Devant l’augmentation des cancers de la peau en France, le gouvernement a decide de durcir la reglementation des cabines a bronzage artificiel, tenues pour responsables de plusieurs dizaines de deces chaque annee par melanome. Le nombre de cancers de la peau a ete multiplie par plus de trois en France entre 1980 et 2005. D’apres une etude publiee mercredi dans le Bulletin epidemiologique hebdomadaire (BEH), les lampes a bronzage seraient responsables en France de 19 a 76 deces annuels par melanome cutane.
En outre, le gouvernement reflechit aux moyens de restreindre la possibilite pour le grand public d’acheter certains de ces appareils (de type UV3).
Sujet tres important, et essentiel, mais votre premiere phrase est juste completement deplacee. The Fall 2013 print issue of Drinks Magazine includes the newest product extensions from both Prairie Organic Spirits and UV Vodka. Factio Magazine has named UV Vodka’s newest flavors, UV Salty Watermelon and UV Peach as the perfect summer flavors!
The new ad campaign will be seen on posters, billboards, UV Vodka’s new website and an interactive photo sharing tool.
Cosmopolitan featured the Bloody Deliciousness recipe by UV Vodka in their roundup of delicious brunch cocktails. Take a look at the party’s signature cocktails made with UV Vodka, UV Candy Bar, UV Citrus and Phillips Hot Stuff! THE NIBBLE recommends UV Candy Bar Vodka, UV Vodka’s newest dessert flavor, for your next gourmet cocktail. Mixologist Rumi Jaffer, the North American Brand Ambassador of Phillips Distilling, shook up some of his romantic cocktail favorites on KARE11 Sunrise. One of the benefits of our smart and nimble team of publicists is that we’re able to immediately and successfully position our clients where it matters.

As soon as the Super Bowl teams were announced, we huddled to create cocktails inspired by each team. Northeastern Ohio’s largest daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer, gave UV Vodka a touchdown in their Super Bowl XLVII story: “Cheers! Raven on the Rocks 1 part UV Grape1 part lemon-lime sodaAdd a splash of sweet and sour mix and serve over ice in a highball glass.
International spirits trade publication, The Spirits Business, reports on UV Vodka‘s expansion into Spain.
Phillips Distilling Company (Phillips) today announces UV Vodka’s international launch in Spain, with continued expansion into European and Asian markets. Ultraviolet (UV) light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-rays. Magazine to the beauty blog Martinis and Mascara it seems like UV Salty Watermelon has been popping up everywhere. Add a splash of lime juice to your Salty Melon vodka and garnish it with lime wedge and sugar for that perfect pool-side margarita.
Marie Claire features three fresh-pressed cocktails by UV Vodka in a recent cocktail story. The clever new campaign geared towards the young and colorful lifestyle was created by the Minneapolis-based advertising company Periscope. Magazine is hosting an exclusive Oscars party tonight with UV Vodka at The Emerson Theatre.
UV Vodka’s newest dessert flavored vodkas, both flavors offer imbibers a sweet surprise. With a recent launch in China, we can’t wait to see UV Vodka across the globe! Read about the international growth announcement here.

As the creators of the first flavored vodka in America, Phillips Distilling Company keeps innovating today with new flavors such as UV Cake, UV Whipped and UV Chocolate Cake! Paul Business Journal shares UV Vodka‘s exciting new launch into Spain with future international expansion on the horizon. Strong sales in North America and the wildly successful launch of UV Cake have the company poised for success in high growth markets around the world. This range is absorbed by DNA and RNA (genetic molecules) in micro-organisms and leads to their inactivation (‘killing’) by inhibiting their ability to replicate. It is called “vacuum UV” since UV light in this range is strongly absorbed by water or oxygen in air and can thus only exist in vacuum. The first salted fruit flavored vodka from the award-winning UV Vodka recently appeared in OK!
The next flavor is the UV Fuzzier Navel which is made up of luscious white peaches and orange juice, don’t forget to shake and shake to blend it well!” Click to read the full article. After exhausting a multitude of ideas for the Baltimore Ravens, we threw a Hail Mary with Raven on the Rocks.
It’s a huge win to be the first to tell a client’s story, especially with the fierce competition of countless liquor brands with powerful marketing budgets.

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