In my eternal quest for the best in adhesive, aka the sticky stuff, I was fortunate enough to be selected to review the Glue Arts products: Ribbon Adhesive, Adhesive Squares, and Glue Rings.
The Ribbon Adhesive comes on a cardboard spool covered with a thin green plastic starter sheet. Next, I place the clear film with the sticky portion atop of the ribbon and press it in place with my fingers. I flipped the card over and folded the remaining edges of the ribbon over the back of the card. The small pieces of adhesive are visible on the roll and you can easily tear away the desired length of the roll for your project. Those Mini Adhesive Squares worked so well on the ribbon knot, I decided to give them a whirl with my buttons for the project. I lined up the buttons on the project by pressing the back of the button right on the Mini Adhesive Squares. If the Mini Adhesive Squares worked this well, I needed to try out the larger Adhesive Squares and the Glue Rings to put the remainder of the card together. I decided to use the Glue Ring to adhere the black layer of card stock to my white card base. After using a couple of strips of the adhesive, I pressed the black card stock to my white card base. Now that I had ample coverage, I was ready to flip it over and carefully place it atop the card base. Click on the link at the top of the page to visit Craft Critique for comments, giveaways and more!
I use the tape strip from Creative Memories, the only thing I do not like about it is it sometimes is hard to refill.
I use my Glue Glider Pro the most, and the only thing I don’t like about it is my LSS can’t keep it in stock!!
I am currently using zip dry because it’s what I have on hand that I had purchased from my LSS. I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for good adhesives that keep paper layers adhered for the long haul.
Let me show you how to make bows out of almost anything you can find, even old beat up shirts from your man’s closet.
I have a lot of old work shirts from my company (some even brand new which I received not too long ago before the company change its name), I can’t really wear them to work but I am also not allow to donated it to charity. Most of the fabric from the shirts are long strips in between the button flaps and sleeves. Some of my old work shirt has a half opened sleeves that looks like great material for re-design.

Cut out extra fabric from the shirt, fold it and use it as the middle part that hold the creases in the middle of out bow. Hide the open parts in the back, position it the the middle then fold the cuff and create creases. For the 2 longer strands, apply hot glue at the midpoint of the strand, then bring in the 2 ends to the middle. Now you have a strip of scrapbook paper that fits the vase vertically, but the paper is too long horizontally.
Now that your paper is covered in Mod Podge, the easiest way to get the paper onto the vase is to set it down on there and roll it. I carefully peeled away the green sheet to reveal a clear sheet of plastic with a fine strip of adhesive. The adhesive is *VERY* sticky and you can see the clear adhesive on the transparent plastic film.
I needed only one piece of adhesive for the back of my bow, so I didn’t tear away the paper. On the backside of the knot, I placed that little adhesive by putting the knot right on the roll of Mini Adhesive Squares.
It is always challenging to find something with enough strength to hold a button in place on my projects. There was still some on the paper, so I placed it on another section of the card stock and then peeled away to remove the remainder of the adhesive. I ended up getting more adhesive on my fingers than I got on the card, and nearly stuck my finger to the card. I didn’t want to press down prior to making sure it was lined up precisely because the bond was permanent. Once you master this technique, you can utilize more parts of your or others’ old clothing and turn them into stylish decorations or accessories for your wardrobe. I don’t want to just put them into trash because that just seems like such a waste, so I decided to cut out the useful materials and make accessories with it. Those materials can easily be turned into hair bands and neck scarfs after simple sewing or serging around the edges. Sleeves and collars are usually stiff which is perfect for making bows because that can actually help keep its shape. A sharp scissor can cut out a lot of edging work, just trim close enough to the line then you won’t have to do anything extra to keep it from framing. For this project I just put together things I already had around the house to make a simple, but cute Valentine’s Day project. Use hot glue to attach ribbon to the outside of the heart, folding it over as you go. You can obviously outline the entire heart if you want, but I liked the way it looked with just the top part outlined.

If you need to add more Mod Podge as you roll in areas that you missed, that would be okay. Just go up to the edge of the paper, and maybe a little over onto the glass - we are going to cover with ribbon anyway. There is no dispenser, so while unwinding the roll, my finger rolled over some of the clear adhesive; my fingers were soon covered with rolled-up adhesive squares.
When I was sure it was exactly where I wanted it to be, I gave the layer a firm press with my sticky fingers and the card was complete! The goal is to cut the fabric as close as the inner edge which it is hiding in between the 2 layers cuff. Hold the fabric tight, add fabric glue in between the overlapping portion then hold it with 2 fingers or use a clip.
You are going to put down a medium-thin layer, and don't be afraid to get the corners well. Roll carefully at the end so the paper meets just right, and make sure you are rolling tightly to avoid wrinkles. They are small enough to go on your ribbon knots, buttons and other small items (such as dew drops, gems or other embellishments).
I was able to use these small adhesive squares on the back of the button and the bonus feature of being clear allowed me to easily use the adhesive without fear of anything showing through the button holes. The instructions explain to press it directly to your card stock or paper, peel it and then stick it to anything.
I had to do this repeatedly because I could not seem to get all the adhesive off, even with several attempts.
Almost 90% of my DIY will need these tools so don’t event think twice when you are in the craft store. It will be strong enough to hold fabric together as long as you apply generous amount and allow enough time for it to dry completely.
Be careful as the roll can unwind and the adhesive can get on your work surface or crafting tools. You would be able to use these squares on clear buttons without fear of the adhesive showing a big gloppy mess! You can find out more about acrylic stamps by checking out the badge at the top of my sidebar on the right side of your screen. Just measure 7 inches on the top and on the bottom, and then use your craft knife to cut it.

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