This is a great value UV light box perfect for curing our UV Resin, as well as making your own stamps with our Photo Polymer plates and Stamp Maker Sachets. The UV resin requires a high dose of concentrated UV light to cure, it will not cure in normal sunlight.
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Great luminance LED resin light box, View resin light box, Dongsheng Product Details from Henan Dongsheng Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Step 2: Your basic unitOf course you could just put the parts in the UV Nail lamp with out all this stuff, but the height is limited.
Step 3: Customize the depths, add the rotatorNow that you have a nice deep well of reflective surface to direct the UV light into, you might want a mid-size riser for those middle sized pieces.
Don't look into it, and if you work with it a lot, maybe cover the opening with a thin cloth to protect your eyes. Our direct link with the manufacturers ensures we're always up-to-date on what's happening in the metal clay world. If the light gets hot it can inhibit curing, so turn the light off and let it cool off in between curings.

I live in Florida and we get a lot of natural UV and so I used to just set prints on the window sill. I had a UV nail lamp for exposing photosensitive masks for PCB etching and I thought I would try it why buy another piece of equipment right?).

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