My yellow flower is another earlier piece, done in coloured glass using foil on the substrate (tile) 30cmx30cm.Purple flower using coloured glass and foil, polished gemstone. It still wasn't expensive, 13,650 nickels ($682.50), but, and it's a big but, they had to make their own tiles. 1.Using packing tape, tape the circle template to a piece of cardboard to create a sturdy, temporary support for the weight of the nickels.

3.Using the Weldbond Glue, attach the individual nickels to the mesh ? which is adhered to the template that is supported by the cardboard. 5.To prepare for installation, remove the cardboard, tape, template and use a sharp knife to cut any excess mesh away from the nickels.
So did a couple from Seattle who were in the process of renovating their home, but they were well into the project with the color scheme set of gray and white.

So when it came to the master bath floor, pennies would clash, but nickels would blend right in.

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