These SMD & DIP type LED Fluorescent Style Lights are mainly used in municipal and commercial office settings, parking garages, showrooms, factories, hotels, schools, and home lighting.
They are extremely environmentally friendly with no toxins from mercury vapor and phosphor powder coating like in a standard fluorescent and are considered a green lighting product. Hanna Trailer is now stocking a wide variety of different incandescent and LED lighting fixtures for all of your RV Lighting needs. Add some fun and exciting decorations to your RV, Trailer or motorhome this year with Rope Lights from Green Longlife. Save money and battery life by installing these low cost and low energy consuming fluorescent tube lighting. If you are looking to replace those hard to find incandescent light bulbs then you have come to the right place. Today the world is buzzing around the topic of LED lighting and all of the amazing benefits that switching to LED lights offers to consumers over traditional incandescent lighting.
If you own an RV then you know that regular incandescent light bulbs that are commonly found in every RV can become extremely hot to the touch.
Another excellent reason for making the switch to RV LED Lights is that the average LED Light Bulb has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. However, the greatest benefit that everyone loves about LED Light Bulbs is the incredibly low impact that LED Lights have on your RV’s batteries. Switching to LED light bulbs in your RV will provide you with many benefits most importantly making your RV a safer and more efficient home away from home for you and your family. Significant Energy Savings: A 12 Watt LED is a suitable replacement for a 60 Watt incandescent.
Long Life Expectancy: The lifespan of LEDs range from 20,000 to 50,000 hours to even 100,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent, 3,000 hours for halogen and 8,000 hours for most fluorescent types.
Generate Less Heat: All lighting sources produce heat, but heat from LED bulbs is almost non-existent. No Mercury Content: Fluorescents and other bulbs have a mercury content that could be dangerous to you and your family.
No Emission of UV Radiation: Unlike incandescent, halogens and fluorescents that emit radiation which can fade artwork, fabrics and finishes, LEDS are ideal for accent lighting without have to use UV filters.
Compatibility with Incandescent Sockets: Replacement LED lamps are available that will simply screw into to your existing incandescent sockets making the transition easy and painless.
Under-Cabinet Task Lighting Possibilities: Special effects for kitchens, the home office and household work surfaces are now possible with LED lighting.
As many of you may or may not know, company mergers and production decisions often affect the supply of products in the RV industry. So, you’ve just made one of the biggest investments of your life by purchasing an RV or camper.
LED light bulbs which have been heralded for combining superior quality lighting with extreme energy and cost savings are now becoming increasingly affordable and are close to the tipping point of mass adoption. The 60 watt bulbs have only made their way to retailers over the past year and typically at prohibitive 30 to 40 dollar price points.
LED light bulbs, initially treated with skepticism by many consumers who already experienced disappointment with the lighting quality of compact florescent light bulbs,  were puzzled by the obligatory heat sink at the base of the bulbs. LED light bulbs seem to be the obvious choice for lighting in the future, often expending less than one-eighth the amount of energy for the same amount of illumination in comparison to incandescents. Another attraction to LED lighting is the sheer longevity of the bulbs which typically will last 10 to 20 years with some bulbs including a 10 year warranty. Some manufactures have taken LED lighting a step further, as my own nephew demonstrated to me over the holiday season last year. Another important factor in LED lighting is the fact that the bulbs don’t contain any Mercury making these more friendly to the environment. All LED light bulbs have a heat sinks close to the base which allows for the dissipation of heat as a result the glass of the bulb doesn’t get hot thus allowing the bulb to run more efficiently.
The availability of a superior quality lighting without any of the drawbacks of CFL lighting should also de-politicize the switch away from old fashioned incandescent lighting and the efficiency and resultant cost saving without sacrifice of quality will make this one of the largest growth markets of this decade. The creators behind the Grobo call it the “Keurig for plants.” Yes, it’s really that easy to use. Dutch developer New Living on Water (NLW) has created a new luxury floating home set to be unveiled at Cityscape Global in Dubai.
We help designers, engineers, draftsmen, and mechanics get better jobs, earn more money, design better products and games, become more innovative and creative, and outshine their competition.
Our commitment is to provide the best training for the product design and development, industrial design and engineering community. LEDs are fabricated from various concoctions of "compound" semiconductors, mainly gallium and indium.
Optical scientists cleverly named the visible mix rendered by the colors in light the Color Rendering Index. The small size of the LED light chip allows another advantage arising from the physics of optics: Engineers can employ collaterally small lenses making it possible to efficiently extract, direct and focus the lumens, achieving useful illumination with far fewer lumens--and far less energy--wasted. Lighting cognoscenti will note no mention thus far of an LED advantage over a CFL liability. There are many different types of residential LED lighting, often available as both stand-alone light fixtures and replacement bulbs for existing fixtures. In addition to being highly energy efficient, most residential LED lighting sources also have an extended life expectancy, as compared to traditional lighting. One drawback for many people is that residential LED lighting is typically more expensive to purchase than traditional lights. It should be noted that the common incandescent light bulb, excepting special bulbs, will be banned by energy-cost aware governments.

We carry a large selection of RV Lights, RV Light Fixtures, RV LED Lights, Party Lights for decorating your RV, Trailer or Motorhome and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs to help you save money and battery life. We have numerous shapes, styles and colors to fit the needs of all different lighting situations.
These LED rope lights are bright, fun and colorful and can add a unique touch to spice up the outside or your RV, Trailer, Motorhome or even boat.
Available in a variety of lengths and wattages we feature rv fluorescent lights from Thin-Lite and other trusted light manufacturers. Hanna Trailer Supply has all of the hard to find and the common types of incandescent bulbs for your rv, trailer and boat. They use very little energy which means lower costs for you as well as allowing for a much longer battery life.
Decide what level of brightness and color tone that you would like your new LED Light Bulb to have. The LED Quantity of Diodes on a bulb and the style per bulb along with the quality of the LED bulb will help to determine the lifespan of a bulb. If you are unsure of your socket base type, then you should be fine with a universal unless of course the type of bulb that you are replacing is a tube light. Some LED Light Bulbs are not designed to work with a dimmer switch so if you are using a dimmer switch, be sure to find a LED replacement bulb that will work with a dimmer switch. This applies not only to lights in your house but more importantly also to the lights inside of your RV.
Many of the Green LongLife RV LED Lights that we carry actually have a 100,000 hour life expectancy. Most campgrounds and RV parks offer electrical hookups but there are many destinations across the world where you will have to rely on the RV’s batteries.
Recent sales of 60 watt equivalents at big box retailers such as Home Depot and Menards have seen price drops to under 15 dollars a bulb and we can safely expect the 10 dollar price point to be broached by later this year. The recent dramatic declines of the price of the bulbs has finally made this accessible to average consumers coupled with the awareness that they are even more energy efficient than compact fluorescents.
In addition unlike CFL’s they are dimmable, turn on immediately and give off a better quality of light. This has made them very desirable for applications where the fixtures are difficult to access and has made them a favorite of outdoor lighting on taller buildings even before the recent dramatic price drops.
He gave me a first hand view of the Apple phone app that worked in conjunction with Philips Hue LED light bulbs which allowed him to change the color of the actual lights, program them to go on and off, and allow for dimming all through his iphone, which would even be possible regardless of his distance from the house.
Another point also worth noting is the fact the technology is still improving from an efficiency standpoint and 75% to 85% less energy expended may likely be 90% to 95% within a decade or so. The only downside that has been articulated is a gradual decrease in the amount of lumens after several years although this would be true of all kinds of lighting.
Since 1994 we’ve trained thousands of designers and engineers from companies like Motorola, Caterpillar, John Deere, Harley Davidson, and NASA. So, lighting up the world consumes about 2 trillion kilowatt-hours annually, or one-eighth of all electric power. People crave illumination, have for centuries, and the real economic cost of illumination has utterly collapsed.
In 1962, Nick Holonyak, a GE engineer, invented the LED, marking the next pivot in illumination's millennia-long march toward ever more ubiquitous, cheaper lumens. LED Lighting Fixtures, for example, just started selling a 12-watt product with a pleasing 92 CRI that looks like a standard 60-watt indoor floodlight and uses 50% less energy than a CFL. Lumens can be controlled and modulated for both color and spatial distribution to create smart lights that adjust to the environment or need.
Uses typically range from small indoor task lights to traditionally-sized indoor recessed lights to large outdoor spotlights. This has helped make the options for residential LED lighting nearly the same as for traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. These lights often use nearly 75 percent less energy than typical incandescent lights and put off much less heat, which is essentially wasted energy. Depending on the exact conditions the LED light is used under, it could last up to six times as long as a similarly placed compact fluorescent light bulb.
LED flood light bulbs, for example, may cost nearly three times as much as a comparable compact fluorescent bulb and nearly 20 times as much as an incandescent bulb. We even carry LED Lights for your utility and snowmobile trailers as well as for your snow plows and salt spreaders. We carry LED courtesy lights for your RV, Trailer or boat as well as clickable puck lights.
They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and you can even buy kits like the Palm Tree, Cactus or Flamingo variety. Cool White is the brightest while Natural White is much more similar to the light emitted from the sun. Here are just a few of the many reasons of why you should consider making the switch today. They are a hazard to families with young children though because many rv lights are low enough for children to reach which can be very harmful and painful to them. With the frequency that most RV’ers go camping, these bulbs will most likely outlast the RV. At these times you will be happy that you have energy efficient LED Light Bulbs that will help you increase the amount of time that you can remain unplugged. Features include one LED providing a wide range of luminous flux and it being possible to select an LED based on luminous efficacy. While some of us will still be waiting for the 75 and 100 watt equivalents to come down in price (they still hover in the 30 dollar range) the trend downward is a good indicator that the higher watt bulbs will soon follow suit.

While most of us might not be asking for this type of capability, this illustrates the possibilities and aside from a steep price (200 dollars) for a three bulb set, we can expect more in the way of smart lighting in the near future. In this sense the horizon looks bright for LED light bulbs with the economies of scale falling into place along with numerous companies fighting for market share.
This may be a prime example of technology and innovation improving the quality of life for everyone and in the end everybody wins. Our engineering, product design, and industrial design training methods are outside-the-box, rather than the typical classroom book training. It is 1,000 times cheaper to light up a room today than at the dawn of the 20th century, and 10,000 times cheaper than in 1850. The central difference with an LED is that photons are emitted by designing exquisitely precise semiconductor junctions, tuned just so to employ elegantly efficient quantum phenomena that emit photons. Headlights or room lights could be spectrally tuned to match the innate differences in day, night and peripheral vision, providing more comfort and safety.
Individually not much, but billions add up, and no one really believes recycling will keep all that mercury out of landfills. Due to its energy-efficiency, long life and versatility, residential LED lighting is becoming more popular in many areas.
At first, this type of light typically produced only small amounts of light, which limited its earliest uses in the home to things such as the clocks in small electronics, including microwaves and VCRs. Commonly available LED products now include indoor fixtures, such as desk lamps and recessed lighting, as well as outdoor fixtures such as porch and flood lights.
Many argue, however, that the savings in energy and having to replace burnt out bulbs less often make up for the initial purchase price of many residential LED lighting options. The total cost of the project was minimal and it only took a few hours.Providing light right where I need it makes using the kitchen more productive, and the lights give a dramatic look to the room. You will find all of your favorite brands from trusted manufacturers like Camco, Diamond Group, Manufacturers' Select, Fasteners Unlimited, Innovative Lighting, Peterson Manufacturing, Progressive Dynamics, Thin-Lite and more! RV LED Lights also generate no heat while at the same time producing the same amount of lumens as a traditional incadescent bulb. This is great news for you as you will never have to worry about leaving on a trip and having one of your interior lights go out.
LED Lights use such a small amount of power compared to traditional incandescent lights that you will not have to worry about your lights being the source that drains your batteries.
Color rendering index or CRI can best be described as how many different colors in the spectrum are contained in the white light so an inordinately low number ratings below 80 results in a bleak and washed out lighting that is harsh and unpleasant to the eye. But more than that, we increase your knowledge of specific design and engineering techniques. Consequently, appetites have soared for the central product of illumination technology, lumens.
To crudely analogize: It's the quantum equivalent of using a butane lighter instead of rubbing sticks to start a fire.
One thousand lumens from a CFL is visually harsh and makes food (and people) look ugly, compared with the same 1,000 from Edison's incandescence. CFLs produce and are essentially stuck, for physical chemistry reasons, in the CRI 70 range. Over time, the use for residential LED lighting increased to include small-task lighting, such as under cabinets and in closets. LED bulbs that can be used to replace incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs in existing fixtures are also available. This ability to run on alternate power sources and put off little heat has help fuel many of today’s task-related residential LED lighting options, including outdoor step, under cabinet and small space lighting. We also have hanging lantern lights for your rv or trailer awnings as well as many other different lights to help you decorate and light up your rv or trailer awning area.
This can really be a hassle when you are out in the middle of nowhere and a store is not close buy to go and purchase a replacement bulb. LED lighting accounted for about 1.5 billion dollars in 2012 but will increase to 8 billion by 2015.
This means that using software becomes more graceful, effortless, and flexible for you on all your projects. This feature alone is enough to give LEDs an enormous advantage in lower maintenance costs for many applications, especially in outdoor and industrial environments. While they may never be able to beat LEDs, these new alternatives could match CFLs and will enjoy, for much lower low capital cost, a huge advantage when lumens are needed only occasionally.
To help make this process easier we have included a RV LED Light Bulb Cross Reference Chart below for you to use in determining the correct replacement RV LED Light Bulb for your particular needs.
Be sure to visit our RV LED Light Bulb page to learn more about how RV LED Lights can help you save money every single year that you own your RV, Trailer, Motorhome or Boat. BUITENWIET Wat vind jij?!Binnenkort velt de Hoge Raad het definitieve oordeel over de wietpas, met een (kleine) kans dat heel Nederland buitenlanders moet weigeren. Een regelrechte schande voor een land dat zichzelf democratisch noemt en waar vele internationale rechterlijke instanties huizen! Ik emigreer zodra ik de mogelijkheid heb en dan is er met de VS, Canada, Jamaica, Spanje en vele andere landen keuze genoeg (verdomme).

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