The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes have a flat and wide brush with rounded corners. I started with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish 210 - Pretty Piggy, which is a really pretty coral pink. Next, I tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish 220 - Pink Tank, which has a very pretty cherry red color. From looking at the slightly thicker coat (that by the way, doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable), I would have expected it to be a bit hard to remove, but I removed it from my nails with ease. The products that were provided for an honest review can be recognized by an asterisk (*) behind the name.
SIMPLE TUTORIALHalloween Nails – Spooky Eyes, Glow-in-the-DarkI had so much fun creating these little eyes for my Halloween nails last year. Thanks For Your SupportIf you find this tutorial useful, please click on my Amazon affiliate links below if you would like to order any of the materials for this manicure.
I went for my third Shellac colour last week, and I’ve gotta say I am in love with Shellac! So I’ve tried a dark colour like Asphalt, a pretty pink called Gotcha, and this time I was feeling a little Beckham – Victoria Beckham that is! To find out which salon offers Shellac, you can call their head office on (011) 791 4027 or visit the CND South Africa page on Facebook. StyleScoop is South Africa's first fashion and beauty blog, bringing you all things fabulous since 2008! However, this particular nail polish was very streaky and I needed 3-4 coats to make it look presentable on the nails. But even though I had never had gel nails done on me before, I don't really think it actually looks like that.
The nail polish bottles are quite large (14.7 ml), so they should last you for quite some time.
And even Nails Magazine expressed interest in publishing this design in their October issue.
She curates the very best of fashion, beauty, travel, decor and lifestyle, every day, right here! If you dislike something plain, you can add some glitters over your bright colored nail polish in your nails.
You can try to use more than two bright colors for each nail and create a unique pattern there. I started with a blue base, and then painted the basic pineapple and flower shapes using a white polish.

It's much easier for me to respond to comments that way, and it gives you more options to sign in and leave comments. In combination with the consistency that isn't too goopy or watery, the application went really well.
You can see the color difference in the pictures as the color on the nails has more red in it than in the nail polish bottle. It looks more like a very glossy nail polish to me, comparable to the glossy Ciate nail polishes that I was reviewing around the same time.
You do have to pick up some extra bottles of the top coat, as you might run out of it very soon. Best of all, my nail colour lasts for two weeks solid, and it shines beautifully from start to finish.
If you want to appear trendily and up to date, you should follow the development of fashion. Then you can try to wear bright colored floaty summer dress and some accessories in bright colors too.
Or you can use several bright colors all at once in different nails for variation appearance. Furthermore, you never seem to like the designs that are available and embellishing your precious nails with tacky looking designs is certainly not worth the time or the expense. For those of you still stuck in the cold weather, I'm hoping this will help you warm up a little bit! As usual, I have a video tutorial that you can follow down below if you want to learn how to create this nail design on yourself. There are many do-it-yourself gel nail kits nowadays, so you don't even have to leave your home for that.
I do have to say that you get a slightly harder coat that you can check out yourself by ticking on the painted nails with your nail. And due to this year’s trend is color block trend, you can try to use anything in bright color block. Furthermore, you don’t really know whether to paint your nails beforehand or try out the varnish at the nail parlor. Normally, nail polishes stay on my nails quite long, so I am not sure if it will last 1.5 week on other people too. Some nail polishes like the 210 - Pretty Piggy might need more coats due to it being streaky. For example, if you are a man, you can wear your suit in bright colors like orange or red or yellow.

Here, watch some summer nail designs 2013 in color block and imitate them for your fun summer. Then, you can wear some clothes and outfits in similar bright colors or neutral color like white to balance your nail art. A light and dark green for the pineapple leaves, pink and orange for the outer pineapple texture, and then yellow and orange for the flowers. And if you are a woman and you love fashion, you can beautify your self using bright colors.
I got to try out two colors, 210 - Pretty Piggy and 220 - Pink Tank, from the Love Pink collection that consists of 7 different pink shades. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish lasted longer with only some small tip wear, while the nails painted with a Ciate nail polish had larger chunks missing.
I tried wearing the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes without the top coat as it already looked very glossy and pretty on my nails without it, but it started to look dull after a day or so.
I love black designs especially with flakie topcoats!The trick with black polish is to STAY AWAY from your cuticles and sidewalls! Without any prior research, you might think that just getting the nail polishes is enough, but you also need to get the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat that comes in a black, non-transparent bottle. I love how well my yellow and pink polish blended together to make a beautiful orange transition color.
I used the sponging method where I put the two colors next to each other and overlapped them just a bit. It will only result in scratching the surface of your nail and the flesh underneath it has chance of being infected too.
You will not be able to believe how beautiful your nails look, once you have painstakingly put them all on.You also have an easy way out if you are not particularly patient and simply hate being engaged with your nails for such a long time. You can actually use a variety of nail polish colors and mix them all haphazardly together with the aid of a sponge.
The nail art designs that you sport will definitely wow all and sundry as you sit down to a lavish dinner party in the evening.Nail art is a fun, simple way to be creative and dangerously addictive.Plastic studs on pink nails!

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