It is for this reason that when we came across this sink, there was no question that we would find a way to incorporate it into the house, and the half bathroom in the foyer seemed like the perfect place. This handmade 17 gauge copper sink is made by Premier Copper Products with 99.7% Pure Recycled Copper.
Although there isn’t much to say about our master bathroom sink and faucet selections, we can at the very least state that they are oversize (23 x 18) above counter.
A design made for classic Arts & Crafts style homes, the bronze Quoizel side light from the Hillcrest Collection features opaque linen glass, which reduce glare. Guests entering the foyer will be greeted with the contemporary appeal of two Hinkley ceiling fixtures. The roof of the house got its first dusting of snow today, and not having much time to blog right now, I still wanted to share a picture. The tile selection for the second floor Jack & Jill bathroom is another tile manufactured by Daltile. The Colour Scheme Black Speckle porcelain tile has among the highest recycled material content of any in the industry — more than 60%.
If you’ve seen the way mortared bricks are laid for a wall, then you are familiar with the brick pattern. Even though this brick tile pattern is simple to lay out, you do need to accurate match up the tile edges with tile middles from the neighboring row. Our septic circumstances are somewhat unique considering that the perk site for our home is located at the opposite end of the property, about 700 feet away.
Our particular system includes two 1200 gallon concrete tanks, the septic tank and a dosage tank that houses a 24 gallons per minute pump. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the title, and it is not a reflection of the service being provided by Joel Lloyd Septic Service of Chapel Hill as they build the leach field for the septic system.
Leach field are trenches that are conventionally filled with a foot of gravel and a four inch diameter perforated pipe.
Not only are these easier to install, but they have increased storage capacity over typical gravel systems. Considering that our septic system is a low pressure system, there will be other blog entries on this topic as the rest of the system installation progresses.

If you have already read the Property History section of this blog, then you already know about our property’s unique history. The straight lines and rectangular shape continue the Craftsman style, yet still gives the room a crisp modern look.
Part of the Tahoe Collection, and again complementing the Craftsman decor, their bronze finish and antique amber glass shades provide an invitingly beautiful soft light. Before someone asks, the front door is blocked because the concrete for the front porch was poured, stained, and stamped this past Thursday.
We are proud to be including this tile as it is part of Daltile’s environmentally friendly line of tile. It is also one of the first porcelain tiles to incorporate both pre- and post-consumer recycled material.  During its manufacturing process, the glaze is also infused with Microban Antimicrobial Technology, which inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the tile. It’s a great way to depart from the usual grid-like pattern (edge to edge) without a lot of extra work, and wastes fewer tiles than more complex patterns.
When you miss your mark on one tile, the mistake gets multiplied all the way down your row. This is mostly due to the topography of our land as well as the spring fed creek that makes its way down most of the property line. The disadvantage of course is that there is a mechanical device in there, and every mechanical device will at some point require replacement or repair. A 2 inch PVC pipe traverses the entire property to the diverter valve that then distributes the effluent evenly across the leach field. It is not a stretch of the imagination to envision those small holes clogging faster than a three foot wide chamber, although the pipe-in-gravel leach lines are covered with geotextile fabric, used as a weed barrier, and then backfilled with a foot or two of native soil. Instead of gravel and perforated pipes, these Infiltrator chamber leach fields are high-density polyethylene arches that interlock to form a continuous drainage area with a much greater storage volume than conventional perforated pipe leach fields.
The chambers include inspection ports to allow for drain field inspection if trouble ever occurred down the road.
The Industrial Pollution Management Project is supported by many donors and also includes reviewing the legal and regulatory aspects related to the pollution management in the country. Our home is being built on the site of a former Gold Mine, which operated in the early nineteen hundreds by the North State Mining Company.

These American Standard sinks, part of the Studio Collection, will be paired with an ADA compliant Danze faucet, which is part of the Parma collection. For these sinks, we chose to use the Kraus square vessel sink with their ADA compliant Sheven single lever faucet in the Satin Nickel finish (pictured in Chrome above).  This trendy square ceramic sink compliments the traditional Craftsman decor by giving it a modern style. I will take more pictures of this once the bases of the columns are completed, which will be later this week. The result is an additional layer of durable, long lasting protection, keeping the tile cleaner, between cleanings. In addition, it increases the stability of the floor because you don’t have four corners meeting up to make a cross-like shape, which helps save the grout from cracking over time. We were fully aware of this when we chose to purchase the property and decided to build our dream home. Installation simply involves digging a series of three foot wide trenches; connecting the Infiltrator chambers and then back filling with the soil you originally removed.
A linear foot of 3 ft wide gravel trench yields less than half of that even with the highest quality drain rock. As a part of the project, eight wastewater treatment systems will be constructed in the four provinces, as well as increased monitoring and enforcement of environmental policies.
For bathroom use, this tiles high coefficient of friction was also a selling point, as it provides greater traction when wet. Our selection in the size of 18 x 18 will be laid in a brick pattern, also known as brickwork. We knew that there was a solution, mind you that anything adding complexity tends to come with a higher price tag. World Bank Vietnam director Victoria Kwakwa said the environmental risk in Vietnam is a result of insufficient regulations in the country, weak enforcement of the regulations and poor compliance of the industrial wastewater treatment policies.

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