PENTENS FLESEAL T-200 is based on a newly developed Acrylic Polymers and it is dramatically reduces solar heat absorption in either air-conditioned or non-air conditioned buildings. Request this productPlease enter your e-mail address below to be notified when this product comes back in stock.
Ultra-TUFF is a non-skid, non-slip, safety coating, designed to improve traction and create a slip resistant surface on concrete, wood, metal, or fiberglass. This rubberized non-skid product is specifically designed for walking and driving surfaces. Unlike epoxies Ultra-TUFF remains very flexible after it dries, making it chip and impact resistant.This product will resist wear from foot traffic to forklift and automotive traffic. Ultra-TUFF is designed to adhere to wood, concrete, metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and much more.

It takes the majority of the heat load off a building's skin and reduces temperatures to approximately that of outside shade.
Actual products may varies in term of size, type, brand, version, colour, and other relevant characteristics.
We will not share, rent, sell or use this e-mail address for any other purpose other than to tell you when the product is back in stock. This environmentally friendly coating is extremely durable and is designed to adhere to most substrates.
PopLock Interlocking Rubber Tile featuring a revolutionary new interlocking edge technology.
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It dries to the touch in about one hour and can be fully cured and ready for use in as little as 24 hours. PENTENS FLESEAL T-200 can be installed with conventional airless spray equipment, brush or roller. Its potential uses are unlimited, from marine, residential and aquatic applications to uses in commercial or industrial environments.

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