Topical nail treatments like butenafine can be successful, but only after a full year of daily use. Unfortunately, many people who treat their toenail fungus infections end up getting them again at some point. Fungal spores left in the shoes can break open and re-infect the skin and toenails months after an infection has cleared. Generally speaking, the moist, warm environment of a spa is exactly what fungi needs to thrive. Foot spas are one of the more difficult areas to clean and, as a result, tend to collect the most fungi and bacteria, says America Now News. Also keep in mind that fungi and bacteria gets into the body through breaks in the skin, so do not put your feet in spa water if you have any breaks in the skin, bruises, bug bites, ingrown toenails, or even the smallest cut.
Another way to protect yourself from harmful pathogens picked up at spas is to buy the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer by Shoe Care Innovations. Two studies point to the effectiveness of UV light in killing mold and bacteria, one in hospitals and the other in a commercial HVAC system. Ultraviolet Light Effective in Hospital Infection Control – In 2012, Researchers at Duke University Medical Center used ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) to nearly eliminate drug-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms, reducing the number of bacteria by more than 97%.
For just under $100 per year ($24 electricity + $70 replacement bulb), my family has peace-of-mind knowing that we are breathing the highest-quality indoor air. HVAC UV lights are an effective means for improving indoor air quality, but only after following the indoor air quality priorities. Garnet M SleighterFebruary 3, 2015Where on the heat pump exchange is the best place to install the ultra light system, where it will be the most effective?
Bryon ThomasJuly 17, 2016The UV light is usually installed on the supply side (where the air exits the blower).
Bryon ThomasDecember 10, 2015Thanks for the clarification and good to know that HVAC UV Lights kill dust mites. Vernon TimmFebruary 13, 2015if the flex duct is not in direct exposure to the light, will deterioration still be a problem ?or should I just install the lamp in the return air intake where there would be no direct exposure to the lamp ? Ozone in the presence of germicidal UV-C rays would corrode your air conditioner’s cooling system, and even separate the aluminum fins from the copper lines in the air conditioner cooling coil.
Ray OdgersSeptember 3, 2015Ozone can be generated by UV lamps depending on the wavelength of the light generated. Is it Time to Upgrade to UV Lights During AC Repair La PlataJuly 16, 2015[…] in La Plata Maryland services will be more capable of handling UV-enhanced cooling systems. Asbury LemmonSeptember 17, 2015I had the Fresh Air model installed into our new home, i did the dual model one over the coil and one below.
Bryon ThomasDecember 15, 2015A licensed HVAC technician in the state of Florida should be able to install HVAC UV lights. Mary HegartyJanuary 2, 2016Hello, My concern is similar to the letter above from another customer named Mary, re: odor from the AC. Bryon ThomasJanuary 16, 2016It is difficult to diagnose your problem without an on-site inspection by a building science professional. Then after a month without using the UV light, re-supply power to the UV light & run the HVAC system for a month, as you normally would. If no, then the source from your complaints stem from something else in the environment of your home. Bryon ThomasJanuary 16, 2016Mold grows 24×7, especially in damp air that is not moving. CarynFebruary 20, 2016We have a maintenance agreement with our hvoc company and we had one come yesterday and they said we need a Apco Fresh Air UV System with a quote of $1857! Bryon ThomasFebruary 21, 2016Unfortunately, I have not personally used the Apco Fresh Air UV System. Remember, the coil may still get dirty even with a UV-C light if you do not have a good air filter and well sealed ducts.
Bryon ThomasMay 16, 2016It’s hard to say which one is the best as they all have pros and cons.

BobMay 20, 2016In Illinois, APCO Fresh Air UVC System – installed inside the main duct is around $1050-$1300 by most HVAC specialists.
Bryon ThomasMay 30, 2016I recommend contracting a RESNET or BPI building specialist in your area to diagnose your problem. Laurie BonillaJune 1, 2016How much should I expect to pay to have a UV light installed bu my HVAC contractor? This ultraviolet purification lamp is instant starting and utilizes a coil filament, which operates hot.
This unsightly malady is typically contracted by people with compromised immune systems, such as diabetics or people who have had previous fungal infections. Oral medication like terbinafine (Lamisil) is more effective, but also requires regular monitoring of liver function over the course of the three-month treatment.
Recurrence rates ranging from 6.5% to 53% have been reported by people who have used oral antifungal drugs.
One of the first proactive steps toenail fungus sufferers must take is to stop walking around barefoot! Sensational outbreaks are certainly the exception, rather than the rule, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting yourself from foot fungus.
Also, do not shave, use hair removal cream, or wax less than 24 hours from your appointment. This podiatrist-recommended product uses ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of the fungi, bacteria and viruses inside footwear within 45 minutes. July 17, 2014 Bryon Thomas 60 CommentsIn 1903, Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his use of ultraviolet light in the treatment of tuberculosis. The UV light unit is installed in the return air duct and cycles on with the air handler blower. BacJune 19, 2015Larry, please let me know if you find out the answer to your ozone question. While UV lighting has been used for years, it wasn’t until recently when it was incorporated into a cooling system. Some UV lamps meant for pool use are specifically designed to release ozone, and yours should NOT be that type, but rather ones designed specifically to minimize ozone production. For example, I heard of a Sanuvox installation in San Antonio, Texas that cost $1500 for parts plus installation.
Why not take a look at Google Adwords Keyword Tool and determine which one has the most searches? This lamp also uses UV-C light to inactivate and kill bacteria, molds, protozoa, viruses and yeasts. The UV lamp life is governed by the life of the electrodes and is affected by the frequency of starting. Newer technologies like laser toenail fungus treatment are promising, but can cost $1,000 out-of-pocket. Instead, shoes with a wide, soft, square toebox, arch support and thick-rigid sole should be worn at all times. Unfortunately, some manicure and pedicure salons can leave visitors with unwanted side effects that last weeks, months, or even years.
Robert Spalding believes up to 75% of all nail salons are not following proper protocol when it comes to equipment sterilization. Request that a pumice stone be used to remove calluses on your feet, rather than a sharp razor. Since then, ultraviolet lights have been widely adapted for all kinds of uses: sterilizing hospitals, sterilizing water, germicidal lamps in food establishments, and even curing nail polish faster. According to the technician from Engineered Air, HVAC UV lights are very effective at controlling mold inside the air handler.
You may also consider Aeroseal which seals the ducts from the inside, but that is not as optimal as properly installed ductwork. I am having a hard time getting ahold of anyone that will tell me the NM Wavelength of the bulb.

Of indoor-usage UVC lamps, Wikipedia says “Lamps designed to release UVC and higher frequencies are doped so that any UV light below 254nm wavelengths will not be released, to minimize ozone production. These building science professionals are highly trained in understanding your home as a system and can diagnose problems like this.
If you see the light, I recommend installing it in a non-visible location: inside the air handler as that is where the greatest source of potential mold growth exists. I know you have already spent a significant amount of money, but it is time to bring in the experts. Since fungus replicates through the disbursement of spores, you can imagine what sort of shape your shoes are in!
In most states, nail technicians must thoroughly wash all tools in warm, soapy water, then place them in a disinfectant solution for 15 minutes, and leave them to dry in a sterilization machine. You may also want to consider visiting a podiatrist or a MediSpa if fungal infection is of particular concern to you. If UV light is so effective, how can it be applied to improving indoor air quality for residential HVAC systems? Even if you subscribe only 1 month, it is well worth the cost to get a shortlist of contractors. With properly sealed ducts and and HVAC UV Light, you will have a healthier indoor environment. Search for a contractor on Building Performance Institute or RESNET for a professional in your area. I would expect an on-site diagnosis to cost a few hundred dollars, with additional repair costs, but you will most likely get to the bottom of your problem once and for all. The fixture is high quality with a long lifespan and low mercury dosage to meet environmental demands. Some people treat their feet with anti-fungal sprays like Tinactin, but powders are not recommended, as they build up within the shoes and break down the soles quicker.
He also mentioned that several clients with respiratory problems are even able to tell if the UV bulb has burned-out due to reduced air quality. As a first order of attack, I recommend having a building performance contractor visit your home. I also suggest reviewing the articles on the Energy Vanguard site such as How to Install Flex Duct Properly.
We don’t seem to getting well from the flu and coughing, sinus infection, earache, etc.
Yes, but you need to understand the priorities of indoor air quality and the types of UV lights available for residential HVAC systems. A building performance contractor has a deep understanding of how a house works as a system including air sealing, insulation, mechanical systems, comfort, and health.
I just do let know if I am being taken advantage of and have never heard of anything like this.
Lastly, be sure to visit a podiatrist regularly for foot check-ups to prevent an infection from getting out of control. The two leading organizations in the US are Building Performance Institute and RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network).
This is a specialized field and these experts know how to diagnose and improve the comfort, health, and energy efficiency of your home. Only after you have done all of this would I consider adding an HVAC UV light to your air conditioning system.

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