Bug-Bond is a Multi-Purpose UV Cure Resin which has been put together with the 395nm UV torch in a kit designed primarily for fly tying as an easy to use replacement for epoxy, which can be messy and time consuming. Shop a large selection of replacement parts for the lippert components rv in-wall slide-out.. I apprecite all the responses from my last thread, but i was looking at the out side of our bed room slide, and it looks like to us that the room isn't sealed at the. 2016 winnebago itasca navion 24j slide- mercedes diesel **sold** class thousand oaks, ca 91360.
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We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. For details on how the 3D printer was built, please see the printer documentation attached to the end of the Engineering Site. Furthermore, several materials being suitable for being used as the bottom plate of the resin basin were investigated.

Based on these spectra, several basins were built and coated with various substances providing a inert vessel for the resin. It has been developed for use as a coating and is ideal for coating and doming applications. I have been trying out the bug bond UVA kit not yet mastered this process, but will keep trying and tying ha! Besides using only commercially available parts for building the printer, several parts for special purposes were self-manufactured by generating 3D models and using commercially available 3D printers to manufacture these parts. At the same time, it has to have low adhesive forces acting between hardened resin and the basin so the printed object sticks to the base plate and not to the resin basin. The optically clear and tack free formulation also makes this product suitable for fly tying, rod building and various other applications.Bug Bond has been designed to be tack-free and optically perfect when cured correctly.
This includes brackets between the aluminum profiles for increasing stability as well as the holders for the linear guiding and the stepper motor.
As it can be seen, all three candidate materials for the basin bottom provide high transmission values at wavelenghts at about 390 nm.
The kit includes -1 x 20ml bottle of Bug-Bond Original UV Cured Resin (we can supply with Bug-Bond Lite on request) (Picture shows two bottles, only one supplied)1 x 395nm UV (ultra violet) flash light. Due to the fact that nearly no intensity is measured at wavelengths below this value and absolutely no intensity below 380 nm, a wavelength from the visible spectrum is used to provide any radiation for hardening the resin.

Only Acrylic glass has a high reflectivity and thus a low transmission at wavelengths below 380 nm. The local maximum at 410 nm was chosen as it is the most near-UV local maximum in the whole spectrum providing a high radiation intensity.
As there was no UV-lamp used in our printer and all three materials are highly transparent in the range of visual light, this low transparency of acrylic glass at small wavelength is of no relevance for our project. Bug-Bond (Original-Clear) is supplied with an applicator which allows you to apply small amounts and work this with a bodkin or a wooden tooth pick to get the desired effect on the item and then cure, this can take as little as 5 to 10 seconds.
As a consequence of this choice, a light-shielding or light-reducing case around the printer is necessary to prevent polymerization of the resin apart from 3D printing. Large amounts of resin in saltwater baitfish patterns can take longer to cure BUT not as long or as inconvenient as using a drying wheel if using two part resins.
A great feature of Bug-Bond is that it will not yellow on exposure to sunlight, in fact strong sunlight will deepen the cure further.

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