Fundraise with Glow Bracelets, Glow Sticks, Light Sticks and Finger Lights at your next party, school disco, rave or event. The UV Monkey is a clever little gadget has a chemical compound in its core which changes colour to indicate the strength of the UV intensity in the suns rays - the stronger the colour, The stronger the UV radiation. The UV Monkey can help to keep you and your family safe in the sun as well indicating the effectiveness of any solar powered gadgets. At the centre of the UVmonkey it has a special chemical which reacts to the levels of UV from the sun. U is the next letter in the A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers at Inspiration Laboratories.
I’ve talked about the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence when we looked at fluorescent chlorophyll.
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It uses only 25 watts and has an 1,000 hour bulb life, with 25 watt being one of the strongest blacklights you can get.

The UVmonkey is also very easy to use, just compare the colour at the centre with the colours in the outer ring.
Read the information that came with your black light and be sure it is meant for entertainment use. Check out Asia’s post over at Fun at Home with Kids to see how she used Vitamin B to make glow water. To help protect against forgery, some bills ($20 and up) have parts that glow under UV light. This blacklight bulb will liven up your celebrations, Halloween parties, dances and get-togethers for years. This will then give a good indication if the solar strength is good enough to charge your solar device or if you just need to apply some sun cream! Some black lights are created for medical or scientific purposes, so don’t just buy whatever light you happen to see online.
With kids in the house, it may or may not be fun to go check out the toilet for glowing urine.

The blacklight completely changes the atmosphere of any happy gathering or occasion by "making" objects glow such as anything white and UV reactive materials.
You shouldn't leave your UVmonkey out in the sun as prolonged exposure can cause the chemical to stay dark.
We used a super cheap flashlight (not LED) and an inexpensive flashlight lantern (also not LED).
Our range of UV reactive paints are perfect for combination with these bulbs to make them glow in the dark brightly! Some black lights require wearing special UV safety glasses or goggles and covering exposed skin or minimizing the length of exposure.

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