The majority of Reptiles, including Snakes, Lizards, Turtles and Tortoises must be at least 8 weeks old before they can leave their mothers.If you believe this advertiser is letting their reptile go before 8 weeks of age, please report them to us.
Reptile Buying ChecklistBefore contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Bearded Dragon.
Do your research firstGetting a new reptile is a massive commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the reptile. Confirm that the advertiser is genuineYou should verify this by arranging to visit the pet at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit without seeing the pet, or if the advertiser attempts to deliver the pet or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not agree to this. Is the reptile old enough to leave its mother?The majority of Reptiles, including Snakes, Lizards, Turtles and Tortoises must be at least 8 weeks old before they can leave their mothers. Confirm advertiser has CITES Article 10 CertificateCertain exotic pet types such as most tortoises and some species of snakes are covered by CITES regulations. Check the Health of the reptileIt can be difficult for the average person to check if a pet is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the pet, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the pet to a Vet of your choice for a health check.
If you find that the thermostat is turning the lamp down and producing a lower basking temperature, try using a lower wattage bulb.

A full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement (such as Nutrobal) should be added to the food twice per week, and a pure calcium supplement should be added a further three times per week. As the monitor grows and starts to eat bugs less frequently adjust the number of supplemented feeds so that the ratio remains the same.
To dust the crickets place 8 – 10 appropriate sized insects in a large jug or clear plastic bag. Komodo produce a wide range of items with which to dress your terrarium including substrates CaCo sand, coconut and bark terrains and Aspen bedding designed especially for snakes. Komodo also sell a complete range of heating and lighting solutions including bulbs, heat emitters, heat mats, thermostats as well as analogue and digital temperature and humidity gauges. Unfortunately his interests have moved on, like most 11 year olds, and this full set up is now available.
You can read our detailed Information guide about reptiles for potential new reptile owners. They are suitable for all reptile species that require UVB in all but the largest enclosure sizes.

Komodo also offers a comprehensive range of supplements and diets for reptiles and amphibians.
Based in the UK, Komodo has built its reputation on delivering responsible reptile care, with an ever expanding range of ethical, well researched products for reptile keepers at all levels, from novices and hobbyists to breeders and professional Herpetologists. The sensor for the thermostat needs to come into the tank about 15cm in from the cool end of the tank, and hang down to two inches above the substrate.
Amazingly diverse and aesthetically pleasing environments can be created using these product to provide the perfect environment for your reptile. Key Features: For reptiles requiring high levels of UVB High levels of UVA rays promotes vision, appetite and the immune system UVB enables production of vitamin D3 for healthy bones Cool, white light output with excellent colour rendition Linear design distributes light widely and evenly T8 Fluorescent Lighting Controller required Which wattage? Provide UVB rays to as much of the enclosure as possible by choosing the best fitting tube.

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