The Thermal Spa Professional UV Gel light dryer has 45 watts to reduce the drying time of UV top coats and gel nail polish.
The inside of this nail lamp is very spacious and it is perfect for curing both hands at once.
Not only do the manicures done from this nail lamp last long, the nail lamp itself lasts a long time. Another customer loves this nail lamp because they are able to do manicures on their weak and unhealthy nails without any negative effects.

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One customer said that they had gone on vacation to the beach and two weeks later their manicure still hadn’t chipped at all. At under $60, it is a lot cheaper than having nails done regularly in a nail salon.You can save so much money with a one time investment in a UV nail lamp. One customer said that this UV nail lamp was just as good as another more expensive one that they had used in the past.

This could have more to do with incorrect application of gel nail polish rather than the UV nail lamp itself.

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