With a vast variety of glues, choosing the right one for your project can be a little overwhelming. Beacon Kids Choice Glue: Great for paper, wood, felt, leather, shells, beads, sand, fabric, cork, glitter, paper-mache, wiggle eyes, cardboard, tiles and more! EZ Runner -Scrapbook Adhesive: Guaranteed to be archival safe, acid free, acrylic based, lignin free and PAT tested and approved. Stainable Wood Filler: This filler works with both oil based stains and water stains for wood and it works great with wood repairs such as with repairing cracks, nail holes and other small defects in indoor and outdoor wood. Tombow Mono Adhesive: Quick permanent bond instantly glues all types of artwork, photos, and more. Due to its high purity this adhesive is used in applications where high optical standards have to be met, such as in the construction of glass cabinets, glass furniture, etc. Due to the very high final strength of this adhesive, it is especially suitable for statically demanding bonds. This adhesive is also relatively thin in consistency (medium viscosity), crystal clear and shows good capillary action with glass up to 6 mm. As this adhesive absorbs very little water and its mechanical characteristics change only minimally when in contact with moisture, it is especially suitable for bonds that are exposed to humidity (bathrooms, outdoors, etc.).
The relatively high elasticity is an advantage when bonding brittle materials such as glass as it compensates for tensions and vibrations. I made a log table and now I’m trying to put a glass top as you can see in the picture. Not sure I like the idea of a large unprotected sheet of glass around a couple of 7 year old kids, it’s gonna get broken and when it does I hope nobody gets hurt.
I suppose you might be able to epoxy a large pin (something like a nail, but bigger) to the center of the glass, and drill a hole in the base for it to slide into.
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How do I get my AE system to move existing inventory to barrels through storage interfaces? In the glue bay in the Paint Department, you will notice Aquarium Safe silicone adhesive sealant.

However, you will most commonly find a stainless steel edge supporting both pieces of glass at the joint. Depending upon how you intend to bond these surfaces (parallel with a small gap between) this product may still help with your project. If you do not intend to bond at a 90-degree angle, you will have to add support at the joint.
If you reply with a bit more detail, we should be able to recommend a product that will meet your needs.
If your project includes water for consumption or water to support aquatic animals or fish, be very cautious about the product you choose. Also, our craft gurus shared on our blog their favorites and on what surface they use them.
Use low temperature (low setting) glue guns for bonding delicate materials including balloons, ribbon, lace and children crafts.
A high performance adhesive formulated especially to give a flexible water resistant bond to difficult to glue surfaces. CraftFoam Glue is the best non-toxic glue formulated to bond craft foam, safe and easy to use, CraftFoam Glue lets you create kids’ crafts, holiday decoration, school projects and so much more! Great for glass, wood, plastics, tile, metal, ceramic, rubber, cement, vinyl, leather, fabric, and styrofoam.
Use on materials such as paper and cloth, and semi-porous materials such as wood and pottery.
Strong and water resistant, Elmer’s SPRAY Glue provides permanent or temporary bond on a wide variety of materials. Repairs crystal, china, photo equipment, sporting goods, auto accessories, household products and toys.
V2 will hold your vellum, embossed vellum, ribbon, acetate, paper, textured cardstock, down flat and cannot be seen.
It displays very good capillary properties allowing it to be applied from the outside and penetrating into the gap by itself of pre-assembled sheets. The use of the adhesive as well as the finished objects in wet environments should be avoided to prevent any possible loss of strength.

It is relatively thick-bodied (medium viscosity) and must be applied to the bonding surface prior to assembling the parts. Apart from metal and glass, it is also suitable to bond stone, wood and a variety of thermoplastics to glass. This also applies when bonding different materials to each other, such as glass to wood, to metal and some thermoplastics. I tried various things such as clear adhesive bumper pads etc from Lowes but nothing is working. Use a flexible adhesive like clear silicone, make sure you get the type that says it cures crystal clear. The adhesive’s low viscosity makes time-consuming reworking unnecessary, so that it can be applied rapidly and most economically. As not all thermoplastics can be bonded, prior trials are always recommended when working with these materials. The bond is not strong enough and I have two seven years old who keep bumping into the table. You would want to either drill the glass and glue the pin through it, or at minimum roughen the glass where you’d be gluing the head of the pin onto the bottom side.
Adheres to plastic, metals, ceramics, vinyl, glass, pained and varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather and more! Great for eliminating crayons on the wall, gum on the carpet, stickers or adhesives on items, tree sap, wax, and lipstick stains. It spreads well and prevents the forming of disturbing air bubbles which are hard to remove.

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