Answer: You will need to take measurements of your particular headlight, and compare with this projection lens kit that is mounted inside your headlights. Instead of losing some of the availalbe light from bleed or glare, a projector system focuses all the light down in front of you with a very sharp, distinct cut off in the beam pattern.
This aftermarket projection lens system for HID xenon lights allows you to get the same sharp cut-off beam as a factory HID system, whilst focusing more useable light down in front of you where it's needed.
Whilst you can certainly still install HIDs into a reflector based headlight - and get great results - the best results are obtained when you combine the HID system with a projection lens. Once your order has veen dispatched, we will email you the tracking number and website to which you can track your order online. All orders require a signature at delivery, so we recommend using a delivery address where someone will be during the day. We are that confident you will be very happy with your purchase, that we offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee.
If you are not confident with using your credit card online, we are available Monday to Friday during business hours for Credit Card orders over the phone, or we accept payment via cheque or money order. In the unlikely event there is a fault with our product within the first 30 days, we will ship you out a replacement part at our own expense.
If you have a general question about our policies, returns, etc - please check our FAQ Page. I've been given a quote for replacement HID globes from my car dealer and they were over $300 - why are your's so cheap? It is common knowledge that car delaers place huge mark-ups on aftermarket goods and spare parts.
In my own car, I replaced the stock headlight assembly with aftermarket (plastic) headlights that had built in angel eyes.

Since when we started selling HID products in 2006, I have only had two cases where a customer had issues with heat. HID headlights provide a more powerful focus and long-lasting light beam than traditional halogen headlight bulbs.
Please watch the installation video below, check the installation instructions, then measure the inside of your light to determine if it will fit. So when you receive your order, inspect it carefully so that it completely meets your satisfaction.
Delonix uses state-of-the-art Internet encryption technology to ensure that the transmission of your personal and payment information is secure. Here in Perth I knew of a certain dealer charging $3000 (including installation) for a product that RETAILED for $800. There is no manufacturer (at the time of this writing) that produces a genuine 100watt HID bulb.
The globes are 75watt and the ballasts are close to 75watts, so the kits will last your usual 3000 hours. Because the last time I was in China (October 2012) visiting HID manufacturers, one of the things I was specifically looking for was a manufacturer of (true) 100watt HID bulbs.
It is recommended that the lights are tilted slightly downward so they won’t blind approaching motorist. So, it is best to check first your vehicle’s manual, which would also indicate how often the headlights should be adjusted.
If for any reason it does not, please let us know and you may return it or exchange it via our returns and exchange policy. That being said, we have had literally hundreds of customers install a 55watt HID kit with no heat problems.

Mark the wall with the masking tape along the vertical and horizontal axis points of the headlights. It is usually recommended that headlights be adjusted annually or as often as necessary, whenever they are out of alignment in order not to blind approaching vehicles. Once dispatched, Jenny will email you an Australia Post online tracking number, so you can track your order. So I installed 35watt in the low beam, and 55watt in the high beam, and two years later, these plastic aftermarket headlights have had no heat damage. The best spotlight for these high power HIDs is a Hella Rally 4000 - which is made of metal with a glass lens.
If a headlight is not adjusted in the correct manner, not only will your line of sight be diminished, but oncoming traffic my be blinded.
Things to consider are the trunk, back and passenger seats as well as having a partner sit in the driver’s seat representing you. Luckily, fixing this problem isn’t much more difficult than taking a few measurements and adjusting a few screws.
Then take two 6-inch pieces of tape and put a vertical mark in front of each light, creating a cross-shaped mark that will act as a bull’s eye. This indicates that the beam will not hit oncoming traffic and will shine like it should.4. At the top and center of the headlight will be a small adjusting screw that controls the light’s vertical axis.

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