The Beauty Scoop!: Swatches: OPI & Katy Perry 'Sparkle and Shatter' Collection - Pic Heavy! I’m so lucky, today I received a package containing 3 of the OPI and Katy Perry nail polishes (yes, post on a Sunday – definitely getting near Christmas now)!
As ever, I’ve tried to get different angles and lighting to show the polish to you in the best way that I can, so this is picture heavy. I've taken the pictures below as I was hoping to show you the consistancy of the polish, it's very thick and quite gel-like but it applies well and dries reasonably quickly too. Blogging about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, food and whatever else takes my fancy since 2010. Loves hula hooping, gin, cats, clubs, dancing, mates and general weekend stupidity (not necessarily all at the same time, ha). I had discovered the vast online world of nail polish and nail art bloggers.The JourneyI started asking the Almighty Internet 8-Ball (Google) all sorts of nail related questions. You can totally relate, right?Where’s The Answer?While weeding through the mire, I also found tons of great information—little pearls of wisdom and other gems hidden in the thousands of pages I waded through.
But still, no one had answered my question, “How do I stop getting chipped nail polish when I take a shower?”Then, I discovered the first college textbook that I would willing buy and read without being enrolled in college!

Water molecules are so small that they easily pass through and around the 50 layers of keratin cells.Nail polish is a coating over the top of the nail.
Water and oil can penetrate through polish, but at a significantly slower rate than when nails are bare.Nail polish also protects the nail plate from losing water and oil through evaporation and extensive hand washing, especially when using soap. But in water, bare nails soak up water like a sponge causing the nail’s curve to flatten out.
Although polish has plasticizers to keep it flexible, the polish is forced into a different shape. That alone might be ok, but there is another problem.Water Travels Through the NailIn a 10 or 15 minute shower, excess water travels through the bottom to the top of the nail plate. The water breaks the bond with the polish—especially around the edges—which have received wear and tear from daily life.Broken BondsImage use with permission from Loodie Loodie LoodieWith the combination of hardened polish bending and excess water traveling through the nail plate, the bond is broken between the polish and the nail plate surface. Rehydrate your cuticle lines and surrounding skin with a high quality, jojoba based Nail and Cuticle Oil 7. More applications may be necessary during summer and winter.TIP: The ingredients that make a good topcoat bond to nail polish and have an incredible shine make it a horrible base coat! Acetone is actually less drying to your nails than non-acetone because it dissolves the polish quicker.* Before removing the polish, wipe a generous layer of olive oil (or any kitchen oil) around your cuticles and skin to help prevent the dryness acetone causes.

Yes, your biggest issue is water absorption.Please stop washing your hands before polishing. This makes it harder for water to cause your polish to peel at the tips.Realize that once you have worn that polish off with daily wear and tear, then the polish could peel. Beautiful!Krystin August 27, 2013 at 11:19 am # Finally, a I asked Google a nail care question and received a scientific answer!
What may be happening is since you’re getting free time to polish in the evening, you may not be allowing the polish layers to thoroughly dry before applying the next coat. So if you’ve done one or two coats of basecoat, 2 coats of color and one topcoat, it many need more time to dry.

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