Probably one of the most important roles a women can ever have is that of mother, raising kids is certainly demanding enough to be considered a serious full time position, one which requires way more skills than many non parents would give it credit for. Mompreneurs work hard to find the right balance between their family lives and their careers, but those that do find the rewards are well worth it. Most successful business models are operated by people who have a passion for that particular industry.
Regardless of whether you intend for your business to be product or service based, there are a few simple steps you can follow that will help get you started. Finally you should consider making sure you have a room dedicated to running your business from, one which you can seal off from the rest of the house when you need to focus on work. Organization is the key to any successful business, let alone one which is being run from home by an individual hoping to be both an entrepreneur and a mother. The kind of groups let mompreneurs that they are not alone, providing invaluable feedback on how to maintain the delicate work-life balance and acting as a shelter from the storm when times get particularly rough.
By Lee MunsonJul 3 6The rising number of people who telecommute, or who are self employed, shows that more and more individuals are finding ways of making money whilst staying at home, rather than rather than having to travel to a traditional place of employment. Such a lifestyle is particularly appealing to moms who would much prefer to spend time at home with their children rather than being stuck in traffic or in an office. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, there are a large number of scams out to catch the unwary work at home mom. The people behind these scams have devised and refined many ruses in order to try and trap unsuspecting moms who are looking for this type of work.
Is it so simple that you can send someone $20 and they in return will give you a huge number of company names who will employ you just like that? If you receive such unsolicited mail then consider whether a reputable company would engage in email spamming? There are also a large number of internet and other businesses that offer fantastic sounding opportunities, if only you buy their starter kit. Even if you have zero knowledge in a particular field, they will tell you that you can make money. No starter kit is going to turn you into an overnight success in any field, regardless of what they may tell you.
If you want to work at home then look for well-known and legitimate companies who offer a fair wage in return for doing a fair day’s work. About Lee MunsonLee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions. I am an InfoSec Professional, a writer for Comparitech and the Social Media Manager for Brian Honan's Security Watch. I am the winner of both the Best UK & the Best EU Personal Security Blog at the European Security Blogger Awards 2015. Naomi de la Torre is freelance writer and stay-at-home-mom with two delightful boys, ages three and six. Working from home can be a great way to enhance your family budget without having to make a huge lifestyle adjustment.
Mother of toddlers and freelance writer Susan Smith says, "I get most of my work done while the kids are napping or after they go to sleep at night. Successful work at home moms admit that they are geniuses at multitasking, and cobble together any scraps of time they have throughout the day to stay productive.

California mom Nadine Purcell (not her real name) makes the most of every available moment. Working Mom 3.0 is reinventing the definition of "working mom," as office hours are held at home and revolve around nap times.
Just like Susan and Nadine, despite the challenges -- and with a little creative ingenuity -- many moms are making a valuable contribution to household expenses with WAH (work at home) positions. Before we get started taking a peek at legitimate WAHM jobs, one word of warning about work at home scams. You probably won't get rich stuffing envelopes or posting ads to online forums, but there are some real work at home jobs that can be lucrative and fun. Craigslist: Be wary and wise, but you can find positions close to home -- or almost anywhere. Jennifer Kardish writes for Asset Tagging where you can find custom security labels and stickers.
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You will be asked to submit samples of your writing and your per article rate for a 600 to 1,200-word article. You must have at least one year of writing experience to qualify for this freelance work at home position. From the … Read MoreWork at Home: Liftopia Hiring Seasonal Customer ServiceLiftopia is hiring seasonal work at home customer service reps nationwide! In this work at home role, you will be interacting with customers via telephone, email, and chat, as well as processing orders and adjustments to orders, providing information, and more! Vindale … Read MoreHome-Based Customer Service Jobs with DysonDyson is hiring home-based customer service agents in Illinois! In this work at home role, you will be moderating channels, engaging with the community, and participating in brand-related conversations. Online tutoring is done utilizing a virtual whiteboard and chat box, so no webcam or mic is required. The company offers its home-based employees paid time off, medical insurance, holiday pay, and a 401K with match. You can’t beat Avon for quality at an affordable price, making this a super option for someone who wants to start a home business, but doesn’t want to push products on family and friends. From … Read MoreHow to Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career!Are you looking for a work-at-home job that costs little to start up, is flexible, and pays you well for your time and effort?
Compensation starts at $11.50 per hour, with rewards, recognition programs, and a 40% discount on most merchandise. Despite that (or sometimes because of it), many mom’s feel the need to work on something a bit more self satisfying than the desires of their children. The 10 step open start plan by StartUpNation offers some really great advice for mompreneurs hoping to get their own companies off of the ground. Working at home can be great, but it does provide a great deal of distractions which you will need to do your best to avoid when running a successful business. For example, Irene Tamaras, a successful mother and business owner says that “I literally carry my organizer around with me everywhere, plotting and planning my companies every move”.

Live Passionately Real, suggests that women who want to succeed should cultivate a group of like minded females who are also on the road to entrepreneurial success. Only those who have been through the process of setting out to work for themselves will understand how tough it can be, this can of group can be invaluable when it comes to making it through your own rainy days. You can still be there to pick up your kids from school or stay home with your little ones.
Rather than feeling torn between climbing the corporate ladder and having a happy family life, many women are choosing to merge the two and transition careers from a traditional role to a more flexible one. Stuffing envelopes or assembling birdhouses from home is unlikely to be a viable source of income. When appropriate, this role will recommend a solution and, … Read MoreWork at Home Community Manager Job with IgniteIgnite is seeking a work at home social media community manager on a part-time basis. I never endorse a product or service unless I fully believe it will be of value to my readers. Other things to keep in mind are that you may need a license of some sort in order to run a business and its also possible you may need a permit in order to run it from your house. Irene runs Dynamic Pain Relief, a company which deals with providing medical products for those who suffer from excessive chronic pain. This gives everyone an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, fosters a little bit of competition between members of the group (which is a good tool for motivation), whilst still providing a network of friends who will be able to understand the difficulties you are likely to face as you try to get your business off the ground.
There is a vast ocean of information out there, wanting to tell you this is the right way to make money from home while looking after a family, or that is the right way to run a business.
Are you interested in learning about some work at home job options that are realistic and rewarding? The internet is ripe with scams preying on people who are looking to make an easy buck from home. Some moms are making a very good part-time income participating in surveys, mystery shopping, and rewards programs (also saving money with apps)! It could be something to do with your role as a mother (well thought out childrens products sell exceptionally well), or it could be something completely outside of the family sphere. Make sure to check with the local authorities before you begin work to find out if that is the case. Through organization (and hard work) Irene is able to make more money than most people can even dream of, all whilst working from home and looking after her daughter.
Just remember the 10 step open start plan to business, stay organized and make sure you have an adequate support network.
Read on for some of the best jobs you can do while never having to get out of your footie pajamas. As long as you are passionate about the idea, you should be able to find the drive to succeed.
If you do that then you will be well on your way to setting up your own successful home based business.

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