Ozone Environmental Technologie's UV-80H attacks and neutralizes odors at the source Ozone Environmental Technologies Ozone by Ultra VioletOzone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odor. Uvonair UV-80H is an economical air purifier that produces ozone using special ultra violet light bulbs.
Uvonair UV-80H is an economical system that produces ozone using special ultra violet light bulbs. The uvonair ozone generator uv-80h in-duct ozone system is a professional quality ozone generator that utilises 2 special high output 150mm(6 inch) ultraviolet lamps to produce 135mg or 270mg of ozone per hour. The uvonair uv-80h is superb at reducing odours, it should always be used in combination with a quality carbon filter to ensure complete elimination of smells.

The uvonair uv-80h is designed to be inserted into an 8 inch (200mm) extraction system directly after the carbon filter and fan.
The uvonair uv-80h is 8 inches (200mm) in diameter and can easily be connected into 8 inch (200mm) ducting and secured with a duct clip (available separately) on each side. The ozone produced by the uvonair uv-80h is then mixed with the air leaving the grow-room as it travels down the ducting, neutralising odours, bacteria, mildew and mould spores that it comes into contact with, making the air considerably cleaner and fresher-smelling. The uv-80h should be connected into the ducting straight after the duct-fan and there should be several metres of ducting after it. Children and animals should be kept out of any area which may contain elevated levels of ozone.

The Uvonair UV-80H has an on-off switch for convenience and can also be switched between 1 lamp and 2 lamps to match the size of the room that you are extracting from. Fits 8" (20 cm) ducts but can be installed into other size ducts using adapters.

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