The Woodpecker LED-B is a cordless and rechargeable led curing light featuring 4 different time settings. Both lightweight and compact it is a welcome addition to any surgery omly occupying a small 'footprint', comes with blacklight guide. Presidental supply Dental and Veterinary Equipment, supplies, parts and spares throughout the UK and overseas. The LED.C Curing Light from Woodpecker is wireless and features a large capacity battery, 3 working modes and an 8 watt LED. There's no better way to save money in a Dental Office than on disposable dental supplies, equipment and products.

Kodak DF58 X Ray Film, dental gloves, dental composites, bonding and etching materials and even diamond burs.
Woodpecker is a national high technology manufactory which is researching and developing, producing and selling Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler. Woodpecker has abundant technology, advanced equipment and complete market, has several patents and complete proprietary intellectual property rights.
I have been using the Discus rechargeable led lights over the years, and have found them to be very reliable and priced sensibly. Loved the price so much that I bought two, one as a spare just incase the first did not last long.

The leading products include Ultrasonic Scaler and LED Curing Light, having been exported exported to more than 109 countries. I have been using the first one a few months as my only light and it is still working great. A full charge can be used for more than 400 times continuously under 10s working time mode.

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