Wearing sunscreen is a must throughout the year, even on cloudy days to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun that can cause a number of skin problems ranging from brown spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone to ageing, not to mention the scary disease itself! Though there are brands available for different skin types, there are only a select few that are suitable for application on sensitive skin.
This skin type has the tendency to get irritated fast when it comes in contact with any environmental factors or chemicals in certain products.
Now the product info reads: For Normal to Oily Skin but from experience I say this works great for sensitive skin as well. This is a non-sticky, oil-free formula that gets absorbed into the skin really fast, leaving behind a clean matte look. On application you would immediately feel a cooling sensation – it soothes the skin and at the same time leaves behind no whitish cast, does not irritate the skin nor does it cause a breakout.
For dry sensitive skin, make sure you apply moisturizer before applying this as this does not moisturize the skin. With broad spectrum sun protection from UVA and UVB rays – SPF 50 and PA+++ and coming at an affordable price, this one is a must buy if you are afraid to apply sunscreen on your sensitive skin.
If you have sensitive skin it is best to steer clear of parabens in your sunscreen or other skin products. Sensitive skin is mostly intolerant to the sun and here’s another sunscreen that comes to the rescue for sun-intolerant sensitive skin that is also prone to sunburn, redness, allergies and other skin reactions.
If you have been shying away from sunscreens because of sensitive skin, it’s time you start off with one of these immediately.
Growth in the UV-curable ink market is being spurred by increased use in food and beverage packaging.
Introduced in 1960, ultraviolet (UV) curable ink has resulted in increased automation, particularly in the manufacturing sector.
A recent study by Allied Market Research predicts that the UV-curable ink market will garner revenues of $3.5 billion by 2020. The publication and printing sectors will reportedly continue to be the major consumers of curable inks in next four to five years.

All silk screen printing mesh wholesalers & silk screen printing mesh manufacturers come from members. Polyester was introduced to the screen printing market over 40 years ago and quickly replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screen printers all over the world. Specifications Silk screen printing press Aluminum alloy plate Precise printing with micro registration Carusel manual printer Features: 1. Spray on both sides of screen, scrub lightly with soft brush pad and washout with high-pressure sprayer, rinse with a fresh water hose. The top prize this year in the 2009 TLMI Label Awards is a promotional label printed by Logmatix of Marrietta, GA, USA. A simple but elegant design required very tight trapping, precise, impression settings and challenging color matching. Originally, water- and solvent-based inks were used for flexographic printing, textile printing, screen printing, and more.
In addition, the industry is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% during the 2015-2020 forecast period. In addition to reducing waste, curable inks can reduce the need for air permits, thus opening a route to grow into new applications, increase productivity, and boost image quality. In addition to their applications in the medical sector, UV-curable inks’ applications have increased in automotive coatings.
We doesn't provide silk screen printing mesh products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. The label, for Red Rain Energy Drink, took Best of Show as well as first place in the Promotional Label category. Multi-Color utilized flexo digital platemaking allowing for superior vignettes, particularly in the small droplets.
The challenge was finding and maintaining the right balance between ink laydown on the label and the opacity of the foil to allow the image to be seen through it.
Printed by flexography, four-color process and spot red, gold cold foil and varnish on a Nilpeter FA4 press.Sun Chemical UV inks, Kurz foil.

The challenges were maintaining the registration with multiple processes, while printing 168 line screens on uncoated paper, using photopolymer plates. Today, most of these inks are based on free radical chemistry, offering a complete, solid system. Sudden growth in the packaged food and beverage industry has resulted in the increased application of UV-curable inks for label printing.
In fact, UV-curable inks have become an attractive alternative to water-based inks due to their ability to fit over different substrates. Avery Dennison Fasson material, HP Indigo press and ink, Flint Group UV high rub varnish, Kurz foil, RotoMetrics flexible die. We expected vast amounts of scratch marks on the clear material for having to undergo so many machine passes. In addition, UV-curable ink does not contain any solvent that must evaporate during curing. In addition, conventional inks that have declined in sales, mostly due to their sluggish curing properties, are been gradually replaced by environmentally friendly and high-quality inks.
DuPont Cyrel plates, Gallus press, Avery Dennison Fasson material, 3M, Max Daetwyler Corporation, Flint Group. Instead, curing occurs through a reciprocal action of the ingredients in the ink and UV light in a reactor. API Foils, Environmental Inks & Coatings, EFI Jetrion red ink, Kodak plates, Mark Andy press, RotoMetrics tooling. Second lies in the creases along the long folds of the box that look innocently like perforations done to make the box fold up more easily.

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