The strands are stronger than other spider webs and when you brush them away you might actually hear a faint crackling sound.
One favorite hiding place for these spiders is inside the hollow tube that joins the chair part of a swivel rocker to its base. It makes perfect sense to plug the ends of your swivel rocker posts to keep spiders out once and for all. The black widow spider is an example of an insect that shares our outdoor entertaining from a hiding place tucked away in the very furniture we sit on. The photo shows a web that has leaves and other debris trapped in it, perhaps from the blowers gardeners use to clean up after themselves.

Less than ?” in diameter and about 6” long, this tube easily provides an ideal home for a full grown spider.
Spider-proofing gives you more of an opportunity than you would otherwise have of actually finding a spider. Some companies seal the top of the tube for appearance sake, and a few use a solid post, but most are open on the bottom.
You might just stuff a packing peanut into the tube, but the easiest and neatest solution I have found is to roll a small piece of a thin foam packing sheet into a cork-like cylinder to put into the opening.
Things such as telling potential customers of the benefit and value to be found in paying attention to keeping their wicker furniture free of spiders.

It comes down to a choice between either killing the sale now or killing the customer later! I personally would not lose any sleep if I actually trapped a spider inside the tube in the process of sealing it!

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