Whether you call them glitter gels or rockstar nails, there's no denying that the smooth, glassy finish of this gel style is to die for. Rockstars are fun, whether you're wearing them as a full manicure like this or using them as an accent to nail art. Using a nylon brush or other stiff bristled brush, brush away any glitter that did not get cured into the base gel.
Cleanse the sticky layer off of your nails, and then use a fine grit buffer (240 or higher) to lightly buff the gritty glitter smooth. Up to 3 weeks high shine gloss, chip and scratch free wear on nails – longer on toes! Keep in mind that when looking to purchase in larger amounts such as gallons or quarts, a reputable brand offering a concentrated product will best serve you.
At the start of a new season we all love to update our style and try a new trend, and there’s no easier (or more budget-friendly) way than nail art.
The best thing about this trend is it works beautifully with all your outfits and white nails look so chic, polished and fresh for summer.

SPARKLE DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX!Subscribe to my newsletter for a dose of sparkle and inspiration! They're super easy to do -- all you need is your gel foundation and topcoat, plus a loose glitter of your choice. Some of the students there had previously learned different methods, so there are other ways to do these, but I think this process produces the best (and sparkliest) results. Push back your cuticles, remove any dead tissue from the nail plate, buff your nails, and cleanse with a nail cleanser solution and a lint free wipe.
I like to do this over a piece of paper or a small paper cup so I can put the extra glitter back into the jar afterwards.
You can be pretty vigorous with this, as most of the glitter should be cured onto the nail. You don't need to use cosmetic grade or solvent resistant glitter, because it won't have a chance to bleed into the gel.
Extremely low pricing should be a warning sign when performing cost analysis for your business or personal purchase.

The hottest summer beauty trend is white nail polish, but the key to perfecting this look is choosing the perfect shade. It lasts chip-free for a lot longer than other polishes, the colors are rich and opaque, and the application brush is different to any other polish I’ve used (the unique long, flat shape makes it easy to achieve a salon quality finish). Lightly tap your nails to remove any excess glitter, but remember that the nails aren't cured yet! At school, we used the Recollections glitter sets from Michaels (don't forget your coupon!).
Another important variable to consider is the shipping charge since the weight is responsible for the majority of a carriers cost of delivery. When I was testing them I looked at how rich and opaque the color was, ease of application, how long they lasted and of course, value for money.

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