However, recent use of the phrase includes many nail services involving the use of gel products, including the very popular gel polish manicure. The biggest advantage gel nails have is that they look identical to natural nails. They are thin and flexible, with a glossy appearance. The mixture used to make the resin is also completely odourless and because of the thin layer of acrylic when applying the nails, they don’t have to be filled as often. Laxative content of Aloe vera especially anthraquinone is very much harmful when consumed in high amount.
Daily intake of laxative content- Aloe vera juice is very much harmful during pregnancy because excessive consumption of Aloe vera juice can cause irregular or abnormal activities of the reproductive organs as the laxative content juice stimulates the uterine contraction in females which might be harmful to the fetus and in some serious cases it might also lead to miscarriage.
Beside these serious side effects Aloe vera juice can also cause Crohn’s disease, appendicitis, ulcers, endocrinal problems, liver problem and many more.
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I picked up the new Gelish Ooh La La collection a few days ago.  This is a Limited Edition collection that can only be purchased at CosmoProf stores.
What do you think of the colors in this collection?  I love that there are some new unique shades, but I wish they were more readily available. Should you require an alternative product or have questions about the best Loctite solution for you, please contact us. Because excessive intake of laxative content-Aloe vera juice causes Pseudomelanosis coli, a disorder where the colon gets pigmented which ultimately leads to cancer. Increased content of adrenaline is very much harmful of the person suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The laxative content of Aloe vera juice causes stomach ache, loose stools, gastro-intestinal problem and irregular digestion and bowel movements. Increased consumption of Aloe vera juice leads to blood build up the pelvic area which can lead to kidney damage.
CosmoProf is running a Paris-themed special boutique with offerings from several brands.  You can read more about it here.
Severe diarrhea is accompanied by muscular cramps, abdominal pains and in most severe cases dehydration can also occur.
But when Aloe vera is ingested in the form of juice it can trigger allergic reaction to many people.

Excessive intake of Aloe vera juice causes irregular heart beat and also lowers the potassium level in the body. Along with some side effects this plant has numerous benefits too which can’t be ignored. I always find the comparisons (especially to other Gelish colours) extremely useful when making a decision on which colours to get.
I think if I was going to buy a summer collection this year it would the Perfect Match collection as they are lovely.
But you really have to be very careful regarding the dosage in which you will be having the Aloe vera juice and also the latex content of Aloe vera triggers various side effects in human body.
Any sort of allergic reaction must be medically taken care of by rushing to the doctor before it gets worse.
It has been found that Aloe vera juice interacts with various drug classes which ultimately reduce the effect of drugs.
Hence, it is always advisable to the people suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease not to have Aloe vera juice.

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