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A section of the Great Wall of China has collapsed after heavy rains caused a strong current of rain to rush down the mountains an crush the Dajingmen section of the Great Wall.
An official with the city’s Qiaoxi district confirmed the collapse, adding that the collapsed section is about 36 meters long.
The section of collapsed Great Wall was built in the seventh century but had to be rebuild between 1368 and 1644 when the Ming Dynasty ruled China. While sections of the Wall near Beijing and other tourist destinations have been preserved and extensively renovated, other areas are in disrepair, even being used as a village playground in some poorer areas. Like the area of the Great Wall of China that collapsed after torrential rains, a 37 mile long section in Gansu province could completely disappear in the next 20 years because of erosion from sandstorms. With all the gaming consoles on the market, many gamers still return to their PS2 for the nostalgia and incredible games only for PS2 forma. Along with the manual, consumers should ideally organize their workspace and have all of the materials with them when they begin repairing their PS2. With the metal spudger, pry the eight screw covers from the bottom of the PS2 and remove all of the screws found underneath, which consist of four 55.4 millimeter Phillips head screws and four 18 mm Phillips head screws.
When a PS2 is not working it could mean an assortment of problems, and therefore gamers need to know what they are looking for and how to fix them. One of the most common problems that gamers face with their PS2 is a Disc Read Error (DRE), which is basically just the end result of a whole variety of malfunctioning components and parts within the PS2.
When users go to turn on their PS2 and nothing happens, the case is most likely a blown fuse within the system powerboard.
The PS2 offers users a gaming experience unlike no other due to the PS2 specific games, gameplay options, and ease of use. Experts believe that, along with the torrential rains, years of erosion contributed to the collapse. Some sections have been subject to graffiti and vandalism, while other parts have even been destroyed to make way for construction.

While its length is measured at 5,500 miles, some experts have discovered that, should branches of the wall be included, then the wall’s entire length is actually 14,000 miles.
However, after years of hardcore gaming, the PS2 inevitably wears down and require maintenance.
Mistakenly, some PS2 owners lose or toss their manual, as it details information regarding the construction of the PS2, and troubleshooting common issues. With all of the little screws, electrical components, and everything else within the PS2, users need to stay focused throughout the entire repair process and not get distracted looking for the proper tools.
Flip the PS2 over so that the top is facing upwards and then pry the top cover off from the half closest to the power switch and then rocking the entire cover towards the front of the device. In most cases, gamers should turn on the PS2 to locate problems, by listening to determine the fan is working, inspect for any burning smell, watch for smoke, and inserting a game for disc read errors. However, when gamers insert a game and receive a DRE, the first step they should take is simply cleaning the dust and dirt off the disc.
With the lid of the PS2 off, look for the disc drive and remove the six screws holding it down. If this occurs, users most likely have to head to a electronics store and purchase a new PS2 fuse, and in the case that the PS2 smells burnt, then the whole powerboard might have to be replaced. From there, remove the two 6.4 millimeter Phillips screws that are holding down the optical disc drive.
However, when it comes time to give your PS2 a quick repair, you can head on over to eBay to discover everything you would need.
The weak places were cleared out, allowing crews to reinforce other loose sections, hopefully preventing further collapse. Now, however, protection experts for cultural relics are working to repair the damaged areas properly.
Fortunately, gamers do not need to take their PS2 to a professional to repair some common problems. Additionally, PS2 owners can locate all of the different parts of the PS2 without having to search for long periods.

Additionally, gamers should try cleaning the disc drive or placing the console in a more ventilated area before taking more drastic measures.
From eBay, locate the search bar and enter keywords specifically to the products and materials that you need, and eBay's powerful search engine brings you a range of listings from many different sellers. From here, gamers can access the PS2 disc drive, the controller port, the fan, and any other of the PS2 components. Plug in the PS2 and press the open button, and with a pen, mark exactly where the white gear touches with smaller, gold gear. Before users can remove the controller port, they need to gently lift it out of its recess and pull its ribbon cable out from the port socket. Although some repairs may be tricky, users can find everything they need for an effective PS2 repair, including manuals and spare parts on eBay.
Turn the white gear about half a centimeter and then return the disc drive cover to the PS2.
Locate the two golden Phillips screws and remove them as well, freeing the PS2 fan from its base. With eBay's help and a little ingenuity, you can effectively take your PS2 apart and repair most of the problems that you find. If the games still do not work, then continue moving that little white gear and testing different games.
With the fan removed, users can now remove the entire motherboard assembly from the device. Lastly, simply remove the four golden screws that are securing the power supply to the motherboard and lift the power supply directly upwards, disconnecting it from its socket.

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