The highly trained technicians at Northwest Glass & Mirror can repair or replace broken glass in shower doors and enclosures to restore their original beauty and to provide a safer environment for you and your family. Upgrading your bathroom can not only enhance its appearance but can also increase the value of your home at the time of eventual resale. Northwest Glass & Mirror has been a leading Houston glass company for more than 35 years. At Northwest Glass & Mirror, we offer expert repair and installation of residential and commercial glass to provide you with a safe and secure environment. By entrusting your glass repair and replacement projects to us, you can preserve your property values while enjoying a higher quality of everyday life.
Northwest Glass & Mirror can replace broken window panes to keep your home perimeter secure against pests and drafts. Whether you need repairs to existing glass tabletops or mirrors or brand-new custom installations, the experts at Northwest Glass & Mirror can provide you with the highest quality work at affordable prices. Antique furniture requires special handling to ensure a complementary match to the existing patina on these pieces. At Northwest Glass & Mirror, we are a Houston glass company with more than 35 years of experience in the Houston area. Dated shower enclosures or broken doors can significantly reduce the appeal of your bath area and can even present hazards for your family and friends. We can also repair residential mirrors to ensure clear visibility and an attractive appearance for these vital accessories to your bath area.
Our expert tech team can install custom shower doors and enclosures that provide added privacy while protecting against leaks and moisture. If you are considering a major remodel or new construction, we can help you create the custom shower enclosure or doors to complement your bathroom’s new look.

Our knowledgeable technicians can deliver the best solutions for all your glass repair and replacement needs.
At Northwest Glass & Mirror, we can repair or replace all types of residential glass and residential mirrors to help you maintain your property inside and out. We can install coated and reflective glass, low-emissivity products and insulated glass to match your existing windows.
Our expert glass cutters can create panels and shelves for your kitchen cabinets, curios and armoires.
Our expert tech team can cut and install glass for framed and frameless installations to give your bathroom a sleek new look and to ensure the best results for your home renovation projects. We offer residential and commercial glass services and stand behind our work to ensure your complete satisfaction. The friendly Houston glass company experts at Northwest Glass & Mirror can provide you with start-to-finish support for your bathroom renovation project. From small crack repairs to full replacements, we deliver the repairs you need to keep your bathroom looking its best. Frameless shower enclosures are a popular choice in the Houston area and offer a modern look for your entire bath. We can also help you choose the right framed shower doors to highlight the beauty of your bathroom area. We can replace glass window and door panes to ensure a secure perimeter for your home or business.
Our installation professionals can restore your exterior windows and door glass to pristine condition to enhance your home’s appearance and functionality.
Our many years of experience ensures that your interior glass project meets your needs and looks beautiful for many years to come.

We have experience with all types of interior furnishings, allowing you to enjoy top-quality results throughout your home. We can also create custom residential mirrors to boost your bathroom’s appeal and allow for clear visibility in this necessary room of your home. Contact us today at 281-463-7801 or stop by to discuss your project with one of our talented technicians.
By working with us, you can enhance the beauty and functionality of your bath to improve the value of your entire home. Northwest Glass & Mirror can install all types of residential glass for your shower doors and enclosures, including frosted, glazed and bubble glass. Our years of experience in working with construction companies and remodeling firms allows us to provide you with the support you need to create a new look for your bathroom and throughout your home. From Low-E window glass to custom mirrors and tabletops, we have the right solutions to enhance your Houston home or business. By working with our experienced tech team, you can ensure that your home is protected against extreme temperatures and unwanted intruders throughout the year. If you need repairs or restoration work on heirloom pieces or modern furniture, Northwest Glass & Mirror is your one-stop source for expert services at reasonable prices. By replacing your current shower enclosure or tub-and-curtain arrangement, you can ensure the most beautiful results for your bath remodeling project. Give us a call at 281-463-7801 or stop by to discuss your bathroom remodeling project with one of our trained technicians.

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