These ICM Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) Tape Film is a highly-specialized film that offers excellent clarity and adhesion to various types of transparent substrates. Generally, adhesives yellow in such applications, but Veldu offers solutions to eliminate the yellowish tint in electronic devices and keep the white light.
If you want an electronic display with accurate color and full display brightness, choose 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives.

For general purpose applications including disply touch applications where very good adhesion, ITO compatibility and ink step compliance is required. PartNumber: HTT-230216-05PTFE (Teflon) FEP tape is very versatile and durable tape that offers high temperature resistance and dielectric strength.
These free-film isotropic adhesives are formulated specifically for transparent applications where the greatest advantage is not being seen.

Easy to convert with improved bubble resistance in laminations exposed to high temperature and humidity.

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