FACT #1: Traditional UVA and UVB Sunfilters may not be enough to protect against the harmful and ageing effects of sun exposure.
FACT #2: Infrared rays represent 50% of the suns spectrum, while UVA and UVB represent only 10-15% of the suns spectrum. FACT #3: Infrared rays penetrate far deeper into the skin that UVA and UVB rays, which may lead to long term sun related damage. FACT #4: It is becoming widely recognised that Infrared rays are contributing to cases of skin cancer. ERiiS Sun Protection goes beyond UV filters and has developed a product capable of offering Triple Protection, against UVA, UVB and INFRARED rays.
The damages of infrared radiation are becoming more widely recognised and studies have shown it to be a contributing factor to the causes of skin cancer.A  Therefore, traditional sunfilters offering only UVA and UVB protection may not be enough.
ERiiS Suncare has a Triple Protection filter combining UVA and UVB protection with protection against the damage of Infrared radiation.

A complete line of sun protection that combine a newA  and innovative filtering system with the energy of fresh fruit extracts. ERiiS protects against UVA and UVB rays, with the additional protection against Infrared rays, making it superior to other suncare brands.
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If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name. Description Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Gel Green nucleic acid stain can be used as a safe and convenient replacement for Ethidium Bromide(see MSDS in supporting information) in the staining of DNA gels. With our patented ingredient OTZ-10 IRIDIXINA-S (PRO-TAURINE) we have created a superior product offering triple protection from the suns most harmful rays.

Because of the non-hazardous status ofthis product, gels stained with Gel Green can be disposed of in your regular waste. Gel Green is sensitiveto Blue light, not UV, which removes the need for goggles and masks and at the same time provides additionalend user safety.
DNA visualised with Blue light is free from Photo-nicking making it more suitable for downstreamapplications such as cloning.
Gels stained with Gel Green display a uniform brightness, not half dark, half lightcommonly seen with EthBr stained gels.

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