CITRIC ALUMINUM CLEANER concentrate will clean and brighten unpainted aluminum without damage when used as directed. The plume shaped Gorgonian on the left is my favorite because the purple color shows up very well even when the polyps are fully extented.
One of the nicest things about these corals is that the wild Gorgonians do not grow as well as these captive raised ones. You can grow these corals under standard fluorescent lights, but they do much better under VHO or halide lights. This photo shows and extra Visi Jet 1200 that we added to the 55 gallon aquarium that we are using for the collection of show Gorgonians. IT WAS HARD TO CHOOSE A BEST OF THE TEST GORGONIAN, BUT THIS ONE IS JUST DIFFERENT ENOUGH FROM ANYTHING IN THE GENETIC BANK TO WIN THE AWARD.
DURING THE NEXT FEW MONTHS WE WILL BE PURCHASING MORE CORALS FROM ANY NEW SOURCES WE CAN FIND. During the next year we will be reporting on the progress of this 120 gallon reef aquarium. We will not use a skimmer on this reef until the coralline algae has covered over 75 percent of the rock.
Your car care products are great, esp the carb cleaner, dashboard cleaner, tire cleaner, etc.
Air Duster removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach areas of home and office equipment.

These corals do not go through the shock that sets back so many of the collected Gorgonians.
These Gorgonians often grow in shallow brightly illuminated areas that have strong wave action. We use a timer that has pins you can pull out so the pumps turn on and off at any time you want. The grower makes these natural shaped bases heavy enough to hold the Gorgonian up in a strong current. IF YOU CAN REPORT ANY NEW GROWERS IN YOUR AREA WE WILL SEND THEM AN ORDER SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO REPORT THE RESULTS.
Weidauer has purchased the famous GREEN WATER AND ROTIFER SOURCE Wasatch Aquaculture in Salt Lake City.
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I have been watching these Gorgonians for several months and I have wondered where they came from.
These are the show size and they add a different form and color that can not be duplicated. Good water flow is one of the most important things that we have found to increase the growth of these rare thin branched Gorgonians.
We set most of them so they stay on for 30 minutes and then go off for the same amount of time.

I moved several small cuttings into my new reef aquariums and they have all grown much better than any of the wild gorgonians we have purchased.
Many of these corals have come in with nice species of coralline algae growing on the base rocks.
We are certain that many people have trouble growing coralline because they use too bright of light at first.
We have frozen and thawed these cultures over 30 times during the past month, and the green water is still thriving. We believe that skimming removes many of the coralline spores before they have a chance to settle on the rocks and other structures in the aquarium. The BIOSAND plenum has a black plastic mesh that holds the sand that falls into it apart and stops any animals from digging into this layer. As we add pictures of this aquarium I will try to remember to link back to these photos so you can see how this type of captive grown reef progresses.
This layer is 4 inches thick at the plenum and tapers to one inch thick at the front glass. This water flow through the gravel is allowing many sand stirring invertebrates to grow in the gravel.

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