I am off to a good start, but I just don’t want to forget the details and be stuck trying to do so many things closer to the wedding.
I originally had thought of doing something with oranges, for centerpieces, but thought it might look too casual or outdoorsy?
But instead of the colorfill I would use that gel stuff, with an orange light and blue orchid.  Wondering if this would work? Fwiw, we used dendrobium orchids and they looked stunning!  They are such resilient flowers, that they stayed looking fabulous for over a week after the wedding too! This is exactly what I am looking to make!  Please please tell me what you did, they are stunningly beautiful!! Any information would help me so much as I am trying to do as much as I can myself, but am extremely challenged when it comes to DIY stuff. By using a Kolinski brush to apply a mixture of polymer powder and a liquid monomer on real nails. The material hardens in room temperature very quickly, so it is a very intensive technique which takes years of practice and experience to master. Its purpose is to mimic real natural nail, so its texture is relatively slim, therefore not suitable for extension or 3D nail arts. Comparatively easier to control than Acrylic, because the Gel will not harden before you put it under UV, you won’t have a “time challenge” like Acrylic, means you have much more time to mold the shapes.

You could take off the whole set of Gel every time by just “SOAKing” them into a special remover.
Very long lasting color, and most importantly your daily activities like wearing contact lens or picking coins or paper clips from table will have the least obstruction because it is really natural. If you are anything like me, when I first starting getting my nails done in middle school I had those awful acrylic nails and would get a pink and white set. But as I got older, I would get them on my natural nails and even on my toes because I thought it was pretty but the white polish was always chipping off. A classic French manicure has a solid white tip and a clear or pink-y base with no color going over the end so that the tips are very white. An American manicure is a more stuble version and the ends aren’t as noticeable, they are a faint white or creamy color giving it more of a natural appearance. If you prefer the American manicure over the French manicure, you can get this look really easily. If you get a french or american manicure, be sure to tag me on instagram #mariannamanis and I’ll take a look! La La Mer is a lifestyle blog where I share my personal style, beauty tips, travel adventures and more. I’m doing something similiar but I cant seem to find that turqoise, purple, blue orchid flower anywhere.

This was a bold white with a clear base and was … well lets just say I grew out of it. I loved this look but I eventually got out of my Ohio bubble and met a group of fabulous girls in Miami and they all had a more polished look for this classic manicure. I think in all your pics you show an American manicure with 2 coats of polish going over the off white tip. I do believe that oranges, although easier to pull off, are too casual for what you are aiming to do. You can tell in this photo, compared to the previous photo it already looks prettier and more natural, but still has that defined tip kind of like a French manicure. As in assign one particular bm or friend to be in charge of centerpieces (even if other people help). I use 1 coat of a light, off white for the tip (Zoya Laurie) and 1 coat of a light sheer pink (Zoya Bela). Personally, I find Zoya goes on a lot smoother and doesn’t ever clump up at the end of the bottle like Essie does.

Metal halide uv curing lamp ebay
Light replacement covers 8x8

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