We loved the stained glass so much that we made all kinds of glass decor: ornaments, wine glasses and candle votives.
To take your stained glass to the next level, try using painters tape to create patterns on the ornament. To make sure the ornaments dry without smudging, hang them on string tied between two weighted bottles. We all know that apartment furnishing can be expensive, but DIY projects can turn everyday decor into unique and artsy pieces that are sure to catch any guest’s eye.
Anyone with eyes will know that ombre is all the rage nowadays, so why not try ombre-ing furniture in your apartment? Every guest will be asking you where you got your unique wine glasses at your first apartment warming party. With a few porcelain white ramekin bowls, raw coffee beans and tea lights, you can make your apartment guests think they are entering a cozy, warm coffee shop…at least according to their noses! Whether for pictures, appointment reminders or grocery lists, apartment renters everywhere have uses for bulletin boards. Visit your local flea market, and pick up a few of your favorite vintage frames and mirrors. A great idea to hang across the top of your windows or above your desk area is clothespin photo displays. My name is William Paid, Esquire and I’m a serial personal butler with 40 years distinguished service, orchestrating exceptional living experiences for exiled kings, rockstars, supermodels, and even a few “young gun” Internet executives who are now woefully overleveraged and unable to employ my services.
Tip: Use as many red wine corks as possible to add some beautiful shades of red to your placemat. To do this, swirl the food coloring (2 drops) and the glue, then add a few drops of water to thin out the coloring. You can do stripes, strips or swirls — whatever your heart desires.To get a more dramatic layered look, put on more coats of the non-diluted stain.
Instead of resorting to an interior decorator or the pricey Anthropologie home decor section, try these fun DIY ideas to transform any apartment into your own one-of-a-kind home.

Armed with only mason jars, glass candlestick holders and waterproof glue, this idea can easily be turned to reality. Make yours something out of the ordinary by gluing corks on the inside of a vintage picture frame, which can easily be found at your local flea market.
Try not to worry too much about size or shape—the more variety the better—but do try to keep in mind a color scheme. Just grab some yarn, wire or ribbon (make sure to choose a color that will accent other colors in that room), wooden clothespins and your favorite photos, postcards or notes.
Do you ever find yourself asking these roommates for that very important letter you were expecting in the mail last week? Wine drinkers know how many leftover corks you can accumulate over the years, so let's put them to use!
You can also make coasters, table runners, trivets, floor mats or cork boards, just to name a few. All pieces should be similar in size so that when they are glued together, you can easily place objects on top, but don't worry about making them exact.
I suggest placing a large piece of cardboard underneath in case any pieces get stuck to your work surface. After painting the solid ornament, we started to get a little more creative with our painting. Simply follow the directions for the solid ornaments, and suddenly those IKEA wineglasses will look like they came from West Elm!
One fun idea is to ombre white wooden chair legs to match the color of your tablecloth or seat cushions.
Coat the top of your candlestick holder with glue, press the candlestick firmly to the bottom of the mason jar, let dry and voila! The warmth of lit tea light will turn this piece into your own unique take on a scented candle.
Go home, and make a kind of mirror and frame collage on one of those pesky huge bare walls that you have no idea what to do with in your apartment.

You can leave space between each photo for a more minimal look or put a photo on every bare space of the ribbon. Avoid mail issues with this idea: get any old window shutter, paint it a bright color, and then hang it next to your front door.
If you’re looking for a new way to decorate, these easy stained glass ornaments are the perfect touch. This trick will also make it so you only have to collect half as many corks to complete your board.
Or try making a collage of frames above your bed with personal photos that will give your bedroom a much more personalized feel. This is not only a unique form of wall decor but will also ensure that you and your roommates always know where to find the mail. It's easy to cut, naturally waterproof with a beautiful rustic look, and it has a cushion material that makes for the perfect handmade placemat.
And what’s even more amazing is that you only really need two ingredients: glue and food coloring! Another cool idea is to collect corks from wine bottles with memorable significance, such as wine you drank in a foreign land, for your anniversary or for your birthday.
I was using a regular hot glue gun but for some reason the corks wouldn't hold together. You can also try stitching the corks together one by one with embroidery floss, but that may take some time.

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