Formwork specialist Doka has published its first-ever sustainability report, covering the period 2008-2010.
With a wood consumption of several hundred thousand cubic metres a year of sawn timber and wood-based materials, Doka is one of the main timber-processing businesses in Austria. Modern formwork systems make a significant contribution to streamlining construction projects. Doka originally established its unified management system in 2003, and has since achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. After all, it’s a position that offers these incredible benefits: Pays you to work in some of the world’s most stunning locations!
The responsible use of timber resources from sustainable forestry is a core obligation of the company, according to a spokesperson. If you’ve ever dreamed of working as a Holiday Rep but have no prior experience, training or knowledge of the industry… then the Holiday Rep Certificate online course is for you because it gives you the ultimate winning edge in this highly competitive industry!

Find Out More I’ve just had confirmation from TUI that my assessment day was successful and I’ve got the job! All of the modules were very informative, easy to follow and enjoyable and thanks to your help I’ve been offered a job with a leading tour operator. I can’t thank you enough! Anybody looking for a holiday rep job absolutely NEEDS this course!
Ben Pearson Ben Pearson, UKWe are very happy to offer the Holiday Rep Certificate course to our pupils. It is an all round great course that gives a wide range of knowledge, information and skills for would be holiday reps, well done!
Thank you, thank you to the Holiday Rep Certificate team – I could not have got my dream job without taking this course because of everything I learned about job.
Kathy Sammons  Kathy SammonsCumbernauld, Glasgow, Kathy Sammons, ScotlandI wasn’t sure if I really needed to take this course but after going through the interview process thank God I did!
Becky Haywood Becky HaywoodDerby, UKMy name is David Powell and have recently completed the online holiday rep course.

The presentation of the material was clear, very easy to understand, very informative and enjoyable. It has certainly given me a more in depth understanding of the industry as well as a very accurate picture of what it is like to work in a resort. I also now know so much more about what will be expected of me in all regards of tour operator operations.

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