Sign in to the Arcadia knowledgebase and members areas and start interacting with the community. They eat so much more than they used to and the initial breeding response and reactions have been so much more noticeable. A highly efficient source of light and heat, the Halogen Basking Spot is an ideal supplemental lamp for use in conjunction with self ballasted mercury vapour reptile lamps or fluorescent reptile lighting. A ceramic lamp holder and spun reflector ideal for use with our Self Ballasted Mercury Vapour and Halogen Basking Spot Lamps.
The D3 UV Basking lamp is a high performance lamp providing UVB, UVA visible light and heat from a single lamp. The Arcadia D3 basking lamp is an ideal all in one lamp for providing heat, light and UV, every technology however has limitations. Many species of reptile and Amphibian require a warm spot under which they can bask, and become fully energised with heat and Ultra Violet.
We are continuing to expand our pet supplies range and add further products to our website. We will be attending this weekends IHS show at Doncaster Racecourse with a range of livefood, supplies and inverts. Designed as a basking lamp for larger vivaria in which the reptile has sufficient room to move into and out of the basking area to regulate its temperature. At Arcadia reptile we are passionate about providing the very best of systems to our captive reptiles and believe that our customers should be given the full picture of how lamps work, it is for this reason that we always encourage the use of a linear UV lamp, this would in most cases still be required to open up the usable photogradient available to the animal.

Unfortunately his interests have moved on, like most 11 year olds, and this full set up is now available.
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As we all know reptiles have to be given the ability to self regulate their exposure between heat, light and UV and cool and shade.
Arcadia Reptile is delighted to include a world exclusive “Mini M.V” lamp into our range of SBMVL.
These much smaller R95 lamps emit a safe natural amount of UVB and a balanced UVA similar to wild exposure at lower fitting heights and also produce a good stable amount of heat. If the footprint of a lamp is limited as spot source lamps are, then the usable emission zone is in turn limited. These lamps are particularly suited to being fitted inside wooden vivaria and over mesh topped Terraria.
Over time and as the lamp holder is heated up and cooled down these electrical terminals inside the lamp holder will have stretched out. We would always suggest that in vivs over 24” in length that a high output T5 lamp is used alongside these UV rich basking spots.
These setups have historically suffered with heat rising to dangerous levels very quickly, and due to the limitations of height inside a vivarium, many of these lamps have been fitted too close to the animals. This would in the case of the Arcadia D3 basking UVB lamp then present as an intermittent power supply to the lamp.

This then opens up the graduated power zones and allows the animals to decide when and where to bask and assimilate the power that it required at that moment. The 80 watt Arcadia Mini D3 UVB basking lamp is a more energy efficient, high output, mercury vapour lamp that can used inside vivariums and over mesh topped, glass terrariums.
This lamp will enable many more reptile and Amphibian keepers to create a good UV rich photogradient within the enclosure. This would cause the thermal cut out built into the lamp to turn the lamp off and could cause the user to think that the lamp was faulty. With a target height of 20-30cms from lamp to animal this is the one stop mini solution to your animals basking needs. After a removal of power and the min 5-10 min’s cooling period the lamp will Re-Strike and run.
Please follow the following steps to ensure the safe fitting and use of D3 UV basking lamps.
After checking that the fitting is completely un-plugged use an insulated flat bladed screwdriver to move the copper terminal downwards from the top of the lamp holder.

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