After months of rumors of a sapphire display for the iPhone 6, we learned that the newly launched device will have a standard, chemically hardened screen, probably Corning Gorilla glass.
Fortunately, there is another phone on the market with a sapphire display that we can use to evaluate its merits versus glass—the Kyocera Brigadier. For my testing kit, I used the steel wool and small rocks sent to us by Kyocera, a box to contain any potential glass shards and an expert in breaking things—my 10-year old son, Zach. Neither the Kyocera's sapphire display nor the HTC's Gorilla Glass display were affected by the steel wool. The impact test from a larger, golf ball-sized rock drop started to separate the two, with the Gorilla Glass incurring small nicks, while the sapphire display of the Brigadier remained pristine. But things turned around when we simulated a harder drop using a rock from Zach's personal geology collection.
IntroductionWe're at MWC 2015, friends, and here with us, we have the unorthodox Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and the best Apple iPhone ever! It's been a good six months, but Apple's crown jewel is still looking great next to the innovative Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 only has a 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution - 750x1334 - that seems laughably low in comparison.
Processor and memoryRaw spec comparisons between Android and iOS devices never made sense, because the two operating systems have vastly different architectures. The funny thing with this new generation of devices is the Galaxy S6 Edge is definitely the more attractive option.
It’s been one week since a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded and already we have a copycat performance. After rumors that Google would drop the Nexus branding for their smartphones this year, reports that the devices will be called the Pixel and Pixel XL have surfaced. A new report has surfaced which suggests the LG V20 will not include a modular design, but will include a removable back panel to reveal the battery, microSD card slot, and SIM card tray. Currently available for only $99 on Verizon, the Brigadier is a military-spec ruggedized phone that's built to take a beating. And I decided to pit it against the Corning Gorilla Glass screen of an old HTC Inspire 4G we had in the office. One drop, and the Kyocera's sapphire display broke into a spiderweb of cracks, rendering the screen non-functional.

Sapphire is an extremely hard substance that will hold up well, and probably better, to day-to-day scratches than the Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 6 and other smartphones, But it is not invincible.
Now that the storm brewed by HTC and Samsung's announcements has dwindled a bit, we're going to sit down with the edge and the iPhone 6 for our first look at how the two are going to compete in the months ahead.DesignWhile the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 were the most forgettable Android flagships around, the Galaxy S6 is one to remember, and the Galaxy S6 edge is the one to awe over! The polished anodized aluminum, the smooth laminated display, and the shiny Apple on its back - the iPhone 6 is the best the iPhone ever looked! Whether it’s various in-game mechanics or shortcuts, people are still discovering new things about the game that help diehards and newbies alike. Not much is known about this particular incident at the time, though the belief, once again, is that the device was charged using third-party equipment. We’ve seen the LG V20 from various angles already, but today we get 2 interesting shots to dig into before the device is unleashed. Is a sapphire display, with a Mohs hardness rating second only to diamond, all it's cracked up to be as far as scratch resistance and durability?
And Kyocera, which claims to have over 40 years manufacturing synthetic sapphire, isn't a newbie when it comes to either smartphones or sapphire. The Gorilla Glass held up to the pounding—even after four drops, the only damage a few tiny chips. Click on the “warranty replacement” link above, log in and click on the “register a product” button and follow the prompts. Everything about it has been heavily thought out - even those plastic strips that diminish the design harmony, but still fit in the picture.
Samsung has replaced those old materials with glass on the front and back and metal around the edges. You can check out the full spec sheet for the Galaxy S6 here and the Galaxy S6 Edge right here. With the S6 Edge, the curved display on both edges make it very comfortable to hold and possibly  the most ergonomic phone on the market. Those who own it won't be holding creaky plastic in their hands, but rather a blend of metal and glass that's decidedly premium.
But it has to be noted that the Galaxy S6 edhe has an important safety advantage with that Gorilla Glass 4 covering its front and back - you will have a much harder time scratching or destroying it than you'd do with the iPhone 6's bare aluminum shell. This time Samsung hasn’t used that area for a special display, but it can still do some cool stuff, and makes swiping from the edge a lot easier.

It’s always running in the background so it can be launched in less than a second with a double-tap of the home button.
Kit Includes: Film, Installation Squeegee, Microfiber Cloth, and Detailed Installation Instructions. Fully paneled with tough Gorilla Glass 4, and rocking a sculpted aluminum frame, the smartphone is durable enough to withstand the rigors on daily use, but makes no design compromises. We like sharp screens, but we consider a display's color reproduction, image quality, and brightness levels as more important than the number of pixels per inch. They’ve also added built-in wireless charging for Qi and PMA, which is a super handy addition.
And not only is the Galaxy S6 edge full-on premium, but it will come in a bunch of lively colors too! And to get an accurate assessment of how the Galaxy S6 edgeperforms in these aspects, we'll have to put the former through our display test first.
Alas, it is sold only in gray, silver, and gold - which is an excellent, but very limited selection of colors.Overall, the Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6's design is of very high quality. Still, in the time that we spent with it, the S6 edge's screen was always a pleasant sight to behold.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge definitely has that feeling of novelty to it, even if the curved displays are there entirely for show. Meanwhile, the iPhone has that Apple design quality that's being copied, emulated, studied, and otherwise taken advantage of by competitors - but never, ever matched. Even the HTC One M9 with its exorbitant looks doesn't feel quite as right as the iPhone 6 does.DisplayThe display is the window to your smartphone's vast potential. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6 have completely different displays at the heart of their user experience. The S6 edge, being a finished product as much as it is a proof of concept, comes with a Quad-HD (1440x2560) resolution AMOLED display that packs a whopping 3,686,400 pixels on a panel that measures 5.1 inches by diagonal!

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