Dana also admitted that she went and bought a shirt after receiving text messages while at the game.
It sounds like this was all totally accidental, and that may have been a good thing for Dana. In one of her pics she’s with some old looking dude, but he looks just like Glen Macnow before he lost all of his hair. This apparently happened about a week ago and it may go down as the strangest way to start a baseball brawl EVER.

During a Canadian-American League game between the New Jersey Jackals and the Rockland Boulders, Jackals pitcher Fernando Cruz started a brawl in extra innings in the strangest way possible. Cruz was ejected from the game and had to exit the game going through the stands where he exchanged words with a couple fans who were taunting him. I think* I read one time that MLB bans overt guerrilla marketing stunts such as promotional signs and t-shirts in the crowd, so it’s possible that a large-breastedfonted Primo shirt may have gotten some unwanted attention. Thus, this situation sums up pretty much everything you need to know about marketing: When in doubt, use boobs.

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