantic filament for several days as it rotated around with the sun. SDO captured images of the filament in numerous wavelengths, each of which helps highlight material of different temperatures on the sun.
Le Raptor Liner est une resine polyurethane extremement resistante aux agressions exterieures comme les UV ou les rayures dues a des frottements reguliers. Appliquez le au pinceau, au rouleau ou bien  avec le pistolet specifique afin d’ avoir une texture parfaite et homogene. A local Westminster, MD client came to us for one of our famous Ford Fusion window film installations. Filaments are clouds of solar material suspended above the sun by powerful magnetic forces.

If straightened out, the filament would reach almost across the whole sun, about 1 million miles or 100 times the size of Earth. By looking at any solar feature in different wavelengths and temperatures, scientists can learn more about what causes such structures, as well as what catalyzes their occasional giant eruptions out into space. The brownish combination image was produced by blending two wavelengths of extreme UV light with a wavelength of 193 and 335 Angstroms. He wanted a window film job that would block the sun’s damaging UV rays, but was not looking to buy our top of the line film.
NASA's SDO captured the images in extreme UV light a€“ different colors represent different wavelengths of light and different temperatures of solar material. The HP tint blocks 99% of all UV rays, and in turn blocks about 35% more heat than our Standard film.
The client was very pleased with our work and will be bringing another one of his vehicles to us in the future!

If you are interested in window film for your vehicle, give us a call or Contact Us for more information! Pour cette premiA?re aventure, elle sa€™envole vers la Grosse Pomme quelques jours avant PA?ques. En librairie dA?s le 3 avril, A« Juliette A  New York A» sera suivi de A« Juliette A  Barcelone A» en septembre prochain.

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