It’s predicted that by 2017, Millennials will have more spending power than any other generation. People may assume that Millennials spend much of their time playing mobile games, since they’re always on their smartphones, but that is not the case. Advertise on Facebook and mobile, and provide Gen Y with the hyper-targeted content that it prefers.
With 5 designers and long time export experience in Europe in America, A&D is always trying to catch up the trend in today's fast changing world with up-date designs with its innovative products.
Located in Nanjing, the province of Jiang Su province, about 300 km from Shanghai, most of the products are exported from Shanghai by sea, and some by air to meet the client urgent need.
You are welcome to visit us at our yearly fairs in Germany, America, Hongkong or on our website and contact us with telephone, fax and email.
TweetThere are some real estate agents that swear by direct mail marketing and some agents that swear at it. I do not have permission to discuss these marketing pieces publicly, and if I get a request to remove them from this website either from the agents or brokerages, I will do so. Just Sold, Just Listed – This is the typical real estate mailing that I receive periodically, which it hardly ever makes it past my waste paper basket. Under Contract This mailer has a call to action and I was attracted to the under contract banner. We’re Hiring!Cartell is the Irish market leader providing automotive services and data to the motor trade. Ideal, top web exposure for a new horticultural business.or forward it to your existing Tree Ferns website to drive profitable new business volume. Defined simply, Millennials (sometimes referred to as Gen Y) are the first generation to come of age in the new millennium.
On a daily basis, 71% of Millennials engage in social media, and 37% feel like they are missing out if they don’t.
Surprisingly, mobile games have not been as popular with Millennials (at least those aged 25-34), when compared to other generations. Optimize your website and checkout for mobile, since 30% of Millennials use four or more devices per day. 60% of Millennials follow brands on social sites specifically to hear about new deals and coupons.

98% of Millennials are more likely to engage with a friend’s post over a brand’s post, and they are 2x as likely to purchase products peers have shared.
We take the clients' need as our need to help them develop their market easily and successfully.
Last week, I asked several members of the Agent Know How Real Estate Group if direct mail marketing (farming) was a part of their marketing strategy. I collect these marketing samples not because I am interested in buying or selling real estate, but because I am interested in their marketing messages.
It’s good to know that houses are selling and quickly, but there is nothing within the marketing message that compels me to contact the agent or keep for later use.
Then again, there was nothing compelling within the message itself to encourage me to keep the mailer for later use, assuming I am not in the market to sell right now.
Frequency Matters It shouldn’t surprise you that the agent who sent out sample 3 above sends mail out monthly and in some cases quarterly to the same addresses. Those people who want to do business with you will contact you if you are compelling and consistent. So that firm got half the commission and trained the agent to spend their half branding the brand. When I was a newbie agent, I can remember when calls came in from mailings but since the caller never asked for the agent by name, the lead went to the agent at the desk. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. As a growing company and due to internal promotion, we have identified an opening for a Field Sales Executive. Despite the rumors that Millennials are ditching Facebook, the social network continues to reign supreme.
They want to look nice, so they buy more clothes and shop for clothes more frequently than any other generation. This is the first time I have ever even heard of this agent in my development and I have yet to see his yard signs.
Notice that one reason I remember and find sample 3 valuable is that I see the agent’s signs in my town and he sends mailers frequently of which some of my neighbors have commented that they are tired of getting the mail from him, but so be it. The only ones that grab my attention are the ones that give me market data and trends for my neighborhood.

As the first generation to have Internet access during their formative years, Millennials have been shaped by technology. It’s gotten to the point where Millennials agree that smartphones are more important than deodorant.
Instead, conduct research to clearly define your audience before spending the resources to target the younger demographic. Supporting the greater good is important to globally-minded Millennials, who are 3x as likely to wear socially conscious brands over luxury labels.
Unfortunately for him and because I know that he will never send me another mailing, I am not likely to contact him when it becomes time for me to think real estate.
You almost have to assume that some home buyers or sellers will discard the mail the moment it touches them, but consistency will convert.
You’re not likely to sell to everyone, but one commission, one opportunity can lead to several business deals in a heart beat! That said, they are also more likely to pamper themselves with impulse purchases than any other generation. Most agents assume that the internet is the place to be and focus the majority of their marketing efforts on on-line marketing. But, I am of the opinion that the mail, the medium, can be just as effective if you have the right marketing message.
One of my real estate mentees sent our a mailer where she was offering a free home inspection to the first 15 buyers who responded to her campaign. On average, there is a 7% return on investment when it comes to mail and 1-2 year turn around time. Her message was compelling and with a limited time offer, she is likely to get more people to keep the marketing piece and contact her when they are ready to buy. Sending mail should not be your primary source of marketing, but it certainly can compliment your marketing strategy. I sold one of them but he gives the impression that he and his team are selling a lot of houses.

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