Pad printing and screen printing featured at FESPAInkcups Now will be at the FESPA trade show in MEXICO August 15th – 17th.
ICN will be showing off some of our most popular machines including the ICN-B100 one color pad printer, the ICN-2200PS two color pad printer and our R160 rotational screen printer. With the recent surge of breweries, bars and restaurants all over offering up unique craft beer selections, customers have a growing demand for their favorite brew.
Inkcups Now has the ideal machine to print customized labels, logos, or images directly onto the growler. The smartphone industry is continuously growing, there are 5 billion mobile phone users around the world.
The Danvers, Mass., company is a supplier for the pad printing, garment tag printing and specialty inkjet printing industry. Screen Printed Gloves (Click for a close-up)The R-160 T-shirt screen printing machine from Inkcups Now can now print on gloves! These gloves were inserted onto each fixture and then they were screen printed and cured in less than 30 seconds!
Industrial Inkjet Printer (click to enlarge)Inkcups Now is proud to introduce this one of a kind inkjet printer that will change the face of the marketplace forever.
The greatest inkjet printer in the industry also needs the greatest warranty in the industry, Inkcup Care. R160-Screen Printer (click to enlarge)Inkcups Now is proud to introduce the R 160 Screen Printer!
This high speed automated screen printer is ideal for screen printing shops who always wanted to begin pad printing, yet didn’t want to learn a whole new method of printing. Throughout the year Inkcups Now has obtained new employees in all departments of the company.
The ICN-B150, also known as the big brother to the ICN-B100, was an excellent addition to the ICN line of pad printers.
The ICN-2200PS was a great achievement for Inkcups Now and the printing industry as a whole. We built the first and only proprietary head lift system and rotary module for the Mimaki UJF-3042.
A short overview and demonstration of the setup and print process for the VersaUV LEF-20 flatbed printer from Roland DG.
FESPA is the leading focused graphic arts event where you can discover the latest developments in wide format digital printing, screen printing, garment decoration and signage. What was once a brew you could only enjoy at the facility in which it was manufactured; customers are now given the option to take their favorite beer home in a growler. The M-25 screen printing machine from Inkcups Now is the one and only machine built for growlers. There are few printers available for growlers and those who own an M-25 screen printing machine is one step ahead of the competition. Irving is taking charge of sales for the northern Mexico region as well as bordering towns in Texas.

He has worked with some of the largest printing companies in the world, and now he is ready to work with you!
This industrial inkjet printer is capable of printing a ton of these at a very rapid pace (about 20 cases in 90 seconds!) One of the best parts about printig on the XJET is that it can handle variable data.
The President of Inkcups Now was interviewed for the piece about our recent move to a larger location. The company had been located in Danvers about a mile away, occupying space in three different buildings. This screen printing press features six part stations that rotate 360 degrees around the machine and two heat lamps for fast curing of the ink. The XJET industrial inkjet printer is a UV LED inkjet printer that produces high quality images at high production speeds.
This machine easily allows for tag label printing which was popularized by pad printing machines. The R 160 is a self-contained unit that not only prints automatically, but cures the ink as well.
We grew as a company, introduced new products and updates to the market, expanded our presence in the garment tag printing (aka Inkcup Print) market.
Starting out selling ink cups out of his basement, Ben Adner (President and founder) quickly turned this small company into a market leader in 10 short years! The reason why this machine is so effective in printing 2 colors is the fact that the parts do not move, only the pads, ensuring flawless 2nd color registration. This pad printer is a bench top model that now allows users to place in smaller work cells, yet can accommodate images up to 150mm in diameter. However, we managed to increase the speed of the machine by giving it an independent cup drive.
The head lift system raises the print head to allow it to print on items up to 5 inches in height instead of the standard 2 inches. The heavy glass structure of the growler is the go-to option for packaging beer directly from a keg. The M-25 was designed to be a heavy, robust machine that can handle large cylindrical parts that are heavy in weight. There is growing demand for customized growlers, yet not enough screen printing machine shops with the right equipment to fill that demand. Irving is a great asset to Inkcups Now because he has over 10 years of printing experience in the industry, 8 of which were focused solely on garment tag printing. Inkcups Now is very happy to have a salesman as knowledgeable as Irving for our Latin America sales division. Meaning you don’t have to print and entire bed of cases with the same image, you are capable of changing images, text, and coloring per piece!
This ink is cured instantly on the machine by a UV LED light, meaning it cures at very low temperatures.
The XJET industrial inkjet printer is the one and only machine that is capable of handling a high volume of prints while maintaining a high resolution of 1200dpi.

The R160 screen printing press is a self-contained machine that allows the rapid printing and curing of garments and promotional products in a single machine cycle eliminating multiple handling steps.
This machine fills the void between the slower smaller inkjet printers and extremely expensive high-speed but medium-print-quality inline machines.
On top of the fast production speed (5 times faster then the Mimaki UJF-3042) and high image quality (1200 x 1200dpi), the XJET also features a conveyorized table with a programmable servo controlled load station for extremely fast loading of parts.
The R 160 was created to meet the challenges of printing image sizes that fall between the traditional application ranges of screen printing and pad printing. Featured on each of our web pages, the live chat button sits on the right hand side of the screen.
The live chat function serves as an excellent medium for communication between Inkcups Now and visitors to the website.
The rotary module gives the machine the ability to print on cylindrical objects, 360 degrees around. The ink can literally sit over 48hours and harden inside the cup, no matter what the ink can be removed with just a single paper towel. We are going to introduce a whole line of new machines, modifications to old machines, and continue to provide the best customer service in the industry. With this experience, Irving is able to help any business (large or small) to completely convert their current operation to tag free printing.
So lets say you would like to print on special iPhone cases that contain electronics such as a backup battery, well a typical UV light would heat that case up and potentially damage the electronics contained inside.
The R 160 is a great new addition to the ICN team and is the perfect machine for those looking to enhance their print shop.
A lot of companies have tried to introduce “green” products this year, Inkcups Now, however was the only one to truly succeed because there is no need to use chemicals and there is nothing to throw away. With a low temp LED light, you will never worry again because there is no risk of overheating.
We are continually striving to provide the industry’s best customer service from technical experts. Our chat service is not outsourced, you will be chatting with REAL Inkcups Now employees from our headquarters location. Inkcups Now believes in continued innovation for their products and the same can be said about the way in which the company operates.
Anything that can be done to bridge the gap between company and customer relationships is a win-win for everybody.

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