Beijing Kincolor is a professional UV curable flatbed printer manufacturer, based in China. Tile Digital Inkjet PrinterKincolor tile digital inkjet printer can directly print on wall tiles, floor tiles and ceramic tiles.
Sliding Door UV Flatbed PrinterCompatible with images of TIFF, JEPG, BMP, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, CDR and other formats, this flatbed printer uses USB output port, which is convenient and of strong applicability. The textile flatbed printer uses computer technology and self-control technology to print on a variety of woven fabric and knitted fabric of cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber, etc.
UV1325S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterResisting the external electromagnetic interference and reducing users' requirement of power, the anti-EMI power protection system makes Kincolor UV curable flatbed printer more suitable for regions of different power supply.
Beijing Kincolor is a specialized UV curable flatbed printer manufacturer and supplier in China.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. With excellent outdoor durability and great colour gamut, solvent printing is the default for many sign graphics customers around the globe. A new standard for sign manufactures, the Solvent-UV inks combine the flexibility of solvent inks with the durability of UV curable inks. In UV printing, the ink is left sitting on top of the media and it dries immediately when exposed to UV lights. The wide range of products we offer includes tile digital inkjet printer, stained glass UV flatbed printer, odorless ink, and more. The industrial-grade print head is adopted and the height can be adjusted between 1mm and 70mm. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including stained glass UV flatbed printer, tile digital inkjet printer, solvent ink, cleaning solution, among others. It can conduct bidirectional and unidirectional printing on X-axis and unlimited number of repeat printing on Y axis.
Our company offers a vast range of products, including tile digital inkjet printer, sliding door UV flatbed printer, odorless ink, and solvent ink, among others.

The standard thickness of the printing material is 70mm and the printed breadth and height can be customized according to clients' requirements.
Preventing external electromagnetic interference, the isolated regulated power supply system can avoid the occurrence of messy code and eliminate defective, increasing working efficiency. The anti-EMI power protection system can resist external electromagnetic interference and make the UV curable flatbed printer more suitable for regions of different power supply. The anti-lightning over-voltage protection system can prevent the damage caused by external over voltage to the UV curable flatbed printer and avoid the occurrence of lightning strike and burning circuit. Power supply will be automatically isolated by the UV lamp power cord short circuit protection system when accidents occur. The imported mute slider of the X-axis high-speed mute dual-rail system can prevent noise in high-speed operation. The Y-axis symmetric dual-rail movement system supports greater machine head weight, so image dislocation will not occur even when the UV curable flatbed printer runs for long hours. The patented circular double-chain system effectively separates the strong and weak electric data transmission, completely avoiding the phenomena of messy code cause by mutual interference of strong and weak electricity.
We offer an extensive line of products, including stained glass UV flatbed printer, sliding door UV flatbed printer, odorless ink, solvent ink, and much more. Standard thickness of the printed material reaches 70mm and the printing breadth and height can be customized according to clients' requirements.
Mimaki develops the complete product range for each group; hardware, software and the associated consumable items, such as inks and cutting blades.
Able to print on metal, glass, wallpaper, leather, acrylic and many other materials, this UV curable flatbed printer enjoys a wide range of applications, which can meet the color printing requirements of various industries and materials. The tile digital inkjet printer adopts piezo print technology and ink dot search positioning system. Adopting water-based environment-friendly ink, this textile flatbed printer yields patterns with rich color and low fading rate. This product has patented precise pixel positioning system and ink dot precise search function, ensuring higher printing quality.

Ensuring signal transmission, it has advantages in larger format printing and improves print quality. This can prevent the property loss resulted from circuit accident and increase the anti-interference ability of the printer. Operators will not feel bored due to long-term manipulation of printer, which is beneficial to their stable working.
Meanwhile, the print precision will be kept constantly high and the print quality is secured.
Ink road, air road and circuit are separate and independent, facilitating the daily maintenance of the UV curable flatbed printer and increasing the safety and reliability of the whole machine. Mimaki excels in offering innovative, high quality and high reliability products, based upon its aqueous, Latex, solvent, solvent UV and UV-curable inkjet technology.
With fast speed, high clarity and bright color, the printing is colorfast, waterproof, anti-UV and scratch resistant. It can be used for the printing on sweaters, T-shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, exquisite tablecloth, shower curtain, curtains, flags, banners, etc. As a good industrial inkjet printing machine, this UV curable flatbed printer supplies ink with constant pressure and constant temperature, which enable it to work in places of various altitude and temperature.
In addition, comfortable working environment will also reduce fatigue of operators and improve working efficiency. Peel off the sticker above the cartridge, the ink storage chamber above to find a flat spot, (do not use needles plus ink) assassination assassination ink bottle with a hole of Jian Zhen, and slightly expanded expansion tends to make refilling a needle is usually inserted, the ink reservoir chamber filled with stationery tape to seal the hole is completed ink. We note that in the above ink storage chamber is sealed within a plastic beads ink hole, why not use cartridges plus 03 methods pressed into the plastic beads, completed ink filling the hole then sealed with a ball?

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