The Kawasaki Versys 650 will be launched on December 24, 2015, the second sport touring motorcycle from the Japanese manufacturer to be launched in India. The difference in the 650, of course, is a smaller powerplant, less weight and the fact that, unlike the 1000, the Versys 650 will be brought in as CKD kits and assembled in India. The Kawasaki Versys 650 is a middleweight touring motorcycle, renowned the world over for its versatile capability, easy handling and entertaining performance.
India will get the 2015 model year Versys 650, with standard ABS and other features like dual headlamps, height adjustable front windscreen, LED tail lamps and a large 21-litre fuel tank for extended range. The Kawasaki Versys 650 is more of an adventure sport touring motorcycle than an out-and-out adventure tourer.
The Kawasaki Versys 650 is powered by the same four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 649cc parallel-twin engine that also powers two more Kawasaki models currently on sale in India - the Ninja 650, as well as the ER-6n.
Kawasaki has yet to announce prices for the Versys 650, but it is expected to cost more than either the ER-6n or the Kawasaki Ninja 650. The Kawasaki Versys 650 will be the entry-level touring machine from Kawasaki, targeted at riders who seek a capable, refined and reliable touring machine, which is comfortable, yet powerful enough for the occasional two-up travel.
I am starting this thread because from my experience it seems like there is a very large disconnect between a nightclub owner understanding the difference between the full capabilities of a integrated laser light show system and a cheap 5mW laser light show system.
I will start the ball rolling with the following question…What to you makes laser light shows systems less appealing than say LED lights?
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Hey guys, I saw this in one of our new stage laser lights products manuals and I figured I would share it with you.
LaserCASA’s Production Department goes the extra mile in providing a top-quality program on-time and within budget. The best place to install a DJ laser light is above the audience so that it is visible by everyone. Ekho lighting stands are perfect for this, keeping the lasers at around 3 metres away from the audience in order to keep them safe from the laser rays. To maintain your laser lights just keep the body balanced during use, clean the lens with a suitable lens cloth after every use and hoover the fan to get rid of built-up dust. DJ laser lights are fancy, trendy lights that utilize lasers and other effects for a special visual performance. Usually, at a DJ party, there are lot of DJ laser lights, a lot of loud, thumping music, and a lot of people dancing. The laser lighting is generally either set up to pulse with the music, or set up on some kind of a pre-programmed sequence to fire when they are supposed to.
These types of sequences can be programmed using a computer, or can sometimes be configured using a controller. DJ laser lighting is perfect for parties, concerts, dances, clubs, raves, and many other scenarios involving any one of the above, but they do not come for free.
Laser lights come in a wide assortment of different types and styles, but often you need more than one of a kind to make a full fledged light show. Inquiries regarding our new product, the CASA stage laser lights, have been coming in from all parts of the world. What kind of trailer do you pull behind your quad?This is a discussion on What kind of trailer do you pull behind your quad?
I just thought I'd see what other kind of trailers are out there that you folks might use behind your atv's? Selena, who is not to be mistaken for Rin at any cost, is the version of Yuzu who originally resided in the Fusion Dimension of Arc-V. Not gonna include some of the images of the main deck stuff(other than Blue Cat) since the only images out there right now are garbage tier.
You can send this card from your hand or field to the Graveyard, then target 1 "Lunalight" monster you control; it gains 1000 ATK until the end of this turn. The attack boost is a cool effect, like the card would be bad if that's all it did, but luckily it does more than be a weaker honest-like card. Its stats are lame but its the deck's Altair, which is great because 1) anything like Altair is great, and 2) getting back fusion materials is key, and this is an easy way to do it.
If this card is sent to the Graveyard as a Fusion Material for a Fusion Summon: You can add to your hand, 1 face-up "Lunalight" Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck or 1 "Lunalight" monster from your Graveyard, except "Lunalight Black Sheep".
Something I hoped the deck would get was a themed searcher for Poly, and luckily they got it.
Monster Effect  If a "Lunalight" monster you control attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. This card is should be called Lunalight Copy Cat, cause all its effects are copies from other cards in the archetype. Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or your side of the field as Fusion Materials. Given that this is a fusion deck that doesn't have its own themed fusion spell, it goes without say how important this card is to the deck.
Target 1 monster you control; reveal 1 Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck, and if you do, the targeted monster's name can be treated as the revealed Fusion Monster's, if used for a Fusion Summon this turn.
Draw 2 cards, then banish 1 DARK monster from your hand, or, if you don't have any in your hand, send all cards in your hand to the Graveyard. When this card is activated: You can add 1 Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior-Type monster from your Deck to your hand.
If they kept the OCG name, "Flame Dance", it would have done a better job of keeping the theme of the deck. If a monster(s) you control is destroyed by battle or card effect: Add up to 2 "Lunalight" monsters from your Deck to your hand. It isn't a modern Yu-Gi-Oh deck without a means to search your deck for the cards you need.

The most generic of all the fusions, since it doesn't need any specific materials to summon it(let alone a fusion monster, bleh).
Slight more difficult to summon, since it needs a Cat Dancer, but it is definitely an improvement over it smaller counter part.
Must be Fusion Summoned with the above Fusion Materials and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Pretty happy that the deck looks like it can have some fun XYZ plays alongside the regular Fusion stuff. With the levels of the monsters we currently know, it looks like rank 2's and 3's are where its at, and like you said, Levair will be a great card to get back you stuff.
Burial from a different dimension should be up here for support cards, it lets you re-use fusion monsters as materials. A leather sofa is not susceptible to discoloration and sustains its uniformity compared to fabric sofa. Leather is easier to maintain than fabric, particularly if the proper cleaning products are used.
Some stains like ink, nail polish, lipstick, and hair dye are difficult to remove on leather. Modern fabric sofas feature removable covers, so they can be washed easily, making them easy to maintain. Fabric collects hair, coming from both people and pets depending on the its weave and after years of usage. Some modern furniture manufacturers add a layer of protection to fabric sofa sets to block the spill from oozing into the fabric. The listed pros and cons of leather and sofa sets will help you to determine which of these two materials is more appropriate for your home. The furniture will definitely last you longer if you can give time to maintain it regardless of the material.
By Jackie Muzo (822 Posts)I enjoy writing about interior design and trending furniture pieces. Earlier this year, Kawasaki launched the Versys 1000, the larger displacing, litre-class sport tourer from Kawasaki. In fact, the Versys name is derived from the words 'versatile' and 'system' and the Versys 650 has lived up to its name in international markets since the time it was first launched in 2007. Raised, reach-adjustable handlebars and a wide seat lend the Versys 650 a comfortable riding position for long hours in the saddle. Designed for long hours in the saddle and on the road, it's the perfect bike for long distance tarmac touring. For the Versys however, Kawasaki has re-tuned the engine for better bottom end power delivery as well as more torque in low and mid-revs.
Better features and standard ABS will mean the Kawasaki Versys 650 will cost between Rs 6.5 - Rs 7 lakh. At between Rs 6.5- Rs 7 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the Kawasaki Versys 650 will be pitted against the likes of the Benelli 600GT and even the Honda CBR650F.
Many customers are buying them for resale on alibaba or in their retail stores because of its high profit margin.
For over twenty years, LaserCASA has proven its position as a leader in professional laser entertainment, laser show equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance and related services for a large number of clients in a variety of industries.
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Her cards were revealed quite a while ago, but Konami being Konami decided to wait literally 40+ episodes for them to actually print her cards. It attack boost effect is nice, especially when you take into account the fact that all the fusions can attack each monster twice, or just twice in general with Lio. You can banish this card from your Graveyard; Special Summon 1 "Lunalight" monster from your hand. Let me say I was honestly surprised to see Selena use these in the last episode of Arc-V, of all people I didn't think she'd join in on the fad. The banishing isn't something that is looked forward to, but something we'll have to deal with. Regardless, it lets you add any of your Lunalight's just for activating it and it gives them an extra +100 atk. You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then discard 1 card; add 1 "Lunalight" monster from your Deck to your hand.
While having to wait for one of your cards being destroyed is kinda slow, combined with it being a trap(inherit slowness), it adding 2 cards makes it worth it in my eyes.
It's immunity to battle is welcome but eh seeing as it has high attack as it is, and battle immunity by itself isn't much to write home about. The first improvement is its immunity to destruction effects, but its an improvement that doesn't stretch that far. The list is open to suggestions especially since I only had 2 hours to work on this and 7 other decks.
There should be a level 4 incoming from what I remember, so there's rank 4 options, and rank 3 options mean LEVIAAAAAIR who works well with Wolf and Allure of Darkness.
A sofa is a long, upholstered seat with a back rest and two arms and is supported by short legs.
The combination of sweat and dirt causes the odor on the fabric, particularly if the sofa is not well maintained.

Of course, you have to consider other factors, such as:  kids, pets, your area, the manner it was built and most of all, the time you can give on cleaning the modern sofa. With 170mm ground clearance, upside down fork and a single monoshock with adjustable preload, the Versys 650 can also tackle any kind of broken roads our country has to offer.
The laser light show is controlled by our proprietary, automated show control system which can script and control the entire production, from multiple laser projector activity to the control of a venue’s lighting, special effects and fog systems. If this card on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 "Lunalight" monster from your Deck. It's current caveat is to trigger it, it needs to be special summoned, luckily the archetype provides plenty of ways to so this, namely Purple Butterfly and White Rabbit. It's another level 4, so making rank 4's won't be as rare as a Bigfoot siting anymore(hopefully), and it also cements itself as the strongest main deck Lunalight. Getting it in the grave is gonna be easy, whether it be through fusing it with something or pitching the card for its other effect.
Instead of discarding to search Poly, you could opt to discard it to add a Lunalight monster from your grave to your hand. Once per turn: You can Fusion Summon 1 "Lunalight" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, by banishing Fusion Materials listed on it from your field or Graveyard. But surprises aside, the pendulum effect of the card is exactly what I wanted the deck to have, a Miracle Fusion. Get the pitchforks!!!! It's pendulum effect is a White Rabbit that doesn't need to be normal summoned, but it also negates the effect(Blue Cat cries evry tim) so that's pretty lame. While being a monster reborn seems great on its own, the best point of this card is that it gets back fusion materials for you to use without banishing, where they are gone forever.
It's tribute to attack all monsters twice is what makes it a special snowflake, I don't think any cards before this could keep a monster from being destroyed by its initial battle, to have it be attacked again. While immunity to destruction effects is infinitely better than battle immunity, so many cards nowadays share this effect that people have phased out many cards of their's that do destroy and replaced them with other options, most notably Storming Mirror Force.
The bike is not designed for hard-core off-roading though, but has been suitable packaged as a nimble, relatively light and reliable machine, something the motorcycle touring community will gladly welcome. The character of the engine will more or less be similar to the Ninja 650, so it won't be superbike quick, but expect adequate grunt and punch in the motor to keep riders suitably entertained. Most of our employees are ILDA members and one is the technical supervisor of ILDA (International Laser Display Assoc.). The trailer tires are also centerlined with the ATV tires so that they ride in the ruts the ATV makes in deep stuff. It's first effect really stands out to me; just by sending it to the grave by a card effect(Poly) you make one of your opponents monsters attack 0, making it so the hits of our Dancers will hit that much harder.
It seems kinda redundant given the next effect, but I'm glad it has it, in case you are in a situation where you can't fuse but need to get a card back.
And Konami decided to be extra nice to us and make it a once per turn miracle fusion that can be used every turn that it is face up on the field.
Don't get me wrong, it's still a great effect, making fusing that much easier to do with more materials.
It also has another effect to search a Lunalight monster by banishing itself from the grave. To add insult to injury, they tacked on the effect of inflicting 100 damage every time it attacks, which is great since damage added on multiple attacks just makes game end in your favor that much sooner.
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle: This card gains 200 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase. It's next step up is that it doesn't need to tribute a monster to be able to attack twice, while the cost wasn't that hefty, free will always be better than paying for it. Once per turn, at the end of the Damage Step, if this card attacked a monster: You can destroy all Special Summoned monsters your opponent controls.
Effect wise, they clearly made this the best of all of them immunity wise, making it untargetable and immune to destruction effects.
We consult with nightclub owners as to what laser light show system is right for their space and take them through the legal process in a quick and reliable fashion. The best part about the floating is that it can be destroyed by battle OR card effect, and that it doesn't even need to hit the graveyard to trigger. It's final effect lets you get back one of the monsters in either your grave, or face-up in your extra deck when its fused with.
It's monster effect is like Blue Cat's except it gets the monster from grave, which is also cool, more floating is always welcome. The inability to target it is absolutely AMAZING, making it immune to such things as Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Majespecter Tornado, Cyclone, Unicorn and plenty of other that people commonly play.
Currently there aren't any Lunalight cards that you'd want to discard, unless its Blue Cat while you've got a White Rabbit.
The number of attacks in can do is kind of a let down, only getting 2 attacks instead of being able to attack monsters multiple times. It's 2nd effect is essentially that of Superheavy Samurai Flutist, but with the strange addition that it gives both players 1000 LP. I obviously would have preferred it I was the only one that gained LP for the effect(cause I'm greedy like that), but with all the damage that this deck can put on board, that extra 1000 LP won't be staying with our opponent for long.

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