Pulsed UV light source is a low-temperature technology, it’s mercury-free, higher luminous efficiency, safer and economical compared to the conventional mercury lamp light source.
Ny kundeGlemt passordet ditt?Som innlogget i var Kundeklubb far du oversikt pa dine Bestillinger og tilgang til Spesielle rabatter. The robot uses pulses of xenon ultraviolet light—which is 25,000 times more powerful than sunlight—to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and bacterial spores. Erlanger Health System has added a "germ-zapping robot" to its team to help keep facilities clean and to prevent the spread of infections. According to hospital leaders, studies have shown that Xenex room disinfection is 20 times more effective than other standard cleaning practices.

The robot's pulsing ultraviolet light washes over the surfaces where germs reside without leaving a chemical residue. To disinfect a room after standard cleaning procedures are complete, hospital team members wheel the Xenex robot into the room, begin the automated sequence and then leave the room.
The room disinfection system is designed to destroy viruses, bacteria and bacterial spores without contact or chemicals.
It can be used in curing, manufacturing, water treatment, food and drug sterilization, agricultural preservation and other fields.
For enhanced safety, a sign placed outside the door warns people not to enter, and a motion sensor automatically shuts off the machine if someone should enter.

An on-board database logs system activity for utilization tracking analysis, and a visible light filter blocks the bright xenon pulse in rooms with interior glass.

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