Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA) is an investment scheme started by Government of India which can be opened for a girl’s child.
This account can only be opened for a girl child who is less than 10 years of age as Jan 2015. As per the notification, this account can be opened either in a Post Office or any public sector bank. One can open only maximum of 1 account per girl child and in total only 2 accounts can be opened by parents for 2 girls (one for each), but in case the second birth has resulted in twins, then 3 accounts are allowed. The minimum amount one has to deposit per year is Rs 1,000 and maximum amount is Rs 1,50,000 which is also the exemption limit of 80c.There is no limit of the number of transactions in a year.
The money can be deposited by cash, cheque or Demand draft as your post office or public sector banks.
So Rs 12,000 invested every year for 14 year (Rs 168,000) would be equal to Rs .607,128 after 21 years by the magic of compounding.
You can find the calculator to see the amount you will have depending on the deposit you make here. Sukanya Samriddhi yojana  will get matured once you girl child reached the age of 21 yrs from the or before the marriage of the girl, whichever is earlier.
I have tried to answer the most basic questions but if you have some more questions about the scheme, please feel free to leave a comment or write to me and I will try to answer it for you. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister called for a debate to discuss about legalizing euthanasia or mercy killing in India. 77 Indian workers not held as captives by Srilankan Steel company 1 year agoAcross the border, things are uncertain. 71% of disabled kids are in rural India 2 yrs agoWhy to think about paediatricians, but a doctor and a well-maintained health centre? Shenaz Treasurywala : An Open Letter to PM, SRK and Bollywood Khans 2 yrs agoWhere did it start?
Suicide attempt is ‘not’ a crime in 18 Indian States – ‘Suicide Decriminalisation’ 2 yrs agoIPC Section 309 will be removed henceforth – Suicide decriminalization is declared in 18 Indian states and 4 Union Territories.
Uber Cab driver was jailed earlier for ‘molestation charges’: Delhi Assault Case 2 yrs agoA new discovery is made in Delhi rape case. Tragedy-Kidnappers kill the 13-year-old Delhi boy 2 yrs agoKidnappers killed the 13-year-old Delhi boy for money.
11 Women died in Chhattisgarh after getting ‘sterilized’ 2 yrs agoDr Gupta says he did it because “he had to meet the target”.
A Book on Flipkart costs Rs.32 lakh – ‘Butt of jokes’ 2 yrs agoNo online retailer would’ve been such a laughing stock.
Unwed Mother needs to declare if she was “abused” for her Child’s Passport 2 yrs agoThe woman wanted to know, why did the immigration authorities refuse to grant the name of her child’s step father in her passport. BMW Shatters Into 3 Pieces In Ludhiana 2 yrs agoTwo people wouldn’t have anticipated that they’d be killed in one of their fancy drive. Bangalore Minor Abuse: School Violated Norms 2 yrs agoThe rapist is still let loose, even after the victim has disclosed his identity.
Gender Crime in India: 3 Year Old Girl Molested Inside School 2 yrs agoBeing the world’s hub for child abuse and child trafficking, gender crimes never come to an end in India.
17 Killed In Fire Breakout At Andhra 2 yrs agoAndhra Pradesh (Kakinada): It was three days ahead of Diwali. Teenager Molested By Her relative In Bangalore 2 yrs agoThe 19-year-old girl was boarding at her elder sister’s house in Anchepalya. Actor Robin Williams Dies At 63  2 yrs agoThe 63 year old Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead from an apparent suicide at his home in Northern California, on .. Well one thing is for sure it’s not what you see on TV’s reality renovation shows; which is essentially ‘decoration’ of a building shell. What you do get if you commission an Architect is a thorough pre-design stage, superior design process, superior documentation, and independent competitive tendering and construction management.

Like an orchestra, to get all of these elements to ‘sing’ requires skill, passion and time. And, like an orchestra, if you don’t spend the required time and effort on all elements, or cut corners, or you don’t have the DESIGN education and passion – well the concerto is a shambles! Given this month’s theme of learning, I began thinking about organisational learning, individual learning, and why investing in learning is important.
TIP: Create opportunities for yourself and others to discover information, whether it be through research, activities, or talking to other people. According to McCarthy, there are four learning styles, and therefore four different questions, that should be accounted for when delivering new information. If you’re a leader with a team of 15 people and you begin communicating with a ‘How’, this means it’s possible that 57% (8-9) of your team are not really hearing your message, and you’ll have to work a lot harder to engage them.
TIP: When you next show someone how to do something, challenge yourself to find a way to use this model.
Based on the work of Kolb , the concept of learning styles was developed by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford, who identified four distinct learning styles or preferences: activist, theorist, pragmatist, and reflector. Note: to be an effective learner, you should develop the ability to learn in multiple styles.
To find out more, you can complete an abridged version of the Honey and Mumford questionnaire.
She helps organisations build a customer-first environment and create high performing teams that deliver exceptional results; a must in today’s competitive business environment. The scheme is specially designed for girl’s higher education or marriage needs and can be opened by girl’s parents or legal guardian (in case parents are missing).
When you open the account for the first time, you have to deposit a minimum of Rs 1,000 and above that any multiple of Rs 100. So if you are someone who manages his finances online, you have to go to your post office for deposit. So as you can see the returns are sustainably more for SSA but you do need a girl for opening the account and if you don’t have one, you cannot use this scheme. Obviously, it will depend on the amount of the money you deposit and the time period for which you are keeping the account but I have done a calculation for you which show if you deposit Rs 1000 per month for 14 years, and take the money at maturity, what your corpus will look like. The good part is that if parents want to close the account before 21 year for marriage purpose, they have to give an affidavit that the girl has reached at least 18 yr of age.
The 77 Indians, who were reported to be held captives by Bhuwalka, Srilankan steel company have turned.. Yadav, the Uber driver, who raped the woman, was found to be jailed earlier for rape charges. Well that’s an important decision for you; of course I’d say you should invest in an Architect?
I use the McDonalds analogy because they are obviously cheaper – but for many they leave a bad aftertaste!
Being that I so often speak to friends, coworkers and family about investing, I often find myself often answering the question, “What Stocks Should I Buy?”Of course, the answer to this question depends largely on who’s asking. I reflected on my own learning journey and picked out my favourite learning models and approaches. While it was initially developed for use in schools, I’ve applied it to learning, communication, sales, etc.
Provide learners with real-time demonstrations so that they can see what they are aiming to achieve. Explain a skill in enough detail for learners to understand the major requirements of the skill or task, highlighting main areas. Demonstrate again, and this time slowly so that the learners have enough time to focus on the various aspects of what’s required.
Now it’s time for the learner to begin their practice by slowly imitating your demonstration while you supervise.

To maximize one’s own personal learning, it’s helpful to understand your learning style and to seek out opportunities to learn how to best use that style. Polish researcher Piotr Wozniak created a learning programme called Super-Memo that shows that, while we all have a tendency to forget things, if you refresh your memory at one, ten, thirty, and sixty days after an original learning experience, the likelihood of you remembering what you learned greatly increases. Try flicking through a workbook or simply talking to someone about the learning experience. Your career is the golden goose that lays golden eggs: house, cars, kids in private school, and investment accounts.
One can deposit a maximum of Rs 1,50,000 per financial year (Apr – Mar) and the deposit is exempted from income tax under sec 80C. In case you are not able to deposit any amount for 1 year, then there is a penalty of Rs 50. One can also partially withdraw 50% of the balance amount after the girl reaches 18 years of age, for the education purpose and rest has to be left in the account so that it can be used for the marriage purpose. The great thing about facilitating adult learning is that it’s about creating opportunities to uncover or invent rather than force or tell. Jot down the Why, What, How and What if questions as headings to prompt your email narrative.
In other words, the amount you deposit can be deducted from your income and if you are in 30% tax bracket, it can save you Rs. He said, “There should be a healthy countrywide discussion on the topic involving medical professionals and society at large with an open mind.
Before making any comment we have to examine whether society is prepared for such a move, all its pros and cons and the rights of terminally-ill people. The list of variables to determine suitability is endless.If you’re looking for some moonshots, then a previous article laid out some stocks I think are poised to be ten-baggers. However, if you want a path to secure wealth without as much risk, then dividend growth investing (DGI) is about as sure of a path toward building a wealth dynasty as anything else I’ve seen.I love DGI, and it will undoubtedly be my main source of income during my early and lengthy retirement. It’s the power of compounding, and its effect is no more noticeable that in DGI.DGI stocks come in three categories, analogous to a tree. Finance consensus analyst EPS Growth RatesKeep in mind these criteria are not hard and fast. You want to have those companies that will do your heavy lifting and provide you some solid income (Trunk), as well as those companies that will give you some exciting growth (Leaves). If I were starting a Dividend Growth Portfolio all over again, I would start with the following nine companies:Trunk CompaniesThese companies make up the most of the biomass (income) of your portfolio.
You can rely on them to provide you solid and sizable income without much worry about their market position. They’ve been paying dividends for decades, and have been increasing those dividends with the same regularity as the earth’s revolution around the sun. You won’t get much growth from these guys; like the rings of a tree trunk, they’ll expand ever-so-modestly year after year, latching on acquisitions and improving operations.
Their size, scale, broad revenue base and fortress balance sheets make them less susceptible to economic and business cycles.
Most of the company’s earnings are sent off to shareholders via dividends and buybacks, withholding only a minority portion of earnings for future growth.
These companies, and their associated income, provides the rest of your portfolio the support it needs to flourish and grow. I do not make any claims to accuracy of these ads, and these ads do not necessarily represent this blog's views or opinions.Help Retire29.

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